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421期 初二QUIZ TIME

Day 1
Surviving a quake (P2)
Choose the best answer:
1.Why did Yang Yang draw a house with
A. She used it to take part in a painting show.
B. She hoped to live in a house instead of a
C. She wished that her house could fly in an
D. She didn’t want to live on the Earth
because of earthquakes.

2. When an earthquake happens, you’d
better NOT _____.
A. jump from the window or stay still
B. drop down onto your hands and knees
C. move under a strong table
D. cover your head and neck with your arms
and hands

3. From the article, we learn the following
EXCEPT _____.
A. we can stop earthquakes happening if we
are well prepared
B. the Japanese learn how to deal with
earthquakes from a very young age
C. all Japanese families have a survival kit in
case of an earthquake
D. Chinese schools don’t have enough safety

Day 2

Students grow their... (P3)
Fill in the table below:
About the Future Farmers of America


What it is It is a 1. ___________ at Northern Middle Schools in the US.
What it does * It 2. ________________ in the school’s
* It gave their first crop of lettuce in
3. _________ to the school cafeteria.
* One recent afternoon, it planted 4. ________
in the greenhouse and outside.
What people think of it members Kiersten Staley:
* It was exciting to
5. ________ the crops.
* She likes the idea of
6. __________.
Abby McAleer:
She 7. _______ horticulture.
teacher Carol Richwine: Students learn to 8._________ and connect with others.

Day 3
New glasses will... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. The first two paragraphs tell us that
A. Google glasses will take the place of TV
B. people don’t like Google glasses
C. Google glasses are a new invention
D. Google is focusing on Google glasses

2. Google glasses can help you do the
following EXCEPT _____.
A. record other people’s activities
B. drive your car
C. find your way when you get lost
D. type an e-mail

3. From the last two paragraphs, we learn
that _____.
A. Google glasses are very popular in the
B. people with Google glasses are not so cool
C. now a pair of Google glasses costs about
2,500 yuan.
D. it’s hard to see that someone is using
Google glasses

4. The article is mainly about _____.
A. what Google glasses can do
B. how to use Google glasses
C. the designer of Google glasses
D. the importance of Google glasses

Day 4

Saving up for his own... (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why didn’t James ask his parents for
A. Because they didn’t love him.
B. Because they didn’t have enough money.
C. Because they lived far away from him.
D. Because they didn’t need a bike.

2. James did the following jobs EXCEPT
A. walking dogs B. clearing out cupboards
C. cooking meals D. mending books

3. How much money did James earn?
A. $24.52 B. $90
C. $94.32 D. $69.80

4. What does the writer want to tell us?
A. We should buy everything we want.
B. We should get what we want through hard
C. Parents shouldn’t give children any
D. We shouldn’t show off new things to poor

Day 5

It was seven o’clock on one morning. The Kelly family were going to Brighton, a town by the sea.
“Can we have breakfast___1__we leave?” asked Gina Kelly.
“No,” said her mother. “We must leave now, or the traffic will be___2__. We’ll have breakfast when we___3__the seaside.”
Gina ran downstairs. “I’m ready,” she said.
The family climbed into the___4__, and Dad started driving. In the front of the car was Mike. He was 11 years old. He didn’t talk but just___5__ music. In the back of the car were Mother, Gina and Ellen. Gina was 9 and Ellen was 3.
Dad drove very fast. “You’re driving too fast,”said Mom. “You don’t have to drive so fast. It’s___6__.”
Dad laughed and drove slowly. There___7__not much traffic, and they reached Brighton at nine o’clock. It was a sunny day, and the sea__8___very blue.
“There’s a cafe,” said Gina. “Can we have breakfast there?”
“Yes,” said Mom. They went into the cafe, and ate a very big breakfast.
“Oh dear, I am full,” said Gina. “___9__can I swim when I’ve got all that food inside me?”
“Easy,” shouted Mike. “Just watch me!” He ran towards the sea, followed by Gina happily.
What a(n)___10__day it was!

1. A. before B. after C. while D. when
2. A. wonderful B. safe C. terrible D. easy
3. A. move on B. leave for C. go to D. get to
4. A. bus B. car C. train D. ship
5. A. heard from B. listened to C. played withD. heard of
6. A. late B. great C. busy D. early
7. A. be B. was C. have D. had
8. A. sounded B. tasted C. looked D. felt
9. A. Where B. How C. Whether D. Why
10. A. exciting B. boring C. useful D. noisy

1. 我讨厌说得多做得少的人。
I hate people who talk a lot but do _______.
2. 在第二次世界大战期间,五千多万人失去了生命。
Over 50 million people ______ their ______ during World War II.
3. 杰克逊喜欢与别人交朋友。
Jackson likes______ ______ with others.
4. 他们正忙着打扫教室。
They were busy ________ the classroom.
5. 上个星期天我们玩得很愉快。
Last Sunday we _______ _______ _______ _______.


【P3】 1. He comes from India.
2. Many people in India have no toilets and have to go in the open.
3. Because he thought it was a waste of space.
4. There are 13 public toilets.
5. great, wonderful, fantastic, excellent…
完形填空1-5 BCBAC  6-10 DABCD
短文填空 1. happens 2. at 3. changed 4. part
5. before 6. win 7. Finally 8. practiced 9. hardly
10. down

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