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高一教案 873期(6版)

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2021-2022学年度高一第43期总第873期 (6版)
Secure social media (Page 6)
江苏省新沂市中学  张蕊

I. Lead-in: Think and talk.
Do you use these social media platforms?
微信        WeChat
新浪微博    Sina Weibo
豆瓣        Douban
QQ空间    Qzone
抖音        Douyin/TikTok
Can you name any foreign social media platforms?
Facebook    Instagram    Youtube
Twitter         Snapchat    WhatsApp

II. Prediction
Secure social media
Why should we do this?
How can we achieve this?

III. Read for structure
Paras 1-2: Raise the problem (Sharing photos on social media may give away our private information.)
Paras 3-6: Analyze the problem (The kinds of information photos contain and the ways in which our information can be exposed)
Paras 7-9: Solve the problem (Several methods to protect our privacy when we share photos)

IV. Read for details
Part 1 (Paras 1-2):
Q1: What does the topic on Sina Weibo result in?
A1: Concern and heated discussion about privacy awareness.

Q2: In group chats, what may happen if you post original photos?
A2: Your home address and other information may be given away.

Part 2 (Paras 3-6):
Q1: How many kinds of information are mentioned that EXIF can include? What are they?
A1: Four. ① whether the photographer used a flash; ② which digital effects were applied to a picture; ③ when the photo was taken; ④ the precise GPS coordinates of the location where a photo was taken

Q2: Sharing a photo that’s taken through your window may expose your ____.
A. appearance
B. phone number
C. address
D. personality
A2: C

Q3: How else can our information be exposed besides in a group chat?
A3: Sending an image in a text message, email, or other delivery tools.

Part 3 (Paras 7-9):
Q1: What is the most effective way to avoid exposing our privacy?
A1: Avoid sending original photos in group chats. If it’s necessary, try not to tap the “original picture”.

Q2: Can our information be given away when we post photos on Moments? Why?
A2: No. Photos sent by WeChat Moments are automatically compressed by the system, and they travel without location and other information.

Q3: How can we deal with the problem at its root?
A3: Delete and remove a picture’s EXIF data on a computer.

Q4: What can we do if we use an Android phone?
A4: We can go to the setting menu and switch the location services off for the camera.

V. Language study
A. Can you find these expressions in the text?
1. 泄露……            give away
2. 被应用于……        be applied to
3. 群聊                    a group chat
4. 最有效的方法        the most effective way
5. 避免做……            avoid doing sth
6. 从根源解决问题        tackle a problem at its root
7. 关闭……            turn off / switch off
8. 隐私设置            privacy settings

Not just in a group chat, sending an image in a text message, email, or other delivery tools will also include the accompanying information.
这是个简单句。动名词短语“sending an image in a text message, email, or other delivery tools”作主语。

1. Eating vegetables   is  (be) good for our health.
2. It is no use   telling  (tell) him to keep quiet.

VI. Discussion
What could happen if our private information is released?

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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