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435期 初二Quiz time

Day 1

Creating a hand-powered...(P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. Which of the following about Makosinski
is TRUE?
A. She is from Britain.
B. Her hands are special.
C. She made a great invention.
D. She won first place in a physics

2. What made Makosinski think of her
A. Her interest in human energy.
B. Her hope of inventing something.
C. A kind of tile that can produce electricity.
D. Her old flashlight.

3. These tiles can produce electricity when
A. they are not hollow on the inside
B. they are put inside of the flashlight
C. they heat up on both sides
D. one side is heated and the other is cooled

4. According to the article, we learn that
A. the tiles made enough voltage for a
B. Makosinski tried hard to solve the
problem she faced
C. her family helped her make a circuit
D. she got a patent for her flashlight

Day 2

Britain’s food culture... (P4)
Answer the following questions:
1. Why can many Britons remember what they ate for lunch?

2. What do Britons think of their sandwiches?

3. What is the main characteristic (特征) of an English breakfast?

4. Is lunch the biggest meal of the day for Britons?

5. What is the most famous British meal?

6. Why are British people proud of their food culture?

Day 3

How to care for stray... (P5)
Fill in the table below:


About stray animals
Conditions (状况) No home, no food.

1. There are _________ stray and unwanted dogs in the world and a similar number of stray and unwanted 2. ______.
Caused by the main reason: 3. ___________

Ways to help them

In the UK and US:
SPCA helps animals find
4. _________, offers medical services and provides a 5. ________ hotline.
In Germany:
* There are lots of 6. ______ for animal protection.
* The government encourages people to adopt pets.
* When you find a stray animal,
7. _________ for help.
* If you catch a stray animal, it’s better to send it to an 8. ________.
* Treat your pet carefully and gently.

Day 4

Holding my head up high (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. What happened to the writer when she
was 15 months old?
A. She was blind in both eyes.
B. She tried to catch a rabbit and broke her
C. She had an eye disease and went to see
the doctor.
D. She fell down on some glass and injured
one eye.

2. People were _____ to the writer when
she was young.
A. unfriendly B. kind
C. helpful D. polite

3. Which of the following about the writer
is TRUE?
A. She could understand her mother’s words
when she was a child.
B. She always held her head up high when
she was a teenager.
C. She was confident both in class and
outside of high school.
D. Her mom gave her confidence and she
could look other people in the eye.

4. What does the writer want to tell us?
A. We should repay our parents’ great love.
B. Learn to accept and appreciate yourself.
C. Feel sorry about your disadvantages.
D. One should always have deep love for

Day 5

Marc sat next to me when we were in Hill Junior School. He had a serious _1_ communicating with people. One always had to guess what he was saying. _2_ , most of my classmates did not like to be with him because his hands and shirts were always _3_ . I tried to let him know the importance of being clean by _4_ him several times a day to wash his hands. _5_ he just could not understand.
One day, our teacher Miss West walked up to Marc. _6_ saying anything, she took Marc to the washroom. Slowly, Miss West washed his
_7_ and told him that he should keep himself clean. She did that every day for one month.
_8_ , Marc understood.
Miss West’s love has given me a good example to follow when I am doing my job. I always remember to teach my students by showing them the right _9_ to do things. And most important of all, I always remember to give them _10_ to learn and grow up.

1. A. question B. problem
C. accident D. hobby
2. A. Instead B. However
C. Besides D. Then
3. A. dirty B. clean
C. new D. old
4. A. showing B. giving
C. buying D. telling
5. A. Because B. But
C. Though D. So
6. A. With B. Without
C. After D. Before
7. A. face B. feet
C. shirts D. hands
8. A. At last B. At first
C. Such as D. So far
9. A. way B. answers
C. time D. chance
10. A. more advice B. less advice
C. more time D. less time


【P3】1. To build a working arm with less than $40.
2. It had only two fingers that were made out of oak.
3. Yes, it should.
4. 5.7 pounds.
5. It helped students understand science.
【P4】1. Sept 28 2. Lu 3. teacher 4. help his mother 5. school 6. faithful
选词填空:1. cleaning 2. ninth 3. has 4. tall
5. drink 6. illness 7. to build 8. relaxed
9. change 10. safety
Cloze:1-5 CBDAA 6-10. CBADB

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