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309期初二Quiz time

Day 1

Lunch with Buffett (P2)

Choose the best answer

1. The highest price paid in 10 years to meet with Buffett is _____.

A. $2.6 million B. $2.11 million

C. $1.68 million D. $ 2.8 million

2. Which of the following about Buffett’s childhood is NOT true?

A. He sold used golf balls.

B. He bought his first shares of stock at age 11.

C. He showed a talent for business.

D. He earned no money from stock.

3. We can tell from the story that Buffett _____.

A. likes eating in steak restaurant

B. is the richest man in the world

C. has bad childhood memorie

D. is a rich and kind-hearted man

Day 2

Boy genius reaches for... (P3)

Choose the best answer

4. Arran Fernandez is now a _____.

A. college student B. university teacher

C. young student D. high school teacher

5. When Arran Fernandez took his GCSE math exam, he was probably _____ than the others.

A. 11 years younger B. 13 years younger

C. 5 years younger D. 4 years younger

6. We can tell from the story that Arran Fernandez _____.

A. is outgoing and kind

B. has a talent for math

C. enjoys going to school

D. is smart but often lonely

Day 3

A hole in the car (P6)

Answer the question

7. What happened to Josh’s new car?


8. Why did the boy throw the brick?


9. How did Josh feel after he heard the boy’s words?


10. What did Josh learn from the accident?


Day 4

Be a happy camper (P8)

Choose the best answer

11. We can tell from the story that _____ can stop bugs from flying into the tent at night.

A. a flashlight B. a fly screen

C. a groundsheet D. a pocketknife

12. The story mainly tells us _____.

A. US students like to go camping

B. camping grounds are all over the US

C. how US kids prepare for a camping trip

D. what US students do when they go camping

Day 5

Cloze test

The train started moving. It was full of people of all ages. Near the 13 sat an old man with his 30-year-old son. As the train 14 by, the son was very excited as he looked out of the window.

“Dad, look! The green trees moving away from us are very beautiful.”

This behavior (行为) from a 30-year-old son made the other people feel 15 about him. Everyone started murmuring (小声嘀咕) 16 the son. “This man seems to be stupid,” Ross said to his wife.

Suddenly it started raining. (雨滴) 17 on the travelers through the window. The 30-year-old son said with joy, “Dad, look! See how beautiful the 18 is.”

Ross’ wife got 19 because the rain drops made her new suit wet. “Can’t you see it’s raining, old man? If your son is not feeling well, get him to a hospital, and don’t 20 him annoy (打搅) us. “

The old man didn’t say anything at first. Then he answered in a low voice, “We are on the way back from the hospital. It is his 21 day out of the hospital. He was blind (盲的) when he was born, and he only 22 his vision (视力) last week. Everything is new to his eyes. Please excuse us for the trouble... “

13. A. girls B. men C. train D. window

14. A. moved B. passed C. came D. went

15. A. angry B. excited C. worried D. strange

16. A. to B. with C. about D. of

17. A. fell B. came C. got D. moved

18. A. tree B. sky C. rain D. train

19. A. sorry B. angry C. sad D. tired

20. A. let B. make C. tell D. agree

21. A. first B. last C. only D. one

22. A. found B. won C. received D. got



1–2 BC 3–8 FFFTTT 9–12 BCBDA 13–15 ABCA 16–20 BADAB 21–25 ABCAD


Test 16: 1–5 BCBCC 6–10 ACACB

Test 17: 1–5 AACAB 6–10 FFTFF



1–3 ADD 4–6 CAB 7. A brick hit the new car and broke the window. 8. Because he wanted someone to help lift up his brother. 9. He was greatly touched and helped the boy’s brother back in the wheelchair.

10. Don’t go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention.

11–12 BC 13–17 DBDCA 18–22 CBAAD

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