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425期 初二QUIZ TIME

Goodbye Beckham (P1)
Choose the best answer:
1. When Beckham decided to stop playing soccer, he felt that _____.
A. he didn’t like playing soccer
B. he hated his team
C. he was playing at the top level
D. he was not as popular as before
2. Which of the following is the correct order of Beckham’s soccer career?
A. Manchester United→Real Madrid→AC
Milan→PSG→Los Angeles Galaxy
B. Manchester United→Real Madrid→Los
Angeles Galaxy→AC Milan→PSG
C. Manchester United→AC Milan→Real
Madrid→PSG→Los Angeles Galaxy
D. Manchester United→AC Milan→Los
Angeles Galaxy→Real Madrid→PSG

3. According to the article, which of the following of Beckham is TRUE?
A. He has played soccer for 25 years as a
professional player.
B. He has won league championships in four
different countries.
C. He has played for his country for six
D. He has led his country to win the first
place for 115 times.

4. What does the last paragraph mainly talk about?
A. Why Beckham can play soccer so well.
B. Why Beckham decided to stop playing
C. What influence Beckham has on people.
D. What different people think of him.
Driving her team onward (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. How old are most of McGrath’s teammates?

2. What does a cox do?

3. What does Coach Walthall think of McGrath?

4. Why do they slow down toward the middle?
5. Does McGrath like her role?
Follow your parents’... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. The study shows that _____.
A. Western kids are stronger than those in
B. it’s better for children to eat more
C. it’s better for kids to eat like adults do
D. children’s dishes are not healthy in the
2. Paragraph 4 mentions some bad eating habits EXCEPT _____.
A. eating something on special menus
B. eating snacks during the day
C. missing out breakfast
D. missing out supper
3. Which is NOT healthy food according to the last paragraph?
A. oily seafood B. oily meat
C. vegetables D. fruits
4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. Kids should gain more nutrients than
B. Kids like to learn from their parents.
C. Kids and adults need to eat differently.
D. Kids should eat like their parents.
Rumors spread like the... (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. From Paragraph 1, we learn that _____.
A. the man said something untrue about his
B. the young man stole something from his
C. the man knew his neighbor was a thief
D. the young man was arrested for fighting
with his neighbor
2. On the first day in court, the judge asked the man to _____.
A. write a letter to say sorry to his neighbor
B. throw away small pieces of paper on his
way home
C. make fun of his neighbor
D. pay some money to his neighbor
3. What did the judge want to express with the paper example?
A. One must always carry some paper.
B. Some mistakes can be avoided.
C. Spreading rumors may cause you to end
up in prison.
D. It was hard to make up for the damage
that rumors cause.
Sheepdogs are very important to farmers. Sheepdogs help farmers to find their__1___and bring them back to the farm.
Mike, a farmer from a__2___has a very clever and honest sheepdog__3___Bobby. He has built a little but__4___house for Bobby and he treats the dog___5__a family member. He often says, “Bobby is the best dog in the world. He works hard and__6___my sheep very well.” If the dog house is__7___, Mike knows Bobby must be with his sheep.
Mike__8___with Bobby through whistles (口哨). Bobby can understand many different instructions from those__9___. And Bobby can also__10___himself by barking (狗叫) or doing other actions.
1. A. homes B. dogs
C. neighbors D. sheep
2. A. village B. city
C. park D. bank
3. A. aged B. dressed
C. called D. asked
4. A. comfortable B. expensive
C. dangerous D. terrible
5. A. with B. on
C. of D. as
6. A. looks out B. looks after
C. takes back D. takes away
7. A. full B. clean
C. empty D. dirty
8. A. communicates B. compares
C. catches D. checks
9. A. noises B. talks
C. sounds D. conversations
10. A. explain B. express
C. examine D. excuse
need remember never like water do
another make teach friend good rich
Graduation is coming! Many students are leaving school. What are they taking with them? A lot of things for sure, but the most important thing is friendship.
We asked some teachers to give us the last lesson. The lesson is proverbs (格言) about__1___ . Older people often__2___proverbs to younger people. Every culture has proverbs. They are short and easy to___3__.
There is a German proverb which says, “Friendship is a plant we must__4___.” It means that we need to take care of friends___5__taking care of a garden. “Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.” is___6__proverb from Japan. It means that only___7__friends tell you when you are__8___a mistake.
My grandfather told me, “Nobody is so___9__that he can throw away a friend.” Everyone__10___friends. Be good to them.
Goodbye, friends! Don’t forget us!
【P3】1. Australia
2. March
3. rice, vegetables and chicken
4. immediate family
5. be living at her school
6. a beautiful view of the sea
【P4】1. Arthur Conan Doyle.
2. Because the practice was not going well.
3. Yes, it did.
4. They were both good at observations.
5. 日本动画片《名侦探柯南》的主角就是以他命名的。
完形填空 1-5 BADBC 6-10 ACADB
1. How soon 2. did he
3. whether/if, would
4. Though/Although, never 5. help crying
6. haven’t seen her

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