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302期初二Quiz time

Day 1

Vistors from space (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. All the following about aliens in books and movies are true EXCEPT _____.

A. They are clever. B. They look unusual.

C. They are friendly. D. They travel in UFOs.

2. Which is NOT Hawking’s view on space according to the passage?

A. There may be many lives on other planets or stars.

B. The aliens’ way of life may be the same as humans’.

C. Earth may not be the only planet with life on it.

D. The aliens may develop beyond microbes.

3. The underlined phrase “use up” means _____.

A. 使用 B. 利用 C. 收集 D. 用光

4. Hawking advises people not to look for aliens because _____.

A. it is useless to do research on them

B. they are too difficult for us to study

C. we may not be able to understand them

D. they may do great harm to human beings.

Day 2

Computers make math... (P3)

Choose the best answer:

5. The students get to use computers in class to _____.

A. play computer games B. have examination

C. study computer skills D. have math lesson

6. The math classes are in the following forms except _____.

A. games B. tests C. sports D. worksheet

7. Whether the students will move to a new topic depends on ____.

A. the results of their quizze

B. the questions they answer

C. how they behave in cla

D. how hard they work after cla

8. Which is NOT true about the program?

A. The program is based on the students’ interests.

B. The students can learn math in their own ways.

C. The program gives the students a new way to learn.

D. The program makes learning math more interesting.

9. The best title for this passage would be _____.

A. How to learn math B. School of One Program

C. Games in math lessons D. A new way to learn math

Day 3

A letter from the first lady (P6)

10. _______________________________________. When I am reading with you in a classroom or digging (挖掘) in our garden at the White House, I’m always moved by your energy and imagination (想象力). I love hearing about what you’re studying in school, what you do for fun and your dreams for the future.

11. _____________________________________________________. They’re not eating the healthy foods that can make them strong and active. And they’re not getting the exercise to stay fit. 12. ______________________________________________.

That’s why I started “Let’s Move”, a program to help kids like you to lead active, healthy lives; get healthier food in your schools; run around and be active; and more.

I hope all of you will be part of it. It can be something as simple as running around outside instead of playing video games or watching TV inside, or being willing to try new fruits and vegetables. 13. ___________________________________________.

So, together, let’s move to make sure all of you have the happy, healthy futures you deserve.

Put the following sentences back in the passage:

A. That might not always be easy, but I know you can do it!

B. One of the best parts of my job is meeting kids like you all across the US.

C. It’s important to have a healthy lifestyle though it’s really hard to refuse junk food.

D. So they don’t have the energy to pay attention in school and keep up with their friends on the playground.

E. However, right now, too many kids aren’t getting what they need to pursue (追求) their dreams.

Day 4

Favorite dog turns 60 (P8)

Answer the questions:

14. What does Snoopy look like?


15. When was Snoopy born?


16. What jobs has Snoopy had?


17. What does Snoopy do if people never accept the stories he writes? Why?


18. How do you know that Snoopy is popular around the world?


19. What can we learn from Snoopy? List at least two points.


Day 5


This is 18-year-old Katy Ross in Nepal, a small country north of India. Katy 20 school 8 months ago and soon she will go to university. She loves traveling and decided to visit Asia 21 she goes to university.

Katy is living with a family in the capital of Nepal. She has 22 a lot about the country since she arrived 4 months ago. The family has two children but many uncles and cousins live with 23 in their big house. They have taken Katy to many parties.

Katy teaches for four hours a day at a small 24 . All the classes are in English and the pupils have spoken English since the 25 of six. The older children speak English very 26 . Katy has taught writing, grammar and art, all in English. She enjoys art the most. She thinks the children like art best, too.

Katy doesn’t have a lot of time to 27 Nepal, but soon she will stop teaching and travel around Nepal 28 a friend. “After that” Katy says, “we will visit more countries in Asia. But we’re not 29 which ones yet.”

20. A. left B. found C. visited D. reached

21. A. before B. when C. afte D. while

22. A. used B. taught C. made D. learnt

23. A. us B. him C. her D. them

24. A. shop B. cinema C. school D. factory

25. A. life B. age C. number D. amount

26. A. had B. good C. fine D. well

27. A. see B. hear C. look D. smell

28. A. of B. on C. with D. in

29. A. tired B. sure C. afraid D. happy




1–6 TFTFTF 7–11 DCDBC 12–16 ABBBC 17. real 18. deal

19. bites 20. bigger 21. look like 22. tails 23. human eyes and voices 24–30 people, students, think, outside, important, everything, taught


1–5 B C B A C 6. half an hour 7. on foot 8. Walk around

9. take out 10. take part in

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