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304期初二Quiz time


Snipers work for you (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. Which of the following is NOT true about the snipers?

A. They are professional killers.

B. They can shoot very far.

C. They protect our country.

D. They are in our police force.

2. A good sniper should have the following except _____.

A. a strong body

B. good eyesight

C. a certain height

D. good state of mind

3. The underlined word “quality” means _____.

A. 质量 B. 品质 B. 性格 D. 性质

4. The most practice the snipers get is _____.

B. holding the gun for a whole day

A. doing push-ups and sit-up

C. 100m distance shooting

D. jumping over high wall

5. The snipers’ work is ____.

A. hard and important

B. interesting and exciting

C. boring but comfortable

D. funny but unimportant

Day 2

I didn’t want my father to... (P3)

Choose the best answer

6.The writer used _____ to make the model of the Temple of Heaven.

A. wood B. glass C. cloth D. paper

7. What did the writer do after seeing his father’s model?

A. He used his father’s idea to make a new one.

B. He used his father’s model as his own project.

C. He refused his father’s idea and wanted to try his own.

D. He accepted his father’s idea and asked his father for help.

8. What did the writer’s model look like?

A. It was very nice. B. It was just so-so.

C. It was very ugly. D. He didn’t finish it.

Day 3

Don’t judge a life by... (P6)

9. The old man asked his sons to _____.

A. visit a relative

B. look at a pear tree

C. find jobs to do

D. make some money

10. The youngest son went to look at the pear tree in the ______.

A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

11. Which of the following about the tree is NOT true?

A. It was full of fruit. B. It smelled terrible.

C. It had beautiful flowers. D. It was full of green buds.

12. We can judge a person by _____ that come from life.

A. the pleasure B. the joy

C. the love D. all three above

13. We can infer that ______ from the last paragraph.

A. we will miss the hope of spring

B. all seasons aren’t important for a person

C. we can still enjoy sunshine and live a happy life after sadne

D. we shouldn’t give up the beauty of the summer and the harvest of the autumn

Day 4

Let’s play Chinese chess (P8)

Answer the questions:

14. Why do many overseas Chinese play Chinese chess?


15. What’s the most important piece in the game?


16. What’s the object of the game?


17. Why did Emperor Shun invent the game according to the passage?


18. List two reasons why many foreigners enjoy playing the game.


Day 5


Many years ago, a man called Wu taught King Wang how to ride horses and how to drive a chariot (战车). 19 some time the king started to race against Wu. But no matter how many 20 the king raced against Wu, Wu always won.

The king was 21 and said to Wu, “You have taught me how to ride and how to drive a chariot. But I don’t think you have taught me everything about 22 .”

“I have taught you everything I know,” answered Wu. “But you have not learned everything. The most 23 thing about driving a chariot is to think of the horses. The driver of the chariot and the horses should work together. You can then go very 24 and drive for long distances. But your problem is this: When you are behind me, you want to 25 with me. And when you are in front of me, you are afraid that I will catch up with you. 26 whether you are in front of me or behind me, you are thinking of me. You are not thinking of your 27 . If you want to win, you must 28 thinking of me. You must think only of your horses.

19. A. In B. After C. Since D. Before

20. A. times B. days C. weeks D. month

21. A. tired B. surprised C. pleased D. unhappy

22. A. playing B. racing C. running D. working

23. A. interesting B. dangerous C. important D. difficult

24. A. soon B. fast C. slowly D. early

25. A. put up B. come up C. catch up D. take up

26. A. So B. And C. But D. Or

27. A. distances B. promises C. horses D. road

28. A. keep B. begin C. forget D. stop




1. police team 2. shoot 3. check 4. watch 5. police car 6. visitor

7. large steel forks 8. teach teachers 9. good 10. be careful

11. nervou

12–16 ABCDB 17–21 ADBCC 22–25 DCBC

26–30 ACCBC 31–35 BCCBC


1–5 ACCBB 6–10 TFFTF

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