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Day 1
My crazy story of a stinging tale (P3)
Choose the best answer:

1. What did the writer feel was the most
surprising moment in her life?
A. She was stung by a bee twice.
B. She saw somebody get stung by a wasp.
C. A bee and a wasp stung her at the same
D. She saw a bee and a wasp on the grass

2. The writer’s hand was swollen up
because _____.
A. her hand was cut by a knife
B. the bee stinger didn’t get cleaned
C. She was stung by a wasp a week later
D. there was still a wasp stinger in her hand

3. Who finally helped the writer get out of
the pain?
A. Her teacher.
B. A doctor.
C. Her parents.
D. Her friends.

4. The underlined word “it” in the last
paragraph refers to _____.
A. the experience
B. the bee
C. the pain
D. the sting

Day 2
A thank you goes a long way (P4)

1. It’s great to s_____ your teacher your own thank-you card on Teachers’ Day.

2. Thank-you cards have a long history in Britain. They are t_____ and not just for special days.

3. W_____ the letter X at the end of a thank-you card means you end the message with a kiss.

4. A thank-you card helps you stand out a_____ other people when you find a job.

5. It helps a lot if you t_____ your time to write a thank-you card nowadays.

Day 3
Our baby memories lost forever (P5)
Choose the best answer:

1. The study aims to find out _____.
A. how to remember things clearly at 1 year
B. why we can’t remember things properly
as babies
C. how scientists do studies on human babies
D. what memories human babies usually

2. According to Paragraph 3, “neurogenesis” _____.
A. removes neurons and cells
B. improves our memories
C. goes on in our brain
D. is bad for our brain

3. The tests on mice showed that _____.
A. mice undergoing neurogenesis had better
B. older mice can keep memories better than
young ones
C. the mice brain worked differently from the
human brain
D. young and older mice can remember
things easily

4. What does Paul Frankland think of the
A. Helpful.
B. Surprising.
C. Boring.
D. Worrying.

Day 4
When Allie leaves home (P6)
Answer the following questions:

1. Why is Allie’s room filled with shopping bags,
jeans and sweaters?

2. Is there much communication between Allie
and her mother before her leaving?

3. How does Allie feel just before she leaves
for college, excited or annoyed?
4. What does Allie read to her mother one
5. What does the writer mean by saying “while
also letting go of... say goodbye”?

Day 5

Mr Green was ill and went to the hospital. A doctor looked him 1 . “Well, Mr Green, you are going to 2 some injections (注射), and you’ll feel much better,” he said. “A nurse will come 3 give you the first one this evening, and then you’ll have to get 4 one tomorrow evening.”
In the 5 a young nurse came to Mr Green’s bed and said to him: “I am going to give you your 6 injection now, Mr Green. Where do you want it?”
The old man was 7 . He looked at the nurse for a moment, then he said: “ 8 has ever let me choose that before. Are you really going to let me choose now?”
“Yes, Mr Green,” the nurse answered. “ 9 do you want it?”
“Well, then,” the old man answered with a smile. “I want 10 in your left arm, please.”

1. A. up B. over
C. down D. through
2. A. get B. give
C. make D. hold
3. A. so B. but
C. and D. or
4. A. other B. the same
C. others D. another
5. A. morning B. afternoon
C. night D. evening
6. A. first B. one
C. two D. second
7. A. angry B. surprised
C. happy D. hungry
8. A. Somebody B. Anybody
C. Nobody D. Everybody
9. A. Where B. When
C. How D. Why
10. A. him B. her
C. it D. them



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