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高一教案 880期(6版)

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Breathing in the benefits (Page 6)

江苏省新沂市第一中学  张蕊


  1. Lead-in: Think and talk
  1. What is a coronavirus?



  1. Do you know how many ways to vaccinate people?

Injection, nasal spray and oral medication.



  1. Prediction

Breathing in the benefits

  1. According to the title, guess what the woman in the picture is doing?
  2. What benefits can people get from this method?


  1. Read for structure

Divide the passage into four parts.

Paras 1-2: Introduction of a new way of taking the vaccine

Paras 3-4: Origin of the new vaccine

Paras 5-8: Advantages of the new vaccine

Para 9: Evaluation from a US CEO


  1. Read for details

Part 1: Paras 1-2

1. How is the new COVID-19 vaccine used?

By simply inhaling.


2. What’s the difference between the new vaccine and the current one?

The only difference between the new vaccine and the current one is the way the drug is delivered.


Part 2: Paras 3-4

  1. Who produced the vaccine?

China’s CanSino Biologics.

  1. What will the vaccine be used as?

A booster.


Part 3: Paras 5-8

What are the advantages of the vaccine?

  1. It is not only easy to administer, but it also offers protection in a unique way, said experts.
  2. It could be an effective way to protect against respiratory diseases in the future.
  3. It can increase immune responses at the location where viruses enter, according to Xie.
  4. It could stimulate a stronger antibody response than an injection would. It thus claimed that aerosolized vaccines may be a valuable addition to the existing vaccines.


Part 4: Para 9

What can we infer according to Marty Moore?

The new vaccine is a world leading development.


V. Language study

  1. Words and expressions

Can you find these expressions in the text?

1. 一种新的免注射的方式 a new injection-free way

2. 喝你最爱的珍珠奶茶 sip your favorite bubble tea

3. 换句话说 in other words

4. 紧急使用 emergency use

5. 以独特的方式 in a unique way

6. 一种有效方式 an effective way

7. 增强免疫反应 increase immune responses

8. 通过鼻子进入人体 enter the human body through the nose

  1. Grammar

It is the first aerosolized vaccine to be approved for public use in China.



1. 不定式用来修饰被序数词、最高级或no, all, any等限定词限定的中心词。

1. I borrowed some books _____() during my holiday. (to read)

2. He was the best man _________(做这项工作). (to do the job)

3. He was the first _____() and the last _____(离开). (to come; to leave)

2. 被修饰词前有the only, the very, the next等词,后用不定式作定语。

The next thing to do is relax yourself completely.

3. 抽象名词time, way, ability, reason, chance, courage, opportunity等后常用不定式作定语。

I had a chance to visit the Great Wall last month.

4. 不定代词something, nothing, little等后常用不定式作定语。

I have something important to tell you.



1. I had a chance ______(工作) for Shanghai Expo.

2. It was the first play _____ () three of all these major awards.

3. He was the last guest ________(到达).

4. Do you have anything else _____()?

5. I have a lot of work _____().

1. to work    2. to win    3. to arrive    4. to say     5. to do



What is your opinion on this new aerosolized vaccine? Do you want to try this injection-free way?






本期配套教案共2页:  1  2

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