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305期初二Quiz time


Meet David Cameron (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. How did Cameron do in primary school?

A. He did well in his studies.

B. He was a clever student.

C. He was a normal student.

D. He was weak in his studies.

2. Cameron decided to _____ after high school.

A. start a dining club

B. travel around the world

C. study hard in university

D. stop studying for one year

3. Which of the following is NOT true about Cameron’s life at Oxford?

A. He was one of the top students.

B. He had a busy life there.

C. He started a tennis club.

D. He was in a dining club.

4. Being the prime minister of the UK is a challenge for Cameron because _____.

B. he is still too young

A. he is not experienced

C. he has many opponent

D. he faces many problem

Day 2

Hey teacher, I want your help... (P3)

Choose the best answer:

5.The teachers pay the least attention to _____ according to the passage.

A. the struggling students B. the best student

C. the average students D. none of the above

6. Zhang Ming thinks his deskmate is lucky because _____.

A. he was born into a very rich family

B. he does very well in every subject

C. the teachers pay a lot of attention to him

D. his friends like to help him with his studie

7. The writer will feel quite happy if the teacher _____.

A. gives him a prize

B. offers to help him

C. sees him as a friend

D. doesn’t criticize him

8. Which of the following is NOT the teacher (Su Juan)’s opinion?

A. Helping struggling students can improve the overall results.

B. Teachers don’t have much time for average students.

C. Teachers pay the same amount of attention to every student.

D. The best students can bring honor to the teachers.

9. Li Bei wants the teacher to treat her in the following ways except _____.

A. giving her less homework

B. giving her more help in her study

C. treating everyone in the same way

D. asking her to answer questions in cla

Day 3

Finally, a way to be useful (P6)

Answer the questions:

10. What was the cactus’s wish?


11. Did the cactus do anything for the birds?


12. How did the lizard leave a trail in the sand?


13. What happened to the cactus when it grew old?


14. What do you learn from the passage?


Day 4

Make me a pop star (P8)

Answer the questions:

15. Why do millions of teenagers want to be pop stars?


16. What does SM company do?


17. What kind of person does SM usually choose to be a pop star?


18. How long do future stars need to train before SM promotes them to the public?


19. How does the Disney company create teen pop stars? (List four steps)


20. What qualities do you need to have if you want to succeed in being a pop star? (List three points)


Day 5


Two days ago, Bob got a letter from his girlfriend, Mary. She wrote: “My plane leaves Beijing for London at ten on June 3rd. Please meet me at the 21 .

Now Bob was standing at the airport and 22 some flowers. He was 23 because Mary’s plane was three hours late, but 24 knew why. Bob walked over to the bar at the airport and had a drink. He walked back to the gate. There was still 25 news. He walked back to the bar and had 26 drink.

Two hours later, Mary’s plane landed and the people on the plane started coming out. Bob smiled and 27 Mary. After a time he stopped 28 because the last person to get off the plane was not Mary.

Bob said to himself: “Bad luck! What 29 ?” He went over to the information desk. “My name is Bob Watson,” he said: “Have you got any message 30 me?”

“Yes,” said the girl standing there: “A telephone message from China.” With these words, she handed him a piece of paper. “Mr Bob Watson, London Airport. Sorry, I’ll return next Sunday.”

Bob thanked the girl at the airport, gave the flowers to her and said good-bye.

21. A. hotel B. airport C. restaurant D. bar

22. A. holding B. taking C. bringing D. wearing

23. A. surprised B. pleased C. worried D. interested

24. A. somebody B. nobody C. anybody D. everybody

25. A. some B. good C. a piece of D. no

26. A. other B. others C. the other D. another

27. A. looked at B. looked for

C. looked like D. looked after

28. A. to smile B. smiles C. smile D. smiling

29. A. has happened to her B. was happened to her

C. did she happen D. was she happened

30. A. about B. with C. for D. at




1–5 ACBCA 6–8 DCB 9–13 BCBDC

14.They play the game as a way of carrying on and developing Chinese culture. 15. King. 16.To check the other’s King while protecting one’s own King.

17. To educate his younger brother Xiang.

18. To better communicate with Chinese people; To better learn Chinese culture.

19–23 BADBC 24–28 BCACD


1–5 CBCAB 6. be honest 7. enjoy / like, being (left) alone

8. unusual, more expensive 9. dangerou

10. a better time

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