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Day 1

Future oceanauts (P2)
Fill in the table below:


Oceanauts’ selection for Jiaolong
About Jiaolong * It’s China’s 1. _______ manned deep-diving submersible.
* It reached 2. _______ meters under the sea in June last year.
Oceanauts needed * four men and two women
Selection process
* About 3. _______ people were chosen from over 200 for tests.
* Knowledge exams, physical tests and psychological tests: Only 4. _______ people passed.
* A 5. _______ trip on the sea:
6. _______ people were seasick.
* Claustrophobia test: Candidates should stay for 7. _______ in a tiny, dark room. They can’t bring anything with them, and can’t sleep either.
* Result: 8. _______ candidates passed all the tests.
* Final results: Six oceanauts will be chosen later this month after passing more medical, mental and knowledge tests.

Day 2

Students set to slove... (P3)
Answer the following questions:

1. What unusual thing are 14 students at Bridgeport Middle School doing?

2. Who will carry out the plan?

3. 翻译文中划线句子。
We want to make traffic flow faster so that kids can get in and out of here faster and safer.

4. What is the students’ early work?

5. What did Halle Holbrook learn from the

Day 3

Finding the right healthy... (P5)
Choose the best answer:

1. Having a healthy diet includes the following EXCEPT _____.
A. eat less trans fats
B. avoid eating too much
C. have vegetables every day
D. eat more biscuits and cakes

2. Being close to nature can _____.
A. stop you from getting ill
B. help you reduce pressure
C. help you study better
D. make you interested in animals

3. From Paragraph 6, we learn that _____.
A. limiting online time is the best way to keep
B. spending much time playing online is a good
way to relax
C. using computers or mobile phones too often
is bad for our health
D. having a healthy lifestyle means no
computers or mobile phones

4. Which is the right way to create a healthy
A. Keep a healthy diet several days a
B. Make changes as quickly as possible.
C. Try to get rewards from life every day.
D. Take your time and try to make changes
each day.

5. What is the article mainly about?
A. How to feel good every day.
B. How to keep a healthy lifestyle.
C. What makes a person unhealthy.
D. What a healthy diet is.

Day 4

Wish you enough (P6)
Choose the best answer:

1. What did the mother mean by saying it was a “forever goodbye”?
A. She would never part from her daughter.
B. The goodbye would last forever in their hearts.
C. Her daughter had never said goodbye to her before.
D. She would be unable to see her daughter again before her death.

2. Which of the following about “I wish you enough” is TRUE?
A. It is a secret wish shared by the mother and
the daughter.
B. The mother couldn’t remember the details.
C. It is a wish said by different generations of
family members.
D. It is only used by parents to show their love
for their children.

3. What is the article mainly about?
A. How to see somebody off at the airport.
B. How to start a talk with a stranger.
C. How to express love for children.
D. How the writer got to know “I wish you enough”.

Day 5


Mr and Mrs Harris had always spent their summer holidays in a small hotel at the seaside near their hometown. One year however, Mr Harris made a lot of _1_ in his business. _ 2 _ they decided to go to a foreign country and stay at a really good _ 3_ .
They flew to Rome (罗马), and _4_ at a 5-star hotel late in the evening. They thought they would have to go to bed hungry, because in that
_5_ hotel where they had been used to staying, no meals were served (供应) _6_ seven in the evening. They were _7_ to be told that the hotel served dinner until ten.
“Then what are the times _8 _ meals?” asked Mrs Harris.
“Well, madam, we serve breakfast from seven to eleven, lunch from twelve to three, _9_ from four to five, and dinner from six to ten.”
“But that hardly _10_ any time for us to see the city!” said Mrs Harris.

1. A. mistakes B. time
C. friends D. money
2. A. But B. So
C. Though D. Yet
3. A. hotel B. place
C. city D. restaurant
4. A. stayed B. got
C. arrived D. reached
5. A. small B. big
C. foreign D. good
6. A. on B. after
C. during D. until
7. A. tired B. interested
C. surprised D. worried
8. A. with B. on
C. at D. of
9. A. drink B. tea
C. beer D. food
10. A. takes B. keeps
C. has D. leaves


1. bike 2. electricity 3. turning 4. 25
5. license 6. take a seat 7. moving 8. speed

1. letter 2. wrote 3. excited 4. off
5. heavy 6. ground 7. ran 8. laughed

Cloze: 1-5 BCDCB
6-10 ACDCA

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