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初一教案 第780期(2)

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Young creators (P6)



I. Pre-reading

·Are you a creator?

·Do you know any young inventors?

·What inventions do you like best?


II. Predicting

·Predict (预测):

  Read the title and guess what the passage is about.


III. While reading

Paragraph No.

Main point

i) Paragraph 1

The European Patent Office had its first-ever Young Inventors prize.

ii) Paragraph 2

Rafaella from Brazil used banana waste to make sanitary pads.

iii) Paragraph 3

Erin from the US created an AI-powered app which can detect the early signs of Parkinson’s disease.

iV) Paragraph 4

Belgian and British inventors Victor and Peter made an AI waste sorting system.


1. Why did Rafaella de Bona Goncalves decide to make cheaper sanitary pads?

A. To win the Young Inventors prize.

B. To help get women out of period poverty.

C. To make good use of banana waste.

D. To protect the environment.


2. What do we know about Erin Smith?

A. She has Parkinson’s disease.

B. She made videos about actors.

C. She created the app FacePrint.

D. She studies human emotions.


3. According to Peter Hedley, why should a waste plant use his AI waste sorting system instead of others?

A. Because it has a camera and a robotic arm.

B. Because it can sort different types of waste.

C. Because it can pick out valuable materials.

D. Because it can use the fastest belts in a waste plant.


4. What can we learn about the young inventors from the story?

A. They are all below the age of 30.

B. They all come from European countries.

C. They all care about protecting the environment.

D. They all got new ideas from watching videos.


5. Match the inventor’s name with his/her invention?



An AI waste sorting system



Cheaper sanitary pads



An AI-powered app



IV. Discussion

·Which of the young inventors do you think you are most like? Why?

Adjectives to describe the young inventors







  I think I am most like…I’m… I enjoy…


V. Further thinking

·Why did the European Patent Office set up the Young Inventors prize?

  In my opinion

  First …

  Second …

  In addition …

  Last but not least …

  In conclusion …

  Many of the good things we have today are the result of innovation (创新).


VI. Word in use

A. Fill in the blanks with words from the box.

poverty, inventor, million, create, affect, valuable, treadmill, plant, increase, detect

1. How will these changes ______ us?

2. Disease and ______ are often linked.  

3. Nigeria has a population of nearly 100 ______.

4. The machine takes its name from its ______.   

5. New businesses help ______ more jobs.

6. Are you one of those people who use a ______ as a fancy clothes hanger?

7. The population continues to ______.

8. Luckily, nothing ______ was stolen.

9. It will produce electricity more cheaply than a nuclear ______. 

10. The new test should enable doctors to ______ the disease early. 


B. Match the words in the box with the correct meanings.

A. affordable B. facial C. disease D. accuracy E. sorting

1. grouping by class or kind or size (    )

2. that you have the financial means for (    )

3. the state of being exact or correct (    )

4. connected with a person's face (    )

5. an illness affecting humans, animals or plants, oftencaused by infection (    )


C. Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

  The European Patent Office had its first Young Inventors prize. _____ inventors are all under the age _____ 30. Rafaella, a 25-year-old girl from Brazil, used banana waste _____ make sanitary pads to help solve the problem of “period poverty”. Erin, 22, from the US, _____ created an AI-powered app which _____ detect the early signs _____ Parkinson’s disease. Belgian _____ British inventors Victor and Peter made _____ AI waste sorting system. _____ system can run _____ the fastest belts within a waste plant and can help us get to about a 300 percent performance increase.









   5. Rafaella - Cheaper sanitary pads     

     Erin - An AI-powered app

 Vitor & Peter - An AI waste sorting system

VI. A: 1. affect  2. poverty  3. million  4. inventor  5. create

 6. treadmill 7. increase 8. valuable 9. plant 10. detect


   C: The; of; to; has; can; of; and; an; The; on


本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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