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344期初二Quiz Time


Win for road safety (P2)
Finish the following tasks:
Answer the questions:

1. According to the new law, what will happen to drunk drivers?
2. What must a drunk driver do in the US if he or she wants to drive again?
3. Reasons for legislating (立法) China’s new drunk driving law: Drunk driving has become a serious __________ in China;the new law can protect people’s rights to _____ and _____.

4. Once the police catch a drunk driver, the driver will pay a fine.
_____ the police catch a drunk driver, the driver will pay a fine. (请将本句改写成同义句)

5. Police caught more than half a million drunk drivers last year.
Police caught _____ _____ _____ half a million drunk drivers last year. (请将本句改写成同义句)


Love what you do and... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. How does the program teach students CPR?
A. By taking kids to visit hospitals.
B. By using dummies and DVDs.
C. By working with doctors.
D. By helping injured people.

2. To let more people know about CPR, the program _____.
A. allows each student to take home a set of dummies
B. gives students lots of useful DVDs
C. asks students to practice the CPR skills at home
D. tells students to teach their parents CPR skills

3. We can tell from the story that Shawna Jackson _____.
A. is afraid of doing chest compressions
B. doesn’t want to learn the CPR skills
C. used to think the CPR skills were difficult
D. runs the CPR Anytime program


This class could save... (P6)
Match the word with its meaning:
1. glow
2. joy
3. amazed
4. pride
5. customer
6. honest
7. service
8. unusual

a. the work that somebody does for people at shops or restaurants
b. send out soft light or heat without flames or smoke
c. a very happy feeling
d. not very common
e. very surprised
f. a person who buys things from a shop
g. saying what is true and not stealing or cheating
h. the feeling that you are better than the other people


China’s favorite monkey (P8)
Fill the blanks with the following phrases:

A. has supernatural powers
B. in many other Asian countries
C. protects Tang Seng on the way to the Western Paradise
D. build a theme park
E. his funny magic tricks, wisdom and courage to
fight against evil

The book Journey to the West is very famous in China. It mainly tells that the Monkey King, along with Zhu Bajie and Sha Seng, 1._________.
The TV series, Journey to the West, first aired in 1988, is very popular with Chinese people, especially with children. Many children like the Monkey King most, because of 2._________.
The Monkey King 3._________. He is able to change himself into 72 different shapes such as a tree, a bird, or an animal. With a single somersault, he can travel 108,000 li. The Monkey King beats demons along the way, and helps Tang Seng through 81 adventures.
For the last 400 years, the Monkey King has been very popular 4._________ such as South Korea and Japan. In 1942, British writer Arthur Waley first translated the novel into English. Since then, the Monkey King story has become popular in Western countries.
The recent exciting news is that Lianyungang, Jiangsu, will 5._________ called “Journey to the West” in two years. It will be worth visiting.



Life in 30 years will be different because many changes will take place, but what will the 1 be?
The population is 2 fast. There will be more and more people in the world and most of them will live longer than before.
Computers will be much smaller and more 3 , and there will be at least one in every home. And computer studies will be one of the most important 4 in school.
People will work fewer hours than they are doing now, and they will have more free time for sports, watching TV and traveling. Traveling will be much cheaper and 5 . And many more people will go to other countries 6 holidays.
There will be changes in our food, too. People want to
7 more new towns and houses on the land. Then there will be less 8 for cows and sheep, so meat will be more expensive. Maybe people won’t eat it every day, but they will eat more vegetables and fruit 9 . Maybe people will be healthier.
Work in the future will be different, too. Robots can do much of the dangerous and hard work. Because of this, many people will not 10 enough work to do. This will be a problem.

1. A. difference B. places C. changes D. difficulty
2. A. becoming B. getting C. turning D. growing
3. A. useful B. active C. beautiful D. hopeful
4. A. problems B. subjects C. interests D. games
5. A. farther B. nicer C. faster D. easier
6. A. for B. with C. a D. in
7. A. build B. find C. leave D. visit
8. A. road B. room C. money D. work
9. A. also B. else C. instead D. even
10. A. make B. take C. keep D. have


【P8】1. employing schoolchildren
2. 14 to 16 3. rode bikes
4. an hour
5. set out for a whole day of school
6. each Saturday morning
7. by themselves 8. first experience
【Cloze】 1-5 BCBDC 6-10 ADCBB
Wordcheck 1-5 CBDAC 6-10 CACBA

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