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306期初二Quiz time

Day 1

High price for beans (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. The beans didn’t grow well this year because of the _____.

A. heavy rain B. strong wind

C. drought D. cold weather

2. Farmers sold the following crops at a good price last year except ____.

A. wheat B. corn C. rice D. mung bean

3. What does the underlined word “store” mean?

A. 商店 B. 储存 C. 出售 D. 供给

4. Some sellers buy a lot of mung beans but don’t sell them at the moment because _____.

A. they want to sell them at a higher price

B. they want more farms to grow them

C. they don’t want to sell them to Japan

D. they want to keep them for themselve

5. Which of the following is NOT the reason for the mung bean price rise in China?

A. People are eating more mung beans.

B. The export of mung beans is increasing.

C. Fewer farmers grew mung beans last year.

D. Mung bean soup is the best drink in summer.

Day 2

Student band rocks for... (P3)

Answer the questions:

6. Why did Julien Harris organize a rock band last year?


7. What’s the name of her band?


8. What does Julien Harris do in the band?


9. What kind of foundation is Forever 9?


10. What is Julien Harris’s recent concert for?


11. What can you learn from Julien Harris and her band?


Day 3

Change your thoughts (P6)

Choose the best answer:

12. What does Frank do?

A. He is a writer. B. He is a teacher.

C. He is a storyteller. D. We don’t know.

13. Peale invited Frank over to his office to _____.

A. tell him a story B. give him hope

C. have a cup of coffee D. discuss a problem

14. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Peale is a famous writer.

B. Frank’s child is in prison.

C. Peale’s wife left him.

D. Frank’s wife loves him.

15. What can we learn about Peale?

A. He will give up his future.

B. He likes hearing the stories of others.

C. He always looks at the bright side.

D. He can’t help Frank at all.

16. What do we learn from the passage?

A. Frank likes reading Peale’s books.

B. Peale will lose everything in the future.

C. We should only think of bad things in our life.

D. If we have positive (积极的) thinking, our future will be better.

Day 4

US teens get ‘grounded’ (P8)

Fill in the chart below:

NameWhat to do
17a few hard slaps across the backside
18. Parents make children ________ quietly in a corner or another room alone. They can't __________ or do anything until the time-out is over.
Grounding19. kids can't ____________ except to go to school. They can't _________________________________________________.
Other punishments20. Parents take away ____________ for a few weeks, make their teens do _____________.

Day 5


Do you like reading? Reading is a fun thing to do 21 your free time and is also a good way to 22 a better student.

You are learning large numbers of new 23 from reading. This can help you to have a bigger and richer vocabulary. 24 you read a lot, you will learn many new words that you would not often use in everyday life. Reading also helps 25 your writing because you can use new words in your compositions.

26 good reason to read books is that the story can take your 27 to new places and help you become 28 open-minded. Each story you read is 29 . This opens your mind. When you read books you have to 30 the background and people and think of new and exciting people and places.

21. A. on B. for C. in D. by

22. A. make B. get C. change D. become

23. A. sentences B. words C. knowledge D. grammar

24. A. Though B. If C. Until D. Unle

25. A. grow B. keep C. improve D. study

26. A. Other B. The other

C. Others D. Another

27. A. feeling B. mind C. body D. spirit

28. A. more B. much C. less D. very

29. A. difficult B. different C. easy D. boring

30. A. think over B. look out C. take over D. work out



1–4 DDCD 5–9 CCBCA

10. It wished it could do something useful.

11. No, it didn’t.

12. It left a little trail with its tail.

13. A beautiful flower opened from its head like a crown.

14. Each of us can do something useful as long as we try hard.

15. Because they can be famous, rich and have lots of loving fans.

16. It is a company that trains teenagers to become pop stars.

17. Promising teenagers or young kids.

18. Three to five years.

19. Give them a TV show on the Disney Channel. Give them a record contract with Disney’s label. Play their hit songs on Radio Disney. Send them on special Disney concert tours.

20. You must be determined. You must work hard. You should have talent.


1–5 BCABC 6–10 BCABA

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