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436期 初二Quiz time

Day 1

Homecoming parade... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. According to Paragraphs 1-3, we learn the following EXCEPT _____.
A. students usually wear beautiful or formal clothes at homecoming
B. homecoming is an American tradition with over 100 years of history
C. homecoming aims to welcome the former successful students
D. a parade, a football game and a school dance are often held at homecoming

2. At the Schoolcraft High School, homecoming _____.
A. lasts for several weeks
B. is completely different from the tradition
C. asks students to take part in sports activities
D. is very popular with students

3. According to the article, we learn that _____.
A. Sidney Haverdink didn’t like the pie-eating
B. Sidney Haverdink was proud of her school
C. Kari Feddema will not come back to school for homecoming
D. Kari Feddema doesn’t like her school life now

Day 2

Love learning with... (P4)
Answer the following questions:
1. How do students usually study every day according to the story?

2. What is digital learning?

3. List three kinds of important digital learning mentioned in the story.

4. What are the advantages of digital

5. What is the problem of digital learning?

6. How can you solve the problem of digital learning?

Day 3

Extra sleep improves... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. The research shows that taking afternoon naps _____.
A. helps children learn English better
B. improves children’s brainpower
C. helps kids remember much more English words
D. helps younger kids a lot more than older kids

2. According to the study, when children napped, _____.
A. they forgot what they learned during that day
B. their brain stopped working
C. brain activity for memory and learning grew
D. they remembered the information they learned before

3. Why are daytime naps important for young children?
A. Because they get lots of information and need more rest.
B. Because their brain hasn’t developed well.
C. Because they often study into the night.
D. Because they forget things easily.

4. Which of the following agrees with Dr Robert Scott-Jupp?
A. They have no evidence to prove the importance of naps for children.
B. It’s also important for older children and adults to take naps during the day.
C. Daytime sleep should be very short for an adult.
D. A daytime sleep is much more useful thana nighttime sleep for an adult.

Day 4

Life mirrors our smiles (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why was the first dog surprised when
he entered the house?
A. Because he didn’t know there were 1,000 mirrors.
B. Because he found that dogs there looked sad.
C. Because he felt strange about everything.
D. Because he saw so many happy dogs smiling at him.

2. The first dog decided to visit the house
again because _____.
A. he liked the mirrors there
B. he made many friends
C. he felt he was welcome
D. he learned a lot there

3. How was the second dog feeling when
he visited the house?
A. Excited.B. Nervous.
C. Angry. D. Unhappy.

4. The underlined word “growl” in
Paragraph 3 probably means “_____”.
A. shout B. smile C. look D. run

5. What does the story want to tell us?
A. Mirrors can tell whether you are happy or not.
B. If you show life a smile, life will smile back.
C. Everyone in the world should be nice to each other.
D. Happy people are more popular than unhappy ones.

Day 5

One famous artist Sheikh went back to his hometown. He hadn’t seen one of his friends for many years, who was a _1_ man. When Sheikh asked about him, he was told that the man was rich now. Sheikh _2_ to pay his friend a visit.
While talking with his friend, Sheikh asked him the _3_ for the change in his situation. The man said that he had been so poor that he was forced to _4_ some properties (财产) that belonged to him, like furniture (家具). Then he had collected enough money to start a _5_ .
As he was on his way back to his house with the money, he saw a poor lady _6_ by the road. The man asked the lady the reason, and she explained that her husband died and her children were _7_ .
Hearing this, the man felt pity for her. He thought that she needed the money more than himself. He then gave all the money to her. He returned home and spent the night sad and _8_ for his own family.
The next morning, surprisingly, he was asked to come to the house of a rich man. The rich man said that he had 6,000 bags of rice that he wanted to sell quickly, and the man could buy it at a _9_ price. The poor man did so and sold the rice _10_ . Several days later, he took some more bags, and in this way he was able to make much more money. Soon he became rich.
1. A. poor B. rich
C. silly D. lazy
2. A. refused B. forgot
C. allowed D. decided
3. A. reason B. message
C. time D. plan
4. A. sell B. make
C. keep D. find
5. A. travel B. business
C. family D. lesson
6. A. walking B. crying
C. lying D. standing
7. A. dangerous B. crazy
C. hungry D. angry
8. A. pleased B. worried
C. disappointed D. excited
9. A. fair B. high
C. right D. low
10. A. finally B. slowly
C. hardly D. quickly


【P4】1. Because they nearly ate the same meal every day. 2. They are easy to prepare and simple to eat. 3. It is fried. 4. No, it isn’t. 5. Fish and chips. 6. Because Britain’s eating habits are served by tradition.
【P5】1. 500 million 2. cats 3. abandonment
4. new homes 5. 24-hour 6. laws 7. call the police 8. animal shelter
Cloze:1-5 BCADB 6-10 BDAAC

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