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352期初二Quiz time

 DAY 1

Many sad memories (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. Why does Dick send balloons into the sky every September 11?

A. Because his father loved the feeling of flying.

B. Because he wants to tell his father about his life.

C. Because his father died in a car accident that day.

D. Because he used to send balloons into the sky with his


2. Which of the following is TRUE about the attacks of September 11?

A. Terrorists planned to fly four planes into the Twin


B. Hundreds of buildings fell down in a short time.

C. Thousands of people lost their lives because of the


D. Two planes flew into a field in Pennsylvania.

3. Why did bin Laden organize the September 11 attacks?

A. Because he wanted to be the leader of al-Qaida.

B. Because he and his group hated the US.

C. Because the US supported Islamic Palestinians.

D. Because he wanted to take control of the US.

4. The US government did the following EXCEPT _____ after the September 11 attacks.

A. tried to make airplanes and airports safer

B. thought about the US’ place in the world

C. found bin Laden and killed him in Pakistan

D. broke into people’s houses freely


Big brothers and sisters for US kids (P3)

Choose the best answer:

1. The program is to help students _____.

A. make good use of after-school time

B. improve their grades

C. build strong bodies

D. take part in competitions

2. How often do the mentors and students meet?

A. Six to eight times a week.

B. Usually once a week.

C. Once a month.

D. Every day after school.

3. What does Briana think of the program?

A. It is too small and too few people are in it.

B. It is good to help her understand the world.

C. It brings many new problems.

D. It takes a lot of time.

4. What is Kathy like now?

A. She likes making decisions.

B. She is like a big sister.

C. She is shy.

D. She is more open.


Melbourne: world’s most livable city (P4-5)

Choose the best answer:

1. Which is NOT a thing that makes Melbourne the most livable city?

A. The air is very clean.

B. Students can get a good education.

C. The crime rates are low.

D. The Tennis Open is held there.

2. From the passage we know that Melbourne is a _____ city.

A. crowded and international

B. crowded and busy

C. green and crowded

D. green and international

3. Which of the following is NOT true about Sydney?

A. It’s more modern than Melbourne.

B. It’s one of the top 10 most livable cities.

C. Its population is the largest in the world.

D. There aren’t streetcars in Sydney.

4. According to the ranking, which of the following city is more livable than the others?

A. Vienna. B. Vancouver.

C. Paris. D. New York.


A friendship saved in stone (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. Tom slapped Joseph because _____.

A. he wanted to play a trick on Joseph

B. he argued with Joseph and got angry with him

C. Joseph took him the wrong way in the desert

D. Joseph spent too much time playing with sand

2. When they found a nice place, they decided to _____.

A. buy some sand and stones for their friends

B. find something delicious to eat

C. have a rest and wash themselves

D. have a swimming competition

3. The underlined sentence means that we should _____.

A. let others know we are angry with them

B. forgive others for bad things as time goes by

C. make sure what we write will always be there

D. keep important things in sand but not on stone



There was an old farmer. He had an old horse. He wanted to sell it before it died (死).

The farmer and his son 1 to the market. A man saw them and asked: “Why are you walking, farmer? You have a horse, and it’s a 2 way to the market.” The farmer knew this was 3 , so he got on the horse, but his son walked. Then they met a woman, and she asked: “What are you doing up there, farmer? Can’t you see how 4 the boy is?” So the farmer got down, and his son rode on the horse.

Next, an old man 5 them, and said: “Why are you walking, farmer? Get up. It’s 6 hot for an old man to walk today.” So the farmer got up 7 his son, and they rode on. Some time later, a young woman passed them. “Why 8 you walking?” she asked. “It isn’t far to the market. Give your poor horse a 9 .” So the farmer and his son got down 10 , and the father said: “You see, it’s difficult to please all the people all the time.”

1. A. ran B. rode C. walked D. waited

2. A. far B. short C. difficult D. long

3. A. true B. wrong C. funny D. different

4. A. excited B. tired C. surprised D. sad

5. A. kept B. showed C. gave D. stopped

6. A. so B. too C. such D. to

7. A. above B. under C. behind D. between

8. A. are B. aren’t C. were D. weren’t

9. A. drink B. food C. time D. rest

10. A. once again B. again and again

C. twice D. once








【Cloze】1-5CCDAB 6-10CBDAC

Wordcheck 1-5BDCAD 6-8BBA

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