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345期初二Quiz Time


Pollution in the bag (P2)
True or false:

_____ 1. Supermarkets and stores didn’t provide plastic bags to customers three years ago.

_____ 2. China began the ban on plastic bags because of waste and pollution.

_____ 3. Other countries also face the same problem and some have found ways to solve it.

_____ 4. The ban has worked so well that there are no free plastic bags in China now.

_____ 5. Now scientists want to invent safe and light bags to take the place of plastic bags.

My science fair project... (P3)
Finish the following tasks:

1. The correct order for the following sentences is ________.
A. The writer went to the library and surfed the Internet to get information.
B. The writer chose to find out how acidic the swamp is and how the neighbors pollute it.
C. The writer decided to buy an electronic pH meter online.
D. The writer used pH paper to test the acid of the water.
E. The teacher said the school was going to hold a science fair.

Answer the questions:
2. What did the writer do after he chose a topic?

3. Why did the writer buy an electronic pH meter online?

Words of life and death (P6)
Choose the best answer:

1. What happened while a group of frogs was traveling through the woods?
A. Two of them lost their way.
B. The hunter caught two of them.
C. Two of them fell into a deep pit.
D. Two of them died.

2. Why did one of the two frogs give up at last?
A. Because he was too tired to jump.
B. Because the other frogs above said he couldn’t jump out.
C. Because he wanted to live in the pit.
D. Because his legs were broken.

3. Why could the other frog finally jump out of the pit?
A. Because he thought the other frogs were encouraging him.
B. Because he wanted to tell the other frogs they were wrong.
C. Because he wanted to help save the other frog.
D. Because he wasn’t afraid of destructive words.

4. What does the writer want to tell us through the story?
A. Words have nothing to do with life and death.
B. We should be careful of what we say to others.
C. Destructive words can also be helpful.
D. We shouldn’t try to give others advice.

Frisbee fever (P8)
Choose the best answer:

1. When you are playing Frisbee, you may need all of the following EXCEPT _____.
A. a Frisbee
B. some open space
C. a friend
D. an apple pie

2. Which is TRUE about a Frisbee?
A. It is made of discs.
B. It is thin and round.
C. It can fly only indoors.
D. It is an Olympic game.

3. What is Paragraph 3 mainly about?
A. How to make money from a Frisbee.
B. How famous Frisbees are in the US.
C. How the Frisbee came into being.
D. How to play a game of Frisbee with friends.


I was waiting for the bus when I met a woman. “You look 1 . Come and sit here,” she said. “Where are you going?”
“I don’t know. I just want to catch a 2 and see what it will be like at the end.”
“I’m afraid you’ll see 3 there. Why don’t you enjoy the sights on the way?”
“How can I do that while my heart’s 4 ?” I asked sadly. My best friend had left me.
The woman seemed to understand how I was feeling. “Don’t cry, little girl. I’ve had a similar 5 . Thirty-five years ago, my husband left our three children and me. I was so sad. I decided to kill myself and the children, so I took them to the sea. 6 , they seemed to know what would happen, so they 7 loudly. Their cry suddenly woke me up. How could I 8 our lives over such a small problem? After that, I worked hard to raise the children. Now they all live 9 and one of them has his own family.
Then the woman gave me a 10 : “We should never wait for the door to 11 before us. We should find the key to the 12 or try to find another way.”
The bus came and I got on it with a smile.
1. A. tired B. excited C. happy D. well
2. A. train B. bus C. boat D. plane
3. A. nothing B. everything C. something D. anything
4. A. smiling B. breaking C. singing D. dancing
5. A. friend B. way C. experience D. visit
6. A. So B. Or C. Besides D. However
7. A. laughed B. talked C. spoke D. cried
8. A. give in B. give up C. get up D. stand up
9. A. happily B. sadly C. badly D. hopelessly
10. A. cry B. shout C. hit D. smile
11. A. open B. close C. lock D. mend
12. A. shop B. office C. door D. classroom




【P2】 1. Drunk drivers will pay a fine and be banned from driving for five years or even forever. 2. He or she must do community service and take part in educational programs. 3. social problem; life, health 4. If 5. no less than
【P3】 BAC
【P6】 1-b 2-c 3-e 4-h 5-f 6-g 7-a 8-d

Cloze: 1-5 CDABD 6-10 AABCD
Word Check: 1-5 BACAB 6-10 DCCBD

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