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438期 初二Quiz time

Day 1

Healthy or tasty? (P2)
Choose the best answer:


School lunch in Nanjing for primary and middle school students
Before The most popular dish:
1. _________________


Since November

* Dishes: one or two 2. _________, two vegetable dishes and a 3. __________
* Staple food (主食): 4. _______ added with other grains
* Fish 5. _____________.
* There are 6. ________ menus for junior schools to choose from.
* There won’t be any deep-fried food and 7. ________. Students will get low-fat, low-salt food, water, milk and fruits.



* Lu Lifei, a student: If the new meals taste bad, he still doesn’t want them.
* Ren Xiaoming, an official: The menus help students get needed nutrition, and help picky eaters build up
8. ___________________.

Day 2

Is speaking slang cool in school? (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. The slang word “ain’t” can be used for
the following EXCEPT _____.
A. am not
B. do not
C. is not
D. have not

2. People think slang is incorrect because
A. it is an old type of language
B. some schools have stopped using it
C. very few people speak it
D. it has not changed over time

3. What does Paragraph 4 mainly tell us?
A. Why the young like to use slang words.
B. How to express yourself with slang words.
C. Popular slang words among young people.
D. Whether it’s good to use slang words.

4. Which of the following agrees with the
A. Students express themselves better
without slang words.
B. It’s wrong to ban slang words in school.
C. It’s easier to find jobs without using
slang words.
D. It’s uncertain whether the ban is good
or bad.

Day 3

Scare others with a DIY costume (P5)
Answer the following questions
1. When do Western people usually
celebrate Halloween?

2. What kind of festival is Halloween?

3. Why do people wear costumes on

4. How do children play “trick or treat” on
the night of Halloween?

5. What is the most popular Halloween
costume among children?

6. What do children do in order to save
money on Halloween costumes?

Day 4

Secret of happiness (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. The wise man gave the boy a task in order to ______.
A. see if the boy was careful enough
B. show him how to observe the marvels
C. teach him what the secret of happiness is
D. make him learn from his mistakes

2. Which of the following is TRUE according to the story?
A. The wise man showed the boy around the palace.
B. The boy took no notice of the view the first time.
C. The wise man was happy with the boy the second time.
D. The boy finished the wise man’s task perfectly at last.

3. “The drops of oil on the spoon” probably refers to _____.
A. the beauty of nature
B. the money a person has
C. the chances in our life
D. the duty every person has to take on

Day 5

Nowadays more and more Chinese teenagers find life more difficult without their parents. They don’t know how to do _1 _ because their parents do almost _2_ for them at home. This is a big problem.
Joy is 14 years old. One day her parents went away _ 3 _ business, so she had to stay at home alone. At first she thought she would be happy
_4_ her parents were not in. She could do everything _5 _ she liked. But it was six o’clock in the afternoon, she felt _6_ . “Oh, it’s time to have supper. Where can I get my food?” she said to herself. Later she found some food in the fridge, but she didn’t know how to _ 7_ . At that moment, she missed her _8 _ very much. In the end, she could only go to the _9_ to buy some food to eat.
Many teenagers are the same as Joy. So I think they should learn some basic life skills, like cooking, tidying up their rooms or dressing
_10 _ properly. They shouldn’t depend too much on their parents.

1. A. homework B. shopping
C. business D. housework
2. A. nothing B. anything
C. everything D. something
3. A. in B. at
C. on D. with
4. A. so B. because
C. but D. until
5. A. that B. who
C. where D. when
6. A. hungry B. full
C. excited D. bored
7. A. eat B. cook
C. wash D. cut
8. A. classmates B. friends
C. teachers D. parents
9. A. hospital B. supermarket
C. school D. park
10. A. himsel B. yourselves
C. themselves D. ourselves

【P4】1. To mark soccer’s 150th birthday.
2. Soccer has its roots in 16th century playgrounds in England.
3. To decide one set of soccer rules for the whole country.
4. Soccer has great influence in England.
5. They sing their club’s anthem with passion.
【P5】 BDC
Cloze: 1-5 BCDAA 6-10 BCDAB

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