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301期初二Quiz time

Day 1

Ash in sky stops flights (P2)

True or false statements:

1. Avo planned to take a plane to go back home from the Netherlands.

2. The planes in the airport stopped flying because of a bad storm.

3. The ashes that the volcano gave out are dangerous to planes.

4. Avo and his friends finally bought train tickets to go back.

5. The eruption of the volcano caused many problems to world businesses.

6. The eruption this time will last a longer time than that of 1783.

Day 2

Getting better takes much... (P3)

Choose the best answer:

7. The writer had a test recently to _____.

A. improve his music skills B. choose the band director

C. test his music knowledge D. decide his seat in the band

8. Mrs Awe decided the students’ order in the test according to _____.

A. their music grades B. where they sit now

C. the numbers they guessed D. the numbers they chose

9. Next term the author will _____.

A. get into a better band B. move to the first row

C. still sit in the second row D. move to the third row

10. The author got this result because he _____.

A. was very nervous in the test

B. didn’t work hard to practice

C. was not interested in music

D. didn’t get to play last for the test

11. What did the writer learn from his experience?

A. It’s important to sit in the first row in the band.

B. Their band director wants him to leave the band.

C. He should work hard in order to improve his music.

D. He doesn’t have a good tone quality for the band.

Day 3

God help those who... (P6)

Choose the best answer:

12. The man climbed to the roof to _____.

A. pray to God B. look for a boat

C. save himself D. enjoy the rain

13. The man didn’t accept others’ help, because he thought _____.

A. he would go to Heaven B. God would save him

C. he would escape D. the boats weren’t safe

14. How many times had God helped the man?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. Five.

15. What happened to the man at last?

A. He got into the boat.

B. He died in the storm.

C. He climbed onto the satellite dish.

D. He held onto the line of the helicopter.

16. What do you think of the man?

A. Clever. B. Honest. C. Stupid. D. Poor.

Day 4

Watch out for wolves (P8)

Fill in the blanks:

Werewolves aren’t 17. _____, but there are many stories about them. A person can turn into a werewolf if he makes a 18. ______ with the devil or a werewolf 19. ______ him. One story says werewolves are 20. _____ than ordinary wolves. Another story says werewolves 21. _____ ordinary wolves but they have no 22. _____. Still another says that werewolves keep their 23. _______ all the time.

Day 5


students, think, outside, people, taught, important, everything

School education is very useful. Many 24 go to school for education. They learn languages, history, geography, physics, chemistry and math. Others go to school to learn a skill so that they can make money. But no one can learn everything from school. A teacher, no matter how much he knows, cannot teach his 25 everything they want to know. His job is to help his students know how to learn. He teaches them how to read and how to 26 . So, much more is to be learnt 27 by the students themselves.

It’s always more 28 to learn how to study by oneself than to memorize some facts or rules. Great scientists, like Newton, Galileo and Edison, didn’t learn 29 from school, but they were all successful. They invented many things. The reason for their success is that they knew how to study. They read books that were not 30 at school. They worked hard all their lives, wasting not a single moment. Above all, they knew how to use their brains.




1. Chinese language 2. difficult 3. a bad influence 4. accept Chinglish 5. problems 6. support 7. is not necessary 8—12 CDCBB 13. seconds, disappear / be deleted 14. The editor of a weekly newspaper 15. minute 16. remind us of the value of time / remind us to treasure time 17. history, Tomorrow, a gift / a present 18—24 TFTTFFT 25—29 BDCBC

30—34 CADCD


1—5 ACBCB 6. Around 250,000 7. mostly 8. books/ reading 9. be closed 10. shop online

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