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高一教案 875期(6版)

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2021-2022学年度高一第45期总第875期 (6版)
Spilling the magic beans (Page 6)
河北省保定市第三中学  李雅君

I. Lead-in
Do you believe magicians have supernatural powers?
Have you read the book Harry Potter?
Are you impressed by the world of magic?
What magic tricks do you know?
Can you figure out the secrets behind them?

II. Pre-reading
A. Look at the title and subtitles and predict.
Spilling the magic beans
*spill the beans (idiom): to tell sb. sth. that should be kept secret → so it tells the secrets of magic

B. What about the subtitles? What do they refer to?
①Levitating Objects
objects that can “fly”
②Vanishing liquids
liquids that can disappear
③Burning Paper
paper that remains intact after burning

III. Read for main idea
1. What is the writing type of this article?
2. What is it mainly about?
It is an exposition (说明文).
It introduces the science behind several popular magic tricks.

IV. Read for outline
Read the article and complete the mind map.


V. Reading skills
How to find the main idea of a research article?
When reading the first three paragraphs, you can find the following keywords that are marked in red, such as “found”, “knew”, or “in fact”, “realize”, etc. Pay attention to the sentences after them, especially after “but”.

VI. Language study
A. Find these expressions in the text and figure out their meanings.
1. figure out                            弄清楚,弄明白
2. rational explanation                理性的解释
3. flawed tricks                        有瑕疵的戏法
4. be consistent with sth                与……一致
5. reveal the secret                    揭示秘密
6. freezing cold                         严寒
7. absorb sth.                        吸收……
8. a mixture of sth                    ……的混合物
9. protect ... from ...                    保护……免受……
10. have an easy time (in) doing sth.    容易做某事

B. Summarize these derivatives

C. Practical usage
1. It is time for opposing (oppose) factions to unite and work towards a common goal.
2. Details of the murder were revealed (reveal) by the local paper.
3. I can't think of any possible explanation (explain) for his absence.
4. The cream is easily absorbed (absorb) into the skin.
5. Absorbed (absorb) in reading, he didn't notice me coming.
6. What is the chemical (chemistry) symbol for copper?
7. After the pot is dipped in this mixture (mix), it is fired.
8. The wall gives some protection (protect) from the prevailing wind.
9. The magical (magic) rock shapes are made by human beings.
10. This country is still trailing badly in scientific (science) research.

VII. Think and share
Can you find scientific explanations to other magic tricks? Share them with your group and give a presentation.

VIII. Assignment
Find another physical or chemical phenomenon that seems “magical” and write about its “secrets”.

本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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