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351期初二Quiz time


Steve Jobs steps down (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. Why did Jobs quit his job, according to foreign newspapers?

A. He decided to start a new company.

B. He thought Wozniak would do a better job.

C. He was in poor health.

D. He had no interest in Apple.

2. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Jobs is the best CEO of the last century.

B. Jobs started Apple with Wozniak in 1998.

C. Jobs was once a student at Stanford University.

D. Jobs quit college after only half a year.

3. According to Jobs, what makes him successful?

A. He started his company at a young age.

B. He has travelled to many places and countries.

C. He is more clever than any other person.

D. He loves what he does and enjoys working.


I found my way to... (P3)

Choose the best answer:

1. What is the movie The Lion King about?

① responsibility  ② love  ③wildlife

④ happiness    ⑤wind

A.①④⑤   B. ②③⑤ 

C. ③④⑤   D. ①②④

2. Where was the orchestra playing?

A. Onstage.

B. Under the stage.

C. On TV.

D. Behind a TV.

3. Why does the actor wear a green costume to play Tinmang?

A. Green matches the grass, so he looks smaller.

B. Small costumes are only made in the color green.

C. It helps him look different from the puppet.

D. The puppet itself wears a green costume.

4. What does the writer think of the Broadway show?

A. It’s boring.

B. It’s bad.

C. It’s real.

D. It’s great.


Celebrate teachers... (P4-5)

Choose the best answer:

1. Which of the following is TRUE about Teacher Appreciation Week in the US?

A. It falls in the first week of September every year.

B. Nowadays kids often bring apples for teachers.

C. School clubs often offer teachers a free lunch.

D. Some students make DIY gifts for teachers.

2. What is the traditional gift for the South Korean Teachers’ Day?

A. Cards.            B. Roses.

C. Apples.           D. Pictures.

3. Which two countries celebrate Teachers’ Day on the same day?

A. China and the US.

B. The US and South Korea.

C. China and Canada.

D. Canada and the Philippines.

4. Why did UNESCO start a World Teachers’ Day?

A. Because there are many teachers in UNESCO.

B. Because every person in the world goes to school.

C. Because teachers are important when we grow.

D. Because teachers treat us better than anyone else.


Love on the phone line (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. From Paragraph 3, we know that the writer’s father _____.

A. didn’t think his son would say these words

B. was a man of very few words

C. was a little bit angry about his son’s words

D. found it difficult to talk to his son

2. What can we learn about the writer and his father?

A. They didn’t get along well in the past.

B. Their relationship has become better.

C. They don’t talk to each other.

D. They used to call each other every day.

3. From the last paragraph, we know the writer felt _____ to show love to his father first.

A. scared           B. excited 

C. lucky            D. sorry



Carol and Susan are very good friends. They are in the same class at school and they often  1  each other’s homes on the weekends. Now they are  2  8 years old. Carol’s mother has a new baby (婴儿). Carol is very  3  to have a little sister. So she is always  4  her sister to Susan. At first Susan is very interested in the new baby  5  she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. But after some time, she begins to get  6  of Carol’s endless talking about it. She also  7  a little jealous (嫉妒的) of her friend.

One morning when the two girls meet at school, Carol says to Susan: “Do you know, Sue, my baby sister has

8  nearly half a pound in weight (重量) this week.”

“That is not very  9  ,” answers Susan. “Some babies put on ten pounds a day.”

“Oh, that can’t be  10 ,” answers Carol. “Which babies?”

“Elephants’,” says Susan.

1. A. show B. call C. visit  D. go

2. A. all B. two C. both D. either

3. A. angry B. sorry C. surprised D. happy

4. A. talking about B. looking at

C. asking for  D. thinking about

5. A. so B. because C. if D. when

6. A. interested B. funny C. tired D. favorite

7. A. has B. feels C. plays D. falls

8. A. get o B. get off C. put off D. put on

9. A. much B. many C. few D. little

10. A. impossible B. wrong  C. true  D. sure

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