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307期初二Quiz time

Day 1

Loving gifts (P1)

Choose the best answer:

1. Wang Ruonan and Huang Yuying started their friendship from _____.

A. a letter B. an e-mail

C. a message D. a schoolbag

2. What is the project “The Schoolbag of Love”for?

A. To help kids in poor areas.

B. To make your own schoolbag.

C. To encourage kids to study hard.

D. To show your love for your school.

3. Which is the correct order about sending a schoolbag to kids in poor areas?

a. Go to the post office.

b. Send the schoolbag to the kid.

c. Spend 100 yuan to buy a schoolbag.

d. Choose a kid from a poor area.

A. cdab B. acdb C. adcb D. cadb

4. What made Wang realize that Huang was her true friend?

A. Huang made a phone call to her.

B. Huang came to Beijing to see her.

C. Huang thought of her when she faced trouble.

D. Huang sent a postcard to her in return.

5. What can we learn from Wang?

A. We should be brave when we meet difficulties.

B. We should give our help to people who need it.

C. We should keep in touch with all of our friends.

D. We should send as many schoolbags as possible.

Day 2

Bringing new life (P2)

Choose the best answer

6. Venter and his team _____ last month.

A. created the world’s first artificial cell

B. made the world’s first artificial life

C. made a kind of new life work for u

D. collected a lot of microbes in the sea

7. What does the underlined phrase “take in” mean?

A. 释放 B. 吸收 C. 容纳 D. 参与

8. Venter changed _____ after learning more about himself.

A. the way he works B. the way he live

C. the things he eats D. both B and C

9. Which of the following is NOT true about Venter’s childhood?

A. He got poor grades. B. He was a naughty kid.

C. He lived in a hospital. D. He often got into trouble.

Day 3

Say goodbye to the past (P6)

Choose the best answer:

10. What was wrong with the man’s daughter?

A. She was ill. B. She became crazy.

C. She shut herself away. D. She lost her gift.

11. What happened to the girl at last?

A. She lived far away from her father.

B. She became healthy again.

C. She died and went to the heaven.

D. She had a nice dream.

12. The girl’s candle was not lit because _______.

A. she didn’t like the candle

B. she was afraid of fire

C. her father’s tears put it out

D. her father was not happy

13. Which of the following is NOT true about the man?

A. He loved his daughter very much.

B. He lit his daughter’s candle.

C. He stopped being a sad father.

D. He became happy and strong.

Day 4

Working teens (P8)

Choose the best answer

14. When kids are older than ____ years, they can take a part-time job.

A. 14 B. 13 C. 12 D. 11

15. In summer, which one is a popular part-time job?

A. Working at a clothing store.

B. Working at amusement parks.

C. Delivering newspapers.

D. Working with animals.

16. The only job that kids can take before 14 is ____.

A. waiter B. salesperson C. babysitter D. cook

17. What does the story mainly talk about?

A. How US kids get part-time jobs.

B. Why US kids want to take part-time jobs.

C. Popular part-time jobs in the US.

D. US kids value their work experience.

Day 5

Cloze test

Mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, not only with grown-ups but also with students. But they also have become a 18 for middle schools in the past few years. Some children got mobile phones as Christmas or birthday gifts, and more will 19 want them.

Many like SMS (Short Message Service) because it is 20 and quick. Some parents feel happy because they can get in touch 21 their children. But some teachers said that mobile phone use was a distraction (分心的事) to students during school hours and it also gave them much 22 in their classrooms. Students might even use phone messages to cheat (作弊) during exams. A new study found that some teenagers who send messages in class even 23 their fingers because they can’t stop using SMS.

Many teachers have suggested that students should not have phones at school, 24 if there was a good reason, they could 25 their phones at the school office. Many people think they understand 26 parents would want their children to have them, but they 27 that schools should let the students know when they can use their mobile phones.

18. A. problem B. question C. hobby D. sport

19. A. still B. yet C. already D. just

20. A. expensive B. easy C. careful D. safe

21. A. against B. on C. with D. to

22. A. business B. trouble C. information D. fun

23. A. hurt B. cut C. cost D. break

24. A. and B. but C. though D. however

25. A. forget B. leave C. lie D. take

26. A. what B. where C. how D. why

27. A. want B. promise C. agree D. wish





6. To raise money for charity foundations.

7. Word of the Day.

8. She plays guitar and sings for the band.

9. It is a charity to help give equipment for children's sports teams.

10. To help people who are dealing with breast cancer.

11. Children with pretty good lives need to know to give back and do something to help our society.

12–16 DBBCD

17. Spanking 18. sit, speak to anyone 19. leave their houses, spend time with friends, use the telephone or the Internet, play video games or watch TV 20. kids’ weekly pocket money, extra chores around the house

21–25 CDBBC 26–30 DBABA


1–5 BCABC 6. Babysitting 7. sleep upstairs 8. At 6:30

9. By bike 10. Local shop

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