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359期初二Quiz time


Too many people? (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. How many children does Ndageramiwe have now?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 8 D. 9

2. What does the second paragraph mainly tell us?

A. How many babies are born every second.

B. How many people die every second.

C. How many people are on the Earth now.

D. Why the world population keeps increasing.

3. According to the passage, what’s the major problem of a large population?

A. food B. housing

C. clothes D. education

4. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. China has the largest population in the world.

B. France has a population of more than 73.9 million.

C. The growth of China’s population has slowed.

D. Chinese women have no more than two children on average now.


A new way to see your

neighbors (P3)

Choose the best answer:

1. In which order does the project work?

a. People upload pictures to the project’s website.

b. The project sends these prints back to people.

c. People take black and white photos of their neighbors.

d. The project makes large prints of those pictures.

e. People show these prints in their communities.

A. c, d, b, a, e B. d, b, e, c, a

C. c, a, d, b, e D. d, c, b, e, a,

2. Why does Gonzalez call the old Latino man “The Superman”?

A. Because the picture of the old man covered nearly one wall.

B. Because the old man was really a great man.

C. Because his friend thought the old man was like a superman.

D. Because he took the picture outside the supermarket on the street called “Super”.

3. How did Aquilera learn about the project?

A. From her school.

B. From her friends.

C. From her mom.

D. From her community.

4. What will Greg Stein do?

A. He will take part in the activity.

B. He will start this kind of program at his school.

C. He will bring a lot of green trees to the school.

D. He won’t allow his students to join in the activity.


Are there ghosts on your street? (P5)

Choose the best answer:

1. Halloween is the __________ day of the year.

A. best and most popular

B. busiest and most boring

C. scariest and most fun

D. greatest and most important

2. People make haunted houses on Halloween to _____.

A. make money from the visitors

B. have fun and enjoy themselves

C. make the living people unhappy

D. make their houses more beautiful

3. Which of the following about haunted houses is TRUE?

A. The haunted houses are usually very bright.

B. The skeletons and screams are not real.

C. The ghosts in haunted houses live happily.

D. The monsters’ brains are made of noodles.

4. What is the passage mainly about?

A. The history of Halloween.

B. How to make a haunted house.

C. Why ghosts live in houses.

D. The haunted houses on Halloween.


Always look to the sky (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. From the second answer to the wise man’s question, we know that the young man was _____.

A. tall B. small

C. proud D. foolish

2. How did the young man feel after talking with the wise man?

A. He felt he was powerless.

B. He felt he could rule the Earth.

C. He felt he shouldn’t be that proud.

D. He felt the world owed him something.

3. Why did the wise man ask the young man these questions?

A. Because he didn’t know the answers.

B. Because he wanted to teach the young man a lesson.

C. Because there was nobody he could talk to.

D. Because he knew more than the young man.

4. What does the passage mainly tell us?

A. Pride stops people from becoming successful.

B. A person should never look down from high places.

C. No matter how successful we are, we shouldn’t be too proud.

D. Looking up at the sky can help us make the right decisions.



Peter’s uncle lived in the country. Once, Peter went to _1_ with him for a few weeks. They often went out for a walk or for a drive in the car. When they _2_ somebody, his uncle waved (招手). Peter was surprised, and said: “Uncle George, you know _3_ here. Where did you _4_ them all?”

“I don’t know all these people,” said his uncle.

“Then _5_ do you wave to them?” asked Peter. “Well, Peter,” answered his uncle. “When I wave to someone and he knows me, he is _6_. He goes on his journey (旅行) with a happier _7_ . But when I wave to someone and he doesn’t know me, he is _8_ and thinks: ‘Who is that man? Why did he wave to me?’ So he has something to _9_ during the rest of his journey, and that makes his journey seem _10_. So I make everybody happy.”

1. A. stay B. live C. work D. play

2. A. watched B. passed C. liked D. missed

3. A. somebody B. anybody

C. everybody D. nobody

4. A. meet B. bring C. take D. hear

5. A. who B. what C. which D. why

6. A. sad B. sorry C. glad D. angry

7. A. foot B. head C. heart D. hand

8. A. excited B. surprised C. relaxed D. bored

9. A. think about B. laugh at

C. believe in D. depend on

10. A. longer B. harder C. shorter D. smaller





【P5】1. bigger 2. houses 3. bedrooms 4. small 5. best 6. break down 7. home 8. different 9. pay for

10. free


【Cloze】1-5 DBDBC 6-10 BCBBA

Wordcheck 1-5 DDBAA 6-8 BBC

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