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357期初二Quiz time


Move over, Harvard (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. The main measures for the rankings are _____.

a. teaching b. industry income

c. tuition d. number of students

e. research f. international outlook

A. abcd B. cdef

C. abef D. abcf

2. Why did Caltech beat Harvard to win the world’s best university?

A. Because it has more international students.

B. Because it’s stronger in physics than Harvard.

C. Because it’s the hardest university in the US to get


D. Because it has more research income than Harvard.

3. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Caltech got the first place in the rankings for the first


B. US President Obama graduated from Caltech.

C. Harvard has the world’s largest full-time MBA


D. No Asian universities were in the top 40 of the



Business-kid has a bright

future (P3)

Choose the right words or phrases to finish the following text:

be good at ,come from, turn it into, from then on,

more than, spend, become yellow, get into

Jon Zobel is 13 years old. He 1. ________ Florida, US. He 2. ________ making money.

When he was 12, Zobel made some money from washing cars. With the money, he bought his first pair of sneakers. 3. ________, it has been his hobby. He saves his birthday money to buy an unusual pair, and then sells it online.

He is a good dealer. He once took $500 to buy a pair of limited-edition shoes and 4. ________ $2,000. Then he used that to buy a golf cart that was worth $6,000.

Every day, Zobel 5. _______ hours on his shoes. He uses special soap to clean the laces and whiten the midsoles. Zobel’s most expensive pair, a “What the Dunks” released in 2007 by Nike, is worth 6. _______ $1,000. He even put the shoes in special bags, so they won’t 7. _______.

“He goes all out. If he 8. _______ something, he doesn’t just give 100 percent, he gives 250 percent,” his mother said.


What’s your lucky number? (P5)

Choose the best answer:

1. What makes Chinese people believe a number is lucky or unlucky?

A. The shape of the number.

B. The sound of the number in Chinese.

C. The history of the number.

D. The sound of the number in English.

2. Chinese people like the number 8, because it means _____.

A. live a long life

B. become beautiful

C. make a fortune

D. live a happy life

3. What can we learn from the passage?

A. Many Chinese people avoid the number 4.

B. The number 9 is unlucky because it means “death”.

C. All people have the same lucky number.

D. The number 8 is a lucky number for foreigners.

4. What does this passage mainly talk about?

A. Lucky or unlucky numbers in Western culture.

B. Meanings of different lucky numbers.

C. Meanings of different unlucky numbers.

D. Lucky or unlucky numbers in Chinese culture.


Cake is more than just sugar (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. All of the following events made the girl unhappy EXCEPT _____.

A. she didn’t do well in algebra

B. her boyfriend broke up with her

C. her best friend left for another place

D. she didn’t like the cake her mother made

2. The girl _____ the things her mother uses to make the cake.

A. is interested in eating

B. wouldn’t like to eat

C. is worried about eating

D. is ready to eat

3. What can we learn from the story?

A. Hard times will make you a better person.

B. Enjoy yourself by having a piece of cake.

C. Understand life is sweet to everyone.

D. Always be happy and smile at life.



In the past, people didn't use stamps. So things were quite different from now. They had to pay money when they _1_ letters. Rowland Hill, a schoolmaster in England, was the first person to _2_ using stamps. He thought it could be much _3_ for people to use stamps. They could go to the nearby _4_ to buy stamps and put them on envelopes (信封) _5_ they sent letters. The post office put seals (印章) _6_ the stamps so that people could not use the stamps _7_ . In this way, the post office didn't need to send postmen to get back

_8_ one by one. It only needed _9_ postmen to send letters to those people. The government thought it was a

_10_ idea. From then on, people began to use stamps.

1. A. sent B. played C. had D. received

2. A. agree with B. know about C. think of D. talk about

3. A. quicker B. easier C. smarter D. harder

4. A. work place B. school C. village D. post office

5. A. after B. before C. in D. with

6. A. in B. over C. on D. above

7. A. again B. too C. either D. also

8. A. letters B. stamps C. envelopes D. money

9. A. a little B. a few C. many D. much

10. A. bad B. famous C. good D. colorful







【P6】1-5 CCADC 6-10 BDACC

【Cloze】1-5 BDAAC 6-10 BBDCD

Wordcheck 1-5 ADDBB 6-8 CBB

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