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308期初二Quiz time


Too much for kids? (P1)

Choose the best answer

1. Which of the following is NOT true about Lord of the West according to the passage?

A. He was a butcher. B. He got angry easily.

C. He was killed by Lu. D. He liked to bully others.

2. Hou Hui suggested cutting the story out of textbooks because _____.

A. it’s too hard for students to understand

B. there is a lot of ancient language in it

C. it’s too bloody for students to read

D. there are many bad people in it

Day 2

Kan can rebuild Japan (P2)

True or false statement

3. Hatoyama left office on June 4.

4. Hatoyama did a good job on moving a US airbase off Okinawa.

5. Kan will be the first Japanese prime minister who is not from a political family.

6. Kan has a bad temper and gets angry easily.

7. Kan will try many ways to overcome (战胜) the present difficulties in Japan.

8. Kan has many hobbies such as going diving and playing Go.

Day 3

A mother’s role (P6)

Choose the best answer

9. What did the writer’s mother tell them to do in their free time?

A. Watch TV. B. Read books.

C. Do sports. D. Play games.

10. How did the writer’s mother check their book reports?

A. With marks. B. With highlights.

C. Both A and B. D. Neither A nor B.

11. The writer became a C-student when he was in high school, because he______.

A. always did some shopping

B. often hung out with the boy

C. didn’t like studying at all

D. didn’t do her homework alone

12. Which of the following is true?

A. The writer’s mother had a good education.

B. The writer had enough Italian knit shirts.

C. The writer realized that success was easy.

D. The writer’s mother was a great woman.

Day 4

Pull at the rope (P8)

Choose the best answer

13. There are sports meets at many middle schools in _______.

A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

14. Tug of war appeared in China around _______.

A. 2400 BC B. 390 BC C. 390 AD D. 2400 AD

15. Which of the following is NOT true about tug of war?

A. Chinese people invented it.

B. It was once an Olympic sporting event.

C. People in most countries don’t like playing it.

D. It is a team sport between two teams at each end of a rope.

Day 5

Cloze test

Jack is an English teacher at a college. He moved to New York City 16 all the members of his family. Jack is an excellent teacher, so we’ve all 17 him very much since he left. It was not long before Jack came back to North Carolina for a short 18 . The teachers and students held a small party for him.

At the party, people walked around and 19 with each other. I certainly would not give up a good chance to learn English. So I tried to think of all kinds of topics to talk with Grace, another 20 teacher.

Just before I was about to run out of my topics, suddenly I 21 Jack say to others loudly, “I dig New York!” I immediately asked Grace “Is it really difficult to find a 22 in New York? Why does Jack have to do 23 work since he is such a good teacher?”

Grace didn’t seem to understand what I said, “Why do you think that?” she asked.

“Didn’t you hear him say that he is digging New York? Is he building an underground passage (地下通道)?” I asked.

When she finally realized (明白) what I meant, Grace laughed so hard she cried. She then asked us whether we 24 the meaning of “I dig New York.” All of 25 shook heads and said no. So Grace asked Jack to explain it to us.

It turns out that “I dig New York.” means “I love New York.” in American slang (俚语). Though few people say that now, we still hear it from time to time.

16. A. after B. with C. of D. in

17. A. missed B. loved C. liked D. thought

18. A. trip B. holiday C. talk D. visit

19. A. talked B. spoke C. helped D. danced

20. A. Chinese B. English C. maths D. music

21. A. heard B. listened C. made D. told

22. A. teacher B. job C. work D. book

23. A. busy B. free C. heavy D. easy

24. A. knew B. got C. thought D. heard

25. A. her B. them C. you D. u




1–5 DABCB 6–9 ABDC 10–13 ACCB 15–18 ABCC 18–22 AABCB 23–27 ABBDC


1–5 CBAAB 6. what they’ll do 7. play computer games 8. talk to friends 9. talking 10. on the computer

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