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Ban hopes for new term (P2)
True or false:
_____ 1. Ban is the first Asian Secretary-General of the UN.

_____ 2. Ban’s first term as the head of the UN ends half a year from now.

_____ 3. To win his second term, Ban needs the total support of the 15-nation UN Security Council.

_____ 4. Ban did a good job during his first term as the head of the UN.

_____ 5. The Asia Group has little confidence in Ban’s second term.


I’m not giving up just yet (P3) Choose the best answer:
1. The correct order for the following sentences is _____.
a. Nai tested his samples and wrote down the results.
b. Nai finished his science fair report.
c. Nai spent lots of time finding a good tool for his experiment.
d. Nai presented his experiment in class.
e. Nai went to the park to take samples.
f. Nai put the results into his computer and looked them over.
A. c-e-a-f-d-bB. e-a-f-d-b-c
C. c-e-a-f-b-dD. e-a-c-f-b-d

2. Why did Nai fail to get on the school’s team?
A. Because he didn’t finish his science report on time.
B. Because he didn’t have a good tool to use.
C. Because he didn’t prepare well for his presentation.
D. Because he didn’t get the right results in his experiment.

3. What did Nai’s teacher think of his project?
A. She praised it highly.
B. She knew little about it.
C. She didn’t like it.
D. The story didn’t tell us.

4. We can tell from the story that _____.
A. Nai’s teacher was strict with him
B. Nai gave up on his project before the deadline
C. none of Nai’s classmates could go to the science fair
D. Nai wanted to improve his project


Take care before... (P6)
A. I know Al’s now adult son, Ernie. He is one of the kindest, most loving men I have ever known – and he is a great father, too.

B. Ernie said: “From childhood until I left home at 18, my father came into my room every night, gave me a kiss and said: ‘I love you, son.’”

C. I realized what a fool I had been to see Al as a failure. He had lost all of his things, but he had been a kind loving father, and he left behind him a fine man.

D. As a young man, Al was a skilled potter. He had a wife and two sons. One night, his elder son developed a stomachache. Neither Al nor his wife took it very seriously. But the boy was very ill and died suddenly that night.

E. Al felt very guilty. His wife left him to raise his 6-year-old son alone. Al turned to alcohol and, in time, became an alcoholic. Al lost everything – his home, his land, his art... everything. In the end, he died alone in a motel room.

F. One day I asked Ernie: “I know your father raised you alone. What did he do so that you became such a special person?”


On Earth there’s Suzhou (P8) Choose the best answer:

1. How long has Suzhou been known as a city?
A. For about 500 years.
B. For about 2500 years.
C. For 1276 years.
D. For 735 years.

2. Which of the following is TRUE about Suzhou’s classical gardens?
A. Everything in the gardens has symmetry.
B. The gardens are not harmonious.
C. Things in the gardens match perfectly.
D. Trees and rocks are symmetrical.

3. What is the last paragraph mainly about?
A. The design of the Suzhou gardens.
B. Suzhou’s influence in the world.
C. The differences between the Suzhou gardens.
D. The Summer Palace’s design.



I believe listening is powerful (强效的) medicine.
It was Sunday. I had the last patient (病人) to see and I got into her room. She was an old woman, sitting on the bed, trying to 1 her socks. I said something like: “How are you feeling? The nurse says your son is visiting you today. I’ll bet you’ll be 2 to see him.”
She 3 me with a serious voice, “Sit down, doctor. This is my story, not yours.”
I was surprised. I sat down and helped her with the socks. She began to tell me that her only son lived not far from her, 4 she had not seen him for five years. She believed her health problems were worse because of 5 her son. After hearing her story and helping her put on her socks, I asked if there was 6 I could do for her. She said “no” and smiled. All she wanted me to do was to 7 .
Each story is 8 . Some are clear; others are not. Some are true; others are not, yet all those things do not really 9 . What matters to the storyteller is that the story is heard.
Listening to someone’s story 10 nothing but it is the key to healing (康复). I often 11 what the woman taught me, and I always tell myself the 12 of stopping, sitting down and truly listening. I believe in the power of listening.
1. A. put offB. get offC. clean outD. put on
2. A. happyB. angry
C. luckyD. disappointed
3. A. showedB. stoppedC. askedD. influenced
4. A. orB. soC. butD. if
5. A. missingB. loving
C. understandingD. meeting
6. A. allB. anythingC. nothingD. everything
7. A. seeB. waitC. listenD. feel
8. A. terribleB. differentC. difficultD. true
9. A. happenB. meanC. matterD. change
10. A. wantsB. costsC. spendsD. takes
11. A. think ofB. dream ofC. talk aboutD. laugh at
12. A. possibilityB. difficultyC. importanceD. difference


【P2】 1. lower 2. climate change 3. drying up 4. smaller 5. not enough water 6. water
【P8】1. No, it doesn’t.
2. To show that titles could be tricky in sports writing.
3. He thinks that the use of titles plays an important part in society. 4. Professor Smith. 5. People’s different opinions on addressing others.
【Cloze】 1-5CCABC 6-10 CBBDA

Wordcheck 1-5 DBDBD 6-10 ACDBC

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