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341期初二Quiz Time


China’s place in space (P2)

True or false:

_____ 1. The International Space Station built in 1998 was the first space station in the world.

_____ 2. China will finish building the biggest space station in the world by 2020.

_____ 3. There are two space stations for scientific research now.

_____ 4. Multi-module stations are more advanced than single-module labs.

_____ 5. Officials in China would like to collect names for the space lab from the public.


Kids learn lessons in... (P3)

Choose the best answer:

1. Who did Keeney act as in the bank robbery case?

A. A robber. B. A lawyer. C. A witness. D. A judge.

2. Which of the following is NOT true about the program?

A. The mock trial is one part of it and students can take

part in it.

B. Students can act different parts in a mock trial in a

real courtroom.

C. In fact, it is useless to teach students how the legal

system works.

D. Middle and high school students in the state can

write criminal trial scripts.

3. What made Keeney want to be a judge someday?

A. Taking part in the program.

B. Acting as a robber in a bank robbery.

C. Being a witness in the courtroom.

D. Visiting famous lawyers and judges.

4. The students can learn the following from the program EXCEPT _____.

A. how to take part in a bank robbery

B. how to act different parts in the courtroom

C. how to write the scripts for a criminal trial

D. how the trial system works in the US


All the little things that... (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. What did Molly do for her father every morning?

A. She cooked breakfast for him.

B. She cooked lunch for him.

C. She handed him his paper lunch bag.

D. She gave him some interesting things.

2. Why did Molly’s father throw away the second bag?

A. Because he thought it was useless to him.

B. Because he didn’t like the things in it at all.

C. Because he thought his daughter didn’t like it.

D. Because his daughter asked him to throw it away.

3. Molly gave her father the bag to _____.

A. play a trick and make fun of him

B. let him know that she needed new things

C. ask him to keep the things in it for her

D. let him play with her favorite things

4. What can we learn from the story?

A. Life is just like a journey and it has no destination.

B. Some tiny things in our life can give us lots of


C. We shouldn’t throw away the things that others give


D. We should try to find some tiny treasures in life and

enjoy them.


Lessons from a warrior (P8)

Choose the right words to finish the story:

influence, ancestor, since, until,

to, own, important, popular

Do you know the book The Art of War? Do you know who wrote it? Many students may think it was Sun Bin. No, it was Sun Bin’s 1 , Sun Wu.

Sun Wu was famous for military strategies in the late Spring and Autumn period. He wrote the book from his

2 military experience. In the book, he shows that it is

3 to use strategic planning to win a battle. There are many good strategies, and you must know this one: A military leader should not begin a battle 4 he has learned everything he can about his own men and his enemy.

The book spread 5 Japan in the 8th century and to the West in the 18th century. 6 then, the book has become one of the most successful books on military strategy and has 7 the whole world. Many foreign military leaders use the book before battle.

The book is also very 8 in many other fields. It’s said that American National Football League coach Bill Belichick has read the book many times and used its lessons for coaching games.



Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He had a servant (佣人) who 1 eating good food and drinking wine (酒) very much. Each time the rich man left his home, the servant would drink the wine and 2 all the nice food in the house. The rich man knew what the servant did, but he had 3 caught (逮住) his servant doing it.

One morning, when he was 4 home, he said to the servant: “There are two bottles of poison (毒药) and some nice food in the house. You must take care of them.” With these 5 , he went out.

But the servant knew that what the rich man had said was 6 . After the rich man left home, he enjoyed a nice meal. 7 he drank too much, he was drunk (醉酒的) and fell to the ground. When the rich man came back, he

8 find his food or his wine. He became very 9 . So he asked the servant loudly: “Where are my wine and food?” The servant said a cat had eaten up the food and, because he was afraid of being punished (惩罚), he drank the poison to 10 himself.

1. A. finished B. stopped C. loved D. shared

2. A. eat up B. put away

C. take up D. throw away

3. A. often B. never C. ever D. sometimes

4. A. arriving B. reaching C. visiting D. leaving

5. A. things B. feelings C. words D. questions

6. A. serious B. untrue C. possible D. dangerous

7. A. When B. If C. Although D. Because

8. A. couldn’t B. shouldn’t C. mustn’t D. won’t

9. A. happy B. worried C. angry D. scared

10. A. save B. keep C. move D. kill





【P6】1. Because he didn’t need much and had what he wanted.

2. Placing 99 gold coins in a bag and leaving it at the servant’s door.

3. He became bad-tempered and stopped singing.

4. No, they aren’t.

Because they are never contented with what they have and always hope to get the extra one.

【P8】1. throwing a ball back and forth; their hands

2. be with your father

3. baseball; all-American dad

4. back yards; go to the street

5. a kid has all of his/her dad’s attention

【Cloze】1-5 CBDAB 6-10 DCBAD


1-5 DBADB 6-10 CCDAC


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