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342期初二Quiz Time

Quiz Time 测试天地

Day 1

Life after Laden (P2)

True or false:
_____ 1. Bin Laden was the main organizer of the September 11 terrorist attack in the US in 2001.

_____ 2. Many Americans were excited about bin Laden’s death.

_____ 3. TIME magazine says that bin Laden’s death will be great for terrorism everywhere.

_____ 4. China thinks bin Laden’s death is good for the international anti-terrorism movement.

_____ 5. Bin Laden’s death made the world a peaceful and safe place.

Day 2

Helping others makes... (P3)

Choose the best answer:

1. According to the story, Roger _____.
A.went to the church with Nancy
B. told jokes in the sermon
C. is the priest of the church
D. works in the church

2. What did the writer think of church before this service?
A. It was fun. B. It was enjoyable.
C. It was boring. D. It was relaxing.

3. From the story, we learn that _____.
A. the volunteers gave the service once a year
B. the church has served homeless people for many years
C. the homeless people thought life was hard
D. the writer was proud of the homeless people

4. In the last paragraph, who said these sentences “People ask me... I have people like you”?
A. Jason.
B. The writer.
C. The volunteers.
D. A homeless person.

Day 3

Playing a song for Mom (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. Why did Robby go to have the piano lessons?
A. Because he was interested in playing the piano.
B. Because he liked Mozart and his great piece.
C. Because he was good at playing the piano.
D. Because his mother wanted to hear him play the piano.

2. What did the writer mean by saying “it was hopeless” in paragraph 2?
A. Robby didn’t practice hard.
B. Robby’s mother was deaf.
C. Robby had no gift for playing the piano.
D. Robby’s mother was dying.

3. How did the writer feel when hearing Robby’s performance in the concert?
A. proud B. surprised
C. sad D. disappointed

4. What made Robby play the music so well?
A. His gift for music.
B. His love for piano.
C. His teacher’s instruction.
D. His love for his mother.

Day 4

Scream for ice cream (P8)

Answer the following questions:
1. When did the Ice Cream Truck usually come?
2. What did the Ice Cream Man play the song with?
3. What was the truck like?
4. Did the writer think the Ice Cream Man was nice?
5. What does the writer say about US kids’ relationship with ice cream?

Day 5


I’ve been a taxi driver for nearly ten years. It’s a 1 job most of time. You can meet a lot of people. I always work at night, because there is too much 2 during the day. I live 20 miles outside of London and I go to work at 5:30 in the afternoon. I usually go home between 2 and 3 in the morning.
Some very strange and interesting things often 3 late at night. The other day I was taking a woman who had a little dog 4 her home from a party. When we got to her house, she found that she had lost her key and purse (钱包). So I 5 in the car with the dog while she climbed in through the window.
I waited and waited. After half an hour of ringing the bell, I decided to 6 what was going on. I tied (系) the dog to a tree and 7 to climb in through the window, too.
The next thing I knew the police came. They thought I was a(n) 8 .
9 , the woman came out. She went to sleep and 10 about me and the dog!

1. A. tiring B. nice C. boring D. strange
2. A. sunshine B. trouble C. life D. traffic
3. A. work B. make C. happen D. take
4. A. on B. with C. in D. for
5. A.waited B. slept C. kept D. watched
6. A. look for B. look at C. get out D. find out
7. A. planned B. started C. minded D. followed
8. A. athlete B. foreigner
C. performer D. thief
9. A. Usually B. Hardly
C. Luckily D. Traditionally
10. A. forgot B. talked C. worried D. heard



【P8】1. ancestor 2. own 3. important 4. until 5. to
6. Since 7. influenced 8. popular
【Cloze】1-5 CABDC 6-10 BDACD

Wordcheck 1-5 DDABC 6-10 DDCBB

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