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303期初二Quiz time

Day 1

Protect the students (P2)

Fill in the blanks:

Measures against attacks


1. _____ at all schools
2. can _____ any person who attacks students
3. _____ people who live near schools
4. ____ people who have mental problems


5. at least one _____ will be at every school
6. check every _____


7. give _____ to schools
8. ____ how to use them
For: 9. the measures are ____
10. tell kids to _____
Against: 11. make students _____

Day 2

Cartoon fan saves friend’s life (P3)

Choose the best answer:

12. It’s dangerous to laugh when you are chewing gum because _____.

A. you may stop breathing C. it’s bad for your health

B. you may eat the gum D. it’s bad for your teeth

13. Starobin learned how to save Golden from _____.

A. her teacher B. a cartoon hero

C. her parents D. her classmate

14. Why did Golden get the gum stuck in her throat?

A. Because she was very careless.

B. Because she was very hungry.

C. Because she laughed too hard.

D. Because she talked a lot in class.

15. Which is the correct order about how Starobin saved Golden?

a. lie Golden on the ground

b. use the Heimlich several time

c. remember a way to save Golden

d. the gum flies out from Golden’s mouth

A. cadb B. acbd C. abcd D. cabd

16. What does the underlined sentence “I owe you big time” mean?

A. 我浪费了你很多时间。 B. 我欠你一个人情。

C.我度过了可怕的时光。 D. 我抱歉吓着你了。

Day 3

To fool a wise man (P6)

Choose the best answer:

17. A man found a lot of _____ deep in the ground under his town.

A. gold B. money C. pyrite D. sand

18. The man planted iron pyrite everywhere in order to _________.

A. tell the foolish people bad new

B. sell them to the town jeweler

C. make more money in autumn

D. keep people from finding gold

19. The people in the town felt _____ to find the fake gold.

A. moved B. sad C. excited D. pleased

20. Which is NOT true according to the passage?

A. The man bought up all shovels.

B. The man planted iron pyrite in rivers.

C. The town jeweler knew the gold was real.

D. The wise people laughed at the rumors about real gold.

21. We can infer that the man _____ at last.

A. became a rich jeweler himself

B. spent all his money on gold

C. made a lot of money from gold

D. only fooled the wise people

Day 4

Different dragons (P8)

Choose the best answer:

22. Which of the following about Western dragons is NOT true?

A. They look like dinosaurs or large lizards.

B. They usually have wings and can fly.

C. They have huge claws.

D. They have two horns.

23. Western dragons _____.

A. are not real animals B. can make rain

C. stand for evil D. can fly and swim

24. The story of Ye Gong is given here to show that _____.

A. Chinese people are afraid of dragon

B. dragons are common in Chinese culture

C. dragon paintings are different from real dragon

D. Ye Gong didn’t really mean what he said

25. The story mainly tells us that _______.

A. Western dragons are not liked by people

B. dragons are something people have imagined

C. Western dragons are different from Chinese dragon

D. Chinese people love dragons more than Western people

Day 5


Last fall I hung a bird feeder (进食器) outside my window. I didn’t know the first thing about wild 26 , so I thought as soon as I hung it up, a great many beautiful birds would come. Days, weeks and months 27 ; however, no birds.

I asked many people, why? What was I doing wrong? “Nothing,” most of them replied. “Just wait.” 28 I waited, waited and waited, trying 29 possible to attract the birds.

I cleaned off the deck (露台), I changed the feed, I washed the feeders, and I 30 made the cat go out the other door! But nothing seemed to 31 . So...I waited, “with patience (耐心) and 32 .”

Two months later, 33 a Saturday afternoon, I was amazed. The most beautiful bird I have ever seen in my life appeared on the bird feeder. All of a sudden, hundreds of birds were appearing from everywhere!

What a beautiful 34 these birds taught me! “Patience and hope” will attract the most beautiful things in life.

So I keep hoping and waiting, waiting and hoping. I will try to use this little lesson to help with 35 things in my life. I guess, “patience is a virtue (美德)” after all.

26. A. birds B. flowers C. animals D. plant

27. A. went away B. went over C. went off D. went by

28. A. But B. Or C. So D. Because

29. A. nothing B. everything C. something D. anything

30. A. ever B. still C. even D. just

31. A. bring B. work C. take D. use

32. A. idea B. heart C. hope D. wish

33. A. in B. at C. on D. by

34. A. class B. lesson C. book D. time

35. A. another B. the other C. other D. other




1–4 CBDD 5-9 DCABD 10–13 BEDA

14. He is a cute white dog with black ears.

15. He was born in 1950.

16. He has been a lawyer, a writer, the first astronaut on the moon.

17. He keeps writing because he wants to be successful.

18. Because he has appeared in more than 2,600 newspapers in 75 countries.

19. We should keep on trying when we are in the face of failure. / We should never stop on our way to realize our dreams. /

We should have the right idea about our lives.

20–24 AADDC 25–29 BDACB


1. Holiday plan. 2. Australia. 3. To relax. 4. By plane.

5. Three weeks. 6–10 CABCC

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