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340期初二Quiz time

Day 1

A fight for dogs’ rights (P2)

Choose the best answer:
1. More than 200 people showed up on the highway on April 15 because they _____.
A. wanted to buy the dogs on the truck
B. wanted to drive the truck to a restaurant
C. wanted to stop the truck and save the dogs
D. wanted to give food to the dogs on the truck

2. Which of the following about the laws protecting animal rights in China is TRUE?
A. China doesn’t need laws to protect animal rights.
B. China should get ready for making a law for animal
C. China is preparing to make a law for protecting
animal rights.
D. China already has a perfect law to protect animal

3. What’s Yang Tao’s opinion about the rescue?
A. It was not right for people to protect animal rights.
B. It was very brave for animal lovers to save the dogs.
C. The rescue was dangerous for the people on the
D. The rescue helped China make a law to protect

Day 2

Teen artist makes... (P3)

Choose the best answer:
1. What does Joao Montanaro like doing?
A. He likes reading newspapers.
B. He likes publishing novels.
C. He likes reading and drawing cartoons.
D. He likes writing articles for newspapers.

2. Which of the following is NOT true?
A. Folha is famous for its cartoons.
B. Folha is the largest newspaper in Brazil.
C. Montanaro began to work for Folha two years ago.
D. Montanaro draws one cartoon for Folha every week.

3. Why does Montanaro like drawing political cartoons?
A. Because he is very interested in political jobs.
B. Because he can show his ideas on politics.
C. Because he can make fun of some important people.
D. Because he thinks it is easier to draw political

4. In Montanaro’s opinion, _____ made him draw and helped him a lot in his drawings.
A. his interest in cartoon films
B. his dad’s ideas about cartoons
C. the fun of drawing cartoons
D. the comics his dad bought him

Day 3

Just one more (P6)

Answer the following queations:
1. Why was the servant so happy before he got the gold coins?
___________________________________________ ___________________________________________

2. What did the King’s advisor suggest doing?
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
3. What happened to the servant when he decided to get the last gold coin?
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
4. Are the people of The 99 Club happy? Why?
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Day 4

More than just a game (P8)

Fill in the chart below:

1. Playing catch is two people __________. They
might have baseball gloves, or they might use

2. Playing catch is part of baseball practice, and
it’s also a time to ________________________.

3. Because ________ is an American sport and
a big part of American culture, playing catch is
kind of an ___________ activity.

4. In the suburbs, some people play catch in their
___________, and others will __________ to play.

5. Because Dad is always busy, playing catch is
a time when ____________________________.

Day 5


We each have a memory (记忆). That’s why we can still 1 things after a long time. Some people have very good memories and they can 2 learn many things by heart, but some people can only remember things when they say or do them 3 . Many of the great people of the world have 4 memories, like Marie Curie and Bill Gates.
A good memory is a great help in learning a 5 . Everybody learns his mother language when he is a small child. He hears the sounds, remembers them and then he learns to 6 . Some children are living with their parents in 7 countries. They can learn two languages as easily as one 8 they hear, remember and speak two languages every day. In school it is not so easy to learn a foreign language because the pupils have so
9 time for it, and they are busy with other subjects, too.
But your memory will become better and better when you do more and more 10 . Many people don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, we will teach you many ways in our new book.

1. A. learn B. find C. remember D. explain
2. A. hardly B. easily C. luckily D. loudly
3. A. at the same time B. once more
C. at the moment D. again and again
4. A. surprising B. weak C. super D. bad
5. A. passage B. language C. country D. subject
6. A.write B. answer C. try D. speak
7. A. small B. big C. foreign D. famous
8. A. if B. because C. so D. though
9. A. little B. much C. few D. less
10.A. exams B. interviews
C. housework D. exercises


[P8]1. China 2. They named them after their place of production.
3. "White as jade, thin as paper, bright as a mirrior and musical as a bell."
4. They wish for good luck.
5. A porcelain tea set is a perfect wedding gift.
[Cloze] 1-5 DBCAD 6-10 ACBBD


1-5 BCDBA 6-10 DCCDA

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