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355期初二Quiz time


US boy is a lover of lakes (P3)

Answer the following questions:

1. Does Baas like water or land?



2. Where was Baas born?



3. What does Baas look like?



4. Why did Baas get the award?



5. What does Baas do for the association (用最简短的句子概括)?




Ready, set, go! It’s... (P4-5)

Choose the best answer:

1. Why are the PE tests important for junior school students in China?

A. Because the tests show if a student is healthy enough.

B. Because kids who do well in the tests will get an


C. Because getting a good mark helps a student go to

senior high school.

D. Because they can’t go to senior high school if they fail

in the tests.

2. Which of the following about the PE tests in the US is TRUE?

A. Students who do well on the PE tests will get a good


B. Students usually have PE tests twice a year starting at

age 10.

C. There are five activities in the PE tests, such as high


D. If a student gets 30 points on the PE tests, he will get

an award.

3. The passage is mainly about ___.

A. the reason why the PE tests are important in China

B. the comparison of PE tests in China to those in the US

C. how a US president started the PE tests in the country

D. what students do in the PE tests in China and in the US


The end of an ancient... (P5)

Choose the best answer:

1. The bullfighter will kill the bull after it becomes _____.

A. excited B. relaxed C. tired D. angry

2. What does Paragraph 3 mainly tell us?

A. The bull always loses in the game of bullfighting.

B. Bullfighting is a dance between the bullfighter and the


C. People have different opinions about bullfighting.

D. A fighter has a lot of training for a bullfighting game.

3. Why did the Spanish government stop bullfighting?

A. Because it’s dangerous for the fighters.

B. Because it sets a bad example for students.

C. Because only rich people can play the sport.

D. Because bullfighting is bad for bulls.

4. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Bullfighting is popular not just in Spain.

B. The bullfighter kills the bull with the darts.

C. It’s the first time that Spain has stopped bullfighting.

D. The ban on bullfighting will surely last forever.


Attitude is everything (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. The girl was _____ when she found she had only three hairs on her head.

A. shocked B. excited

C. worried D. calm

2. The correct order of the following events is _____.

a. The girl wore her hair in a ponytail.

b. The girl parted her hair down the middle.

c. The girl braided her hair.

d. The girl didn’t need to think about her hair.

A. abcd B. acbd C. cbad D. dcba

3. Why was the girl always happy?

A. Because everyone thought she was beautiful.

B. Because everyone liked her thick and long hair.

C. Because she always looked on the bright side of


D. Because she didn’t like any hair on her head at all.



One day, a rich man wanted to sell some goods (物品) in another town and buy some things there. He 1 to take ten servants (仆人) with him. They would carry the goods and also some 2 to eat on their way. The rich man said to 3 of his servants: “Ali, you are the 4 and the weakest one. You may 5 the lightest load (担子) to carry.” Ali thanked him and chose the 6 load. It was their bread. The rich man said: “How foolish (愚蠢) you are! That’s the heaviest one.” But Ali was 7 to lift it up. And so they set off. Four hours 8 , they stopped for a rest. They all 9 some of the bread. Then there was 10 bread for Ali to carry. Each time they ate some, the load became smaller and lighter. At last the clever servant had nothing to carry.

1. A. agreed B. liked C. decided D. hated

2. A. food B. goods C. water D. meat

3. A. all B. both C. none D. one

4. A. tallest B. smallest C. busiest D. fastest

5. A. find B. give C. choose D. carry

6. A. lightest B. smallest C. best D. biggest

7. A. happy B. worried C. sorry D. tired

8. A. early B. later C. past D. last

9. A. loved B. put C. called D. ate

10. A. more B. little C. less D. no





【P3】1. Yes, he did.

2. Because the music wasn’t good.

3. He takes part in school band, after-school Spanish and violin lessons.

4. She was angry about it.

5. I would have a talk with them, and tell them it is not my interest. (Or other answers.)

【P4-5】1. smell 2. save 3. blind 4. the US 5. doctors

6. talk 7. relaxed 8. sheep 9. Australia 10. pets


【Cloze】 1-5 BCBAD 6-10 BCADA

Wordcheck 1-5 BCDDA 6-8 BAB

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