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434期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Building an arm with only $33 (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What does the competition ask the
teams to do?

2. What does the Harambee team’s arm
look like?

3. Should an arm correctly throw different
kinds of balls?

4. How heavy is the Harambee team’s

5. What did Ayanna Thompas think of this

Day 2
Confucius turns 2,564 years old (P4)
Fill in the table below:


About Confucius
Birthday On 1. _____________, 551 BC.
In the Kingdom of 2. _________, in today’s Shandong province.



* He was the most famous
3. ________ and philosopher in ancient China.
* People today hold ceremonies to celebrate his birthday.
* People build Confucius Institutes around the world.


Life experience

* He had to work to 4. _________ when he was young.
* He visited many famous teachers and learned many things.
* In his 30s, he started his own
5. ________.

The core values include being
6. _______, kind and respecting the elderly, etc.

Day 3
Smart pill remembers passwords (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. According to the first two paragraphs,
the smart pill can _____.
A. make you remember your passwords
B. help you look through any website
C. help you type on the computer
D. remember all of your passwords

2. According to Paragraph 3, which of the
following is TRUE?
A. A small chip in the pill stores your
B. The pill works by the acid from your
C. Only phones can read the data on the
D. The pill solves all of your problems.

3. Paragraph 4 mainly talks about _____.
A. why people need to type in passwords so
B. how important passwords are
C. what the smart pill can do for people
D. the risk of identity theft

4. The underlined word “approve” in the
last paragraph means “_____”.
A. 批准 B. 反对
C. 生产 D. 销售

Day 4


safe nine relax have clean
change build tall drink ill

1. On weekends, students should help their parents do some _____ at home.
2. Our new term usually begins in September. It’s the _____ month of the year.
3. The girl _____ a piano lesson once a week.
4. Henry’s sister is 2 years younger than him, but she is as _____ as him.
5. Why not _____ a glass of milk before going to bed every night?
6. He can’t come to your birthday party because of his _____.
7. Developers are now planning _____ a new hotel in the city.
8. I felt _____ after reading the funny story.
9. I don’t like the story. I want to _____ it.
10. On April 5, the State Council published new rules about school bus _____.

Day 5
If you travel to some towns in Thailand,
you’ll be lucky enough to be served by guides – monkeys. The monkeys are always ready to help you. When you are ____1____ , you only have to point at your own stomach and they will show you to a restaurant. ____2 ____ you are tired, put your hands behind your head and the monkeys will take you to a ____3____. Don’t feel ____4____ when they put their hands in front of you after they have
____5____ you. They just hope you can give them a little money as a tip. After you have given them the money, they’ll wave their hands to say ____6____.
Believe it or not, these monkeys are graduates from the School for Monkeys in Thailand, where they were ____ 7 ____ for one year. These monkey ____ 8____ are not the only ones in the world. Some are now being trained as ____ 9____ at an American medical college. These monkeys are expected to ____10____ patients in hospital after they graduate from school.

1. A. thirsty B. full
C. hungry D. sad
2. A. Because B. If
C. Though D. Before
3. A. restaurant B. hospital
C. school D. hotel
4. A. surprised B. lonely
C. glad D. worried
5. A. helped B. fed
C. caught D. watched
6. A. wish B. luck
C. good-bye D. hello
7. A. told B. trained
C. closed D. learned
8. A. students B. teachers
C. doctors D. kings
9. A. animals B. soldiers
C. guides D. nurses
10. A. look for B. look after
C. look at D. take care

【P3】1. Go out into the nature and go fishing.
2. 我弟弟读一年级,所以,在家庭事务上,他还没有发言权。3. No, it doesn’t. 4. Many mountains. 5. Relaxing.
【P4】 1. dogs 2. drive a car 3. monkey 4. wash his face, reach things 5. Germany 6. jump over hurdles 7. 30 meters 8. play the horns
6版日积月累:1-5 BCADC 6-10 DABAD

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