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361期初二Quiz time


Long-distance letters (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. With the help of the Space Post Office, it’s possible to send a letter to _____.

A. American astronauts

B. Chinese astronauts

C. Chinese scientists

D. spaceship engineers

2. The Space Post Office deals with the following EXCEPT _____.

A. delivering letters and e-mails

B. selling stamps and envelopes

C. writing letters back for the astronauts

D. sending letters from foreign countries

3. You should pay _____ for your return stamp to get the special postmark if you are in Shanghai.

A. 0.8 yuan B. 1.2 yuan C. 1.6 yuan D. 2.4 yuan

4. Which is TRUE about the Space Post Office?

A. It opened on the same day as Shenzhou VIII’s launch.

B. It has two real post offices, in Russia and in space.

C. Li Guohua is head of the Space Post Office.

D. Shenzhou IX may take some letters into space


A Halloween costume

concert (P3)

Finish the following tasks:

I. True (T) or false (F):

_____ 1. It was the writer’s first performance on Halloween.

_____ 2. The kid couldn’t wear the WWI gas mask.

_____ 3. Everybody had to dress in a costume.

_____ 4. The writer’s costume looked serious and his classmates didn’t like it.

_____ 5. Their teacher dressed up as Michael Jackson.

II. Fill in the following blanks:

People Costume What they looked like
The writer A 6. ______, black pants, bow tie and other concert clothing. 7. ______.
A red coat, a hat, sunglasses and a 8. ______. Informal.


Just say ‘no’ to bullies in your school (P5)

Choose the best answer:

1. A bully may do the following EXCEPT____.

A. take your lunch money from you

B. make up mean stories about you

C. step on your shoelaces

D. help you with your studies

2. Most students will feel _____ when they meet a bully.

A. scared

B. happy

C. lucky

D. comfortable

3. What should we do when we meet a bully, according to the story?

A. Be a stronger bully than him/her.

B. Believe what the bully says.

C. Try to ignore the bully.

D. Do what the bully tells us to.

4. What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. What a bully is and what we should do about bullying.

B. What bullying means and where it happens.

C. What kind of people can be bullies.

D. Bullying is very common in US middle schools.


Learning to love yourself (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. How did the writer feel about being tall before?

A. She felt proud.

B. She felt lucky.

C. She felt unhappy.

D. She felt excited.

2. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The writer is very fat and ugly.

B. The writer is very confident now.

C. The writer doesn’t like to study.

D. The writer doesn’t work hard.

3. What does the writer want to tell us?

A. We should keep short and slim.

B. We should have self-love and self-confidence.

C. We should be writers and counsel people.

D. We should eat jam and watch movies for a day.

4. What is the correct order of the following events?

a. The writer wrote some popular books.

b. The writer didn’t get much attention from teachers.

c. The writer became more confident.

d. The writer did something kind for herself.

A. d-b-c-a

B. d-b-a-c

C. b-d-c-a

D. b-d-a-c



It was a cold spring morning in the city of London. The weather was very cold, and many people were 1_____ . So there were many people in the doctor’s waiting room. At the 2_____ of the line (队伍) was an old woman. The woman was a 3 _____ . She did not live in London. She lived in the 4_____. She was in the city to visit her daughter. She wanted to see the doctor5_____ her back hurt.

“If I get there early, I can see the doctor quickly,” she thought. So she was first in the line. She sat 6_____ to the doctor’s door.

A man 7_____ the waiting room, and walked quickly to the doctor’s door. The old woman thought he was a line jumper (插队者). She stood up and 8_____ his arm. Slowly, she said: “We were all here before you. You 9_____ wait for your turn. Do…you…understand?”

The man answered: “No, madam. You don’t understand! You are all 10_____ me! I’m the doctor!”

1. A. cold B. free C. ill D. calm

2. A. head B. bottom C. back D. foot

3. A. doctor B. player C. visitor D. foreigner

4. A. city B. country C. hospital D. street

5. A. so B. but C. or D. because

6. A. earliest B. nearest C. nearer D. nearly

7. A. walked out of B. came out

C. stayed away from D. came into

8. A. hit B. stopped C. took D. had

9. A. can B. may C. must D. will

10. A. before B. after C. for D. against








【Cloze】1-5 DCDBB 6-10 DACBA

Wordcheck 1-5 BCBDC 6-8 ACB

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