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363期初二Quiz time


How to wash well (P2)

Choose the best answer:

1. Which group of people knows how to wash hands best, according to the report?

A. Women in urban areas.

B. Men in urban areas.

C. Women in rural areas.

D. Men in rural areas.

2. We should wash our hands _____.

a. before eating an apple

b. before using the bathroom

c. after sweeping the floor

d. after playing with a pet cat

e. before leaving home

A. abc B. acd C. bcd D. cde

3. Washing hands correctly can keep us _____.

A. happy B. active

C. healthy D. clever

4. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. It’s better to wash hands without soap than to use the


B. It’s better to wash hands with cold water than warm


C. It’s better to take half a minute to wash hands than 15


D. No one in China knows how to wash hands correctly.


All about AIDS: knowing... (P4)

Choose the best answer:

1. Which of the following is NOT part of this year’s theme for World AIDS Day?

A. Nobody will get any diseases anymore.

B. Nobody will be infected by HIV anymore.

C. Nobody will be discriminated against because of AIDS.

D. Nobody will die because of AIDS.

2. It’s impossible to get AIDS when _____.

A. people share needles

B. people have blood transfusions

C. people shake hands

D. a mother with HIV gives it to her unborn baby

3. According to the passage, we know _____.

A. AIDS kills 2 million people every day in China

B. people who get HIV develop AIDS at once

C. HIV harms T cells that help the body fight diseases

D. AIDS isn’t dangerous because of “cocktail therapy”

4. What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Ways of getting AIDS.

B. What AIDS is.

C. How World AIDS Day was born.

D. How to keep away from AIDS.


How your books get to... (P5)

Choose the best answer:

1. The earliest schoolbags were much _____ than they are today.

A. heavier B. smaller C. lighter D. cooler

2. Put the following schoolbags in the order they appeared.

a. cloth bags

b. wheeled bags

c. bamboo boxes

d. military rucksacks

A. acdb B. cabd C. cadb D. cdba

3. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The earliest schoolbags were made of cloth and thread.

B. Xu Shilin carried a bamboo box with wheels to the


C. The hip-pocket bag is a kind of popular green

shoulder bag.

D. Modern schoolbags are comfortable to use.

4. What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. The history of schoolbags.

B. The importance of schoolbags.

C. How to use a schoolbag.

D. How to make a schoolbag.


If life is a quilt, love is... (P6)

Choose the best answer:

1. Why does the writer think there may be no love between her parents?

A. Because they never say “I love you” to each other.

B. Because they don’t look after each other.

C. Because they don’t go for walks together.

D. Because they don’t like to watch TV together.

2. What can we learn from the passage?

A. The writer’s parents don’t love the writer.

B. The writer’s parents love each other in their own way.

C. The writer’s father didn’t like to walk with his wife.

D. The writer’s mother often says “I love you” to her.

3. With the story of the quilt and the thread, the writer’s mother wanted to _____.

A. teach the writer how to make a quilt

B. show she was very good at making quilts

C. try not to answer the writer’s question

D. tell the writer what love was

4. Now, the writer thinks love ______.

A. means flowers and gifts

B. means romance

C. means holding each other

D. is like thread holding a family together



A teacher stood in front of his history class of 20 students. It was the final exam time. It was very 1 ____ tin the classroom, and students were 2 ____ for the teacher to hand out the papers.

“It’s been a pleasure teaching you this year,” the teacher said. “You’ve all worked very hard, so I have a pleasant 3 ____ for you. Everyone who 4 ____ not to take the final exam will get a ‘B’ for the course.”

Most of the students jumped out of their 5 ____ . They thanked the teacher 6 ____ , and walked out of the classroom. Only a few students 7 ____ . The teacher looked at them. “This is your last chance,” he said. “Does 8 ____ else want to leave?” All the students there stayed in their seats and 9 ____ their pencils.

The teacher smiled. “Congratulations (祝贺)!” he said. “I’m glad to see you 10 ____ yourselves. You all get ‘A’s.”

1. A. joyful B. messy C. quiet D. common

2. A. looking B. asking C. working D. waiting

3. A. grade B. surprise C. lesson D. pity

4. A. chooses B. fails C. has D. leaves

5. A. classroom B. desks C. place D. seats

6. A. angrily B. quickly C. happily D. sadly

7. A. left B. stayed C. kept D. sat

8. A. anybody B. somebody

C. everybody D. nobody

9. A. put away B. looked at

C. turned on D. took out

10. A. grow into B. know about

C. believe in D. agree with








【Cloze】1-5 DDCBC 6-10 ABDBA

Wordcheck 1-5 DBBDC 6-8 CAA

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