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354期初二Quiz time

Lowering the sugar (P2)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. The new law in Boston bans people from selling
sugary drinks.
B. Forty percent of the kids in Boston are overweight.
C. All US people over 2 drink sugary drinks every day.
D. One-fifth of American teenagers are overweight.

2. How many countries started to control the amount of sugary drinks, according to the passage?
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D.5

3. The sixth paragraph mainly tells us _____.
A. how many sugary drinks Chinese students drink
B. how many schoolchildren in China are overweight
C. why Boston introduced the law banning sugary
D. why China should do something to control sugary

4. Gao Xiang advised the Chinese government to ____.
A. ban the sale of sugary drinks in stores
B. ban the sale of all drinks in schools
C. limit the advertisement of sugary drinks
D. start a new tax on the sale of sugary drinks

I am taking back my own time (P3)
Answer the questions:
1. Did the writer listen to his parents’ plans before?
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
2. Why did the writer quit choir this year?
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
3. What activities does the writer take part in this year?
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
4. When the writer didn’t go to the Archery Club meeting, how did his mother feel?
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________
5. What do you do when your parents ask you to do something you don’t like?
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

People and dogs make a great team (P4-5)
Fill in the blanks:
About working dogs:
Kinds of dogsWhat they can do
Dogs for searching and rescuingThey have a powerful sense of
_1_ , so they can help find and _2_ people after a big disaster or in the wild.
Guide dogsThey can help _3_ people walk safely. They are popular in
_4_ and Japan.
Dogs working with _5_ Some children don’t like to
_6_ and always do the same things again and again. These dogs can help them feel _7 _ and safe.
Herding dogsTheir duty is to keep the _8_ safe. They are popular in
_9_ , New Zealand and some parts of China.
Pet dogs Many people keep dogs as _10_ .

Tommy tells his parents(P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why did the teacher call a meeting with Tommy’s parents?
A. Because Tommy was late for school that day.
B. Because Tommy did well on his schoolwork.
C. Because Tommy’s grades were dropping lately.
D. Because Tommy didn’t love teachers in school.

2. According to the teacher, Tommy changed so much all because _____.
A. his parents separated not long ago
B. his parents didn’t love him anymore
C. he didn’t have any good study habits
D. he wasn’t interested in schoolwork

3. After reading Tommy’s words on the paper, the father felt _____.
A. angry B. excited
C. sad D. moved

4. What can we learn from the story?
A. Children’s grades have nothing to do with their
parents’ behavior.
B. What parents do and say influences their children
a lot.
C. Teachers should often call meetings with parents.
D. Kids should say “I love you” to their parents.


It was late in the afternoon. A shop owner (主人)
_1_ his shop and went home. After a day’s hard work, he was very _2_ . When he was going to bed, the telephone rang (响). He had to
_3_ it. A man asked: “When do you open your shop?”
The shop owner was unhappy _4_ this phone call. He didn’t answer the man and _5_ the phone. Then he went back to bed. A few minutes
_6_, the telephone rang again and the man asked _7_ question. The shop owner was very _8_ this time and said: “You needn’t ask me _9_ I open the shop, because I won’t let you in.”
“Oh, no. I don’t want to _10_ ,” the man said. “I want to get out.”
1. A. openedB. closedC. sawD. kept
2. A. thrilledB. boredC. tiredD. excited
3. A. askB. answerC. haveD. work
4. A. aboutB. onC. byD. in
5. A. look forB. put onC. look afterD. put down
6. A. agoB. laterC. beforeD. after
7. A. anotherB. onC. the sameD. the other
8. A. angryB. happyC. sadD. strict
9. A. howB. whyC. ifD. when
10. A. get inB. come back
C. wait forD. play with
【Cloze】1-5 BCDAB 6-10 AADAD
Wordcheck 1-5 ADBCD 6-8 DCA

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