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441期 初二Quiz time

Day 1

Avoiding trans fats (P2)
Answer the following questions:
1. How do people make trans fats?
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

2. What effects do trans fats have on food?
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

3. What does research find about trans fats?
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

4. Translate the underlined sentence.
It is mainly because Chinese diets have
much fewer trans fats than those in the
West, said food safety experts.
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

5. List some food with trans fats we may often eat.
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

6. According to the World Health Organization, how much trans fat is safe for a grown-up?
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

Day 2

Making sense of how... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. The man in the square was _____.
A. teaching people how to give a speech
B. calling on people to protect the
C. giving a singing show in public
D. criticizing the US government

2. What does the underlined word
“hypocrite” in Paragraph 4 mean?
A. 会唱歌的人
C. 虚伪的人
D. 爱护环境的人

3. From Paragraph 6, we learn that _____.
A. many US people like to laugh at others
B. many US people are friendly and
C. the US people get angry at others easily
D. the writer doesn’t like the way the US
people speak

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. Differences between the Chinese and the
US people.
B. In what way the US people speak in public.
C. How to get used to life in the US.
D. A Chinese girl’s culture shock experience in
the US.

Day 3

Balloon ride to the edge... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What will the World View use to fly
people to space?
A. Rockets.
B. Spaceships.
C. Helium balloons.
D. Planes.

2. According to Paragraph 3, which of the
following is TRUE?
A. The CEO wants to satisfy people’s wish to
be astronauts.
B. People will spend two hours on the trip.
C. There is no gravity during the trip.
D. Tourists will get to the edge of space to
enjoy the sights.

3. From the last paragraph, we learn that
A. World View works better than Virgin
B. World View is much cheaper than other
space travel
C. people can try the space travel next year
D. you can only enjoy the space travel at

Day 4

Balance work with family (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. At first, the father took evening classes in the hope of ______.
A. making more money to support his family
B. setting a good example for his children
C. buying a large house for his family
D. getting the position of manager

2. The father did everything he had aimed to do EXCEPT ______.
A. finding a well-paid job
B. becoming a senior official
C. buying good things for the family
D. enjoying time with his family

3. What does the story want to tell us?
A. People should always keep their promises
to their families.
B. People can realize their dreams in the end
if they work hard.
C. It’s not wise for people to work hard for a
well-paid job.
D. It’s not wise to achieve success at the cost
of family and health.

Day 5


Tang Ling often smoked cigarettes (香烟) in his school’s bathroom. He started smoking
_1_ the age of 14. One day he learned that the NBA star Yao Ming, an ambassador (大使) to the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control (中国控烟协会), asked people not to smoke. Yao Ming was Tang’s favorite star, _ 2 _ his words meant a lot to him. He decided to _ 3 _ up smoking.
According to the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, about 350 million Chinese smoke. Among _ 4_ , 50 million are teenagers. Sun Jiangping of Peking University said:
“Teenagers can get cigarettes _5 _ , especially when their parents smoke or shops _ 6_ cigarettes to them. It’s very important _7 _ parents to help their children stop smoking.”
A 15-year-old boy named Li Kun from Beijing said his _8_ didn’t smoke. Because they thought smoking could make people feel very ill, they only allowed him to play with friends who didn’t smoke. Living in such a good family helped Li say _ 9_ to cigarettes. Some of his smoking classmates once told Li that smoking made boys look _10_ , but Li disagreed. He said: “Smoking is unhealthy and it’s not cool at all. Please stop smoking now!”

1. ___________ 2. ___________
3. ___________ 4. ___________
5. ___________ 6. ___________
7. ___________ 8. ___________
9. ___________ 10. ___________


【P2】1. first 2. 7,062 3. 130 4. 20
5. four-hour 6. Six 7. one hour 8. 10
【P3】 1. They are taking part in a state problem solving competition to solve traffic flow problem.
2. The students.
3. 我们想让交通更通畅,这样,孩子们进出这儿会更快更安全。
4. Collecting data.
5. There is always a way to do something.
【P6】 DCD
Cloze: 1-5 DBACA 6-10 BCDBD

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