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420期 初二QUIZ TIME

Day 1

Courage can change... (P3)
Finish the following tasks:
1. Where does Omkar Dubey come from?

2. What does “the situation” in Paragraph 3 refer to?

3. Why didn’t Dubey’s father want to build a toilet at home at first?

4. How many public toilets are there in Dubey’s village?

5. Which words can you think of to replace “extraordinary” in the last paragraph?

Day 2
Shakespeare still at... (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. From Paragraph 2, we learn that ______.
A. Shakespeare is the most important writer
in the UK
B. students don’t learn Shakespeare’s
writing at school
C. Shakespeare’s lines are very popular in
modern life
D. British schools pay a lot of attention to
Shakespeare’s works

2. The scene in Blackadder shows that British students _____.
A. want Shakespeare to live longer
B. think Shakespeare’s works are too difficult
to learn
C. are good at acting out Shakespeare’s
D. don’t think Shakespeare is a good person

3. Which of the following is TRUE about the last paragraph?
A. Shakespeare made England more popular
than other parts of the UK.
B. No literature works are better than
Shakespeare’s works in England.
C. Shakespeare’s works now are not as
important as they were before.
D. People today can still learn many values
from Shakespeare’s works.

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. Why British students can write well.
B. How British students learn literature.
C. How important Shakespeare is in British
D. What British students can learn from

Day 3
Chewing gum might... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. Chewing can help people _____.
A. get fat easily
B. digest food well
C. stop releasing saliva
D. get hungry easily

2. A long time of chewing have the following effects EXCEPT _____.
A. your teeth may hurt
B. you may feel pain in your jaw
C. your face may look a little square
D. your memory may improve a lot

3. When you are chewing gum, _____.
A. you can remember things easily
B. you may react more slowly
C. eight parts of your brain work
D. you may study much better

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. The science behind chewing.
B. The advantages of chewing.
C. The problems with chewing.
D. Something about chewing and eating.

Day 4
Keep your eyes open (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. From Paragraph 1, we learn that the young man might feel _____.
A. upset B. great
C. angry D. excited

2. What does “keeping your eyes wide open” in Paragraph 2 mean?
A. We should be careful, for danger is
B. We should work much harder and sleep
C. We should try our best to find chances or
D. We should be outgoing and make more

3. The grandpa’s answer tells us that ____.
A. surprises can always make life exciting
B. challenges can improve a person
C. we should try to make fewer mistakes
D. we should never change our decision

4. For success, the last two paragraphs mention the following EXCEPT _____.
A. choice B. confidence
C. determination D. education

Day 5
One day, a farmer was working along a road with his son Thomas. The father said: “Look! There’s a horseshoe (马蹄铁) __1___ the ground. Pick it up and put it in your bag.” Thomas said: “It wastes my time.” His father said___2__but he picked it up himself. When they got to a nearby town, they had a rest. There the father
__3___the horseshoe and with the money he bought some strawberries.
The father and the son went on walking. The sun was well up in the ___4__ . They soon drank up their water, and there wasn’t a house or even a tree for them to have a __5___. Thomas felt too__6___ to walk on. At this time, his father gave Thomas a strawberry ___7__ he quickly ate it. After a while, his father gave him __8___ strawberry and once again, his son couldn’t help throwing it into his mouth.
And so they __9___. The old father gave the strawberries and the son ate them. When Thomas had eaten up all the strawberries, his father said to him: “My dear son, if you picked up that horseshoe, you would have your own strawberries to __10___. Always remember the lesson: If you don’t worry about the little things, you’ll find it difficult to do the great things.”

1. A. under B. on C. for D. to
2. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything
3. A. threw B. sold C. found D. bought
4. A. sky B. river C. tree D. mountain
5. A. look B. try C. rest D. picture
6. A. excited B. cold C. full D. thirsty
7. A. and B. though C. or D. because
8. A. other B. another C. others D. some
9. A. turned up B. came down C. went on D. got over
10. A. drink B. ride C. use D. eat


hardly happen change come part up at down finally practice before win

Life is not easy, so I’d like to say: “When anything __1___, believe in yourself!” When I was a young boy, I was too shy to speak to anyone. My classmates often laughed ___2__me. I was sad but could do nothing. Later, something happened, and it __3___my life. It was an English speech competition. My mother asked me to take ___4__ in it. What a terrible idea! It meant I had to speak __5___ all the teachers and students of my school!
“Come on, boy. Believe in yourself! You are sure to ___6__ .” Then Mother and I talked about many different topics. __7___ I chose the topic “Believe in yourself”. I tried my best to remember all the speech and ___8__ it over 100 times. With my mother’s great love, I did well in the competition. I could ___9__ believe my ears when the news came that I had won first place. I heard the cheers from the teachers and students. Those classmates who once looked
__10___ on me gave me their congratulations.


【P3】 1. metal chairs 2. walked around 3. hotel
4. six balls 5. on the stage 6. ice cream 【P5】DAAC
完形填空1-5 BDAAC 6-10 CADBC
完成句子1. Does; some 2. will you 3. It seemed
4. didn’t have 5. How did

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