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433期 初二Quiz time

Da 1

My cabin break holiday prepares me for exams (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What did my dad want to do for this trip? (no more than 8 words)

2. 翻译划线句子。
My brother is in first grade, so he does not have a voice yet in family things.

3. Does the cabin have the Internet?

4. What surrounded the cabin?

5. What did the writer think of the vacation?

Day 2

Animals show off special skills (P4)
Fill in the table below:


Animal Country Special skills
Ginny, Monty and Porter 1. _____ New Zealand They can
2. __________.




3. _____



* She is trained to help people with disabilities.
* She helps her owner Sullivan who was hurt in an accident to
4. ________________, and even open water bottles.




She can 6. __________ like a horse.







She can stand on the skateboard, and move more than
7. __________ without stopping.




He can 8. __________ to make different tunes.

Day 3
Left-handers linked with creativity (P5)
Choose the best answer:

1. According to the new theory, there are few left-handed people because _____.
A. the right-handed worked together to
compete against the left-handed
B. it was easier if everyone used their right
hand for tools
C. the left-handed are a small group of
cleverer people
D. the left-handed people are always looked
down upon

2. What does Paragraph 3 want to tell us?
A. Left-handed people take up a small part.
B. Famous people are mostly left-handed.
C. Left-handed people tend to have great
D. The right-handed had better use their left
hand more often.

3. From Paragraph 5, we learn that _____.
A. the left side of the brain is used to develop
B. the right side of the brain is used to solve
C. the right-handed use the right side of the
brain more often
D. left-handers use the right and left side of
the brain more evenly

4. The bad news for left-handers is that
A. they like to compete with others too much
B. they only take up 10 percent of the world’s
C. they are only good in these areas: music,
art and writing
D. they are not good at remembering things

Day 4

Every girl has her big day (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. At the beginning, Lisa wanted to lose
weight NOT because it can _____.
A. help her keep fit
B. make her more pretty
C. make her life more relaxing
D. help her play the proud Queen

2. The examples listed in Paragraph 2 want
to show that _____.
A. being fat caused trouble to Lisa’s life
B. it is difficult for a fat girl to buy clothes
C. Lisa was treated differently in school
D. it’s easy for a fat person to feel tired

3. How did people treat Lisa?
A. They liked to make friends with her.
B. They sometimes laughed at her.
C. They enjoyed having dinner with her.
D. They treated her and others in the same

4. Lisa changed herself and made things
different by _____.
A. taking the lead role in the school play
B. getting enough exercise and losing some
C. working even harder and making great
progress in study
D. helping her classmates prepare for the
School Art Week

5. What does the story want to tell us?
A. Inner beauty is more important.
B. Everybody should be treated equally.
C. Everybody has a talent.
D. One should be kind to take others’ advice.

Day 5

Do you like chocolate? ___1___ A box of it can be a great gift. Buy one for a friend and give it as a surprise. See how happy that person gets.
Say you just got a box of chocolates. ___ 2 ___ A man has studied people’s choices. He says they tell something about the person. Did you choose a round piece? You are a person who likes to party. Did you choose an oval (椭圆形的) shape? You are a person who likes to make things. Picking a square shape shows something else. The person is honest and truthful. ___3___ What kind of chocolate do you pick? Maybe you like milk chocolate. This shows you have warm feelings about the past. Dark chocolate means something else. A person who chooses it looks toward the future. What about white chocolate? Would you choose it? ___ 4 ___ Some people like chocolate with nuts (果仁). These are people who like to help others.
Do you believe these ideas? Can candy tell all these things? It doesn’t really matter. There is one sure thing about eaters of chocolate. They eat it because they like it.

A. You can depend on him or her.
B. Maybe most people do.
C. Which piece do you pick first?
D. If so, you may find it hard to make up your
E. Because they are so sweet.

1. _______________
2. _______________
3. _______________
4. _______________

【P2】 1. air pollution 2. plan trips 3. the government 4. fewer car-buyings 5. Close 6. more money. 7. Take buses 8. Eat less
【P3】 1. They built many wooden bridges in their school.
2. ice cream under each bridge
3. Through a computer program.
4. No, it couldn’t.
5. They enjoyed it.

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