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346期初二Quiz Time


China is drying up (P2)

Fill in the chart below:

The drought in China this year:

reasons 1. The rainfall is much _____ than before.
2. It may have something to do with the _____ _____.
results 3. Thousands of rivers and lakes are _____ _____.
4. Some lakes became _____ than before.
5. There’s _____ _____ _____ to plant crops and some farmland is damaged.
solution 6. The government ordered the Three Gorges Dam to increase its output of _____.


kid doodles winning... (P3)

Choose the best answer:

1. What is a doodle?

A. It is a competition.

B. It is a logo.

C. It is a homepage.

D. It is a company.

2. Who can take part in Google’s drawing competition?

A. College students.

B. Kids from all over the world.

C. US schoolchildren.

D. Kids under 12.

3. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Teachers vote to help decide the winners.

B. Varpucanskis’ design will be on show at three


C. Varpucanskis got a $50,000 scholarship.

D. Varpucanskis wants to protect sea life.


Dad always puts us first (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. If one of the kids misses the bus, the writer’s father will _____.

A. make a phone call to the teacher

B. wake him/her up earlier next time

C. give him/her a ride

D. get angry and shout at him/her

2. What does the writer’s father NOT do on weekends?

A. He works in the yard.

B. He makes repairs to the house.

C. He stares at a computer screen.

D. He watches football games.

3. We can tell from the story that the writer’s father is _____.

A. hard-working B. selfish C. lazy D. serious

4. Which of the following is TRUE about the writer’s father?

A. He has only one job.

B. He never rests on the weekends.

C. He has been rewarded.

D. He works hard to support the family.


How best to address (P8)

Answer the questions:

1. Does the Wall Street Journal still use “Mr” or “Ms” to address people on the sports pages?


2. What does Jason Gay want to show by using the example of a report on a soccer game?


3. What is Jonathan Yardley’s opinion about using titles?


4. John Smith is a professor in a university, how should you address him?


5. What is the story mainly about?




My friend, David Smith, kept birds. One day he called and 1 me he would be away for a week. He asked me to feed the 2 for him and said he would leave his key in my mailbox.

Unfortunately, I did not remember to feed the birds until the night before David was going to 3 . I ran out of my house quickly and it was already dark when I 4 his house. I soon found the key he gave me could not unlock (开锁) the 5 ! I kept thinking of what David 6 say when he came back.

Then I saw that one bedroom window was 7 . I found a big stone and pushed (推) it under the window. 8 the stone was very heavy, I made a lot of 9 . But, in the end, I climbed through the window.

I had one leg inside the bedroom when I suddenly found that someone outside of the house was 10 a flashlight (电筒) up at me. I looked down and saw a policeman and an old lady, one of David’s neighbors. “What are you doing up there?” asked the policeman.

Feeling like a fool, I answered: “I was just going to feed Mr Smith’s birds.”

1. A. askedB. invitedC. toldD. spoke

2. A. dogsB. catsC. birdsD. baby

3. A. returnB. leaveC. visitD. fly

4. A. came back from B. arrived at

C. kept away fromD. got back

5. A. window B. cageC. doorD. flashlight

6. A. mustB. shouldC. wouldD. need

7. A. brokenB. openC. badD. lost

8. A. IfB. BecauseC. SoD. Or

9. A. laughB. cryC. workD. noise

10. A. shiningB. movingC. showingD. making




【P3】 1. EBADC 2. He went to the library and got lots of books and read many Internet articles. 3. Because he wanted to save money.



【Cloze】1-5 ABABC 6-10 DDBAD 11-12 AC

Wordcheck 1-5 DADBC 6-10 CABDB

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