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443期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Driving down PM2.5 (P2)
Fill in the table below:


About green cars

Pure electric cars, hybrid electric cars and fuel cell cars.



* Use 1. ___________, or no gas at all.
* Produce much less
2. ___________.



* It takes 3. _________ to charge an electric car, but this only allows the car to drive 4. _______.
* You have to drive them to
5. ________________ to charge the car. There are not enough such stations around.


Sales condition

In 2008, nearly 6. _________ new energy cars were sold and 80 percent of them were
7. ________.


New policy

8. ______ cities and regions will promote the use of green cars from 2013 to 2015. People who buy new energy cars will get back
9. _________.

Someone’s opinion
Wan Gang, minister of Science and Technology: His colleagues like to take 10. _________ because it can help reduce PM2.5 emissions.

Day 2
Girl tells elephants to go home (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What happened to the Indian city of
Rourkela in June?

2. How did the elephants act in the
stadium area?

3. Who did the forest officials ask for help?

4. What did Toppo say to the elephants?

5. Did Toppo drive the elephants back to
the forest?

6. According to Toppo, how did she drive
the elephants back to the forest?

7. What do others think of Toppo’s ability
to talk to elephants?

Day 3
Our fear of dentist explained (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What do scientists in Japan find?
A. Why people have bad teeth.
B. How to find a good dentist.
C. Why people are scared of dentists.
D. How to keep away from the drilling sound.

2. The volunteers were divided into two
groups according to _____.
A. how old they were
B. how many bad teeth they had
C. how strongly they responded to sounds
D. how much they feared visiting the dentist

3. From the test, we learn that _____.
A. the patients were only played dental
drilling sounds
B. parts of the anxious patients’ brain
responded strongly to drilling sounds
C. anxious patients were good at learning and
remembering sounds
D. non-anxious patients didn’t experience
pain during drilling sounds

4. The last two paragraphs tell us the
following EXCEPT _____.
A. ask someone to go with you the first time
you see a dentist
B. try to be relaxed while you are sitting in
the dentist’s chair
C. don’t eat sugary fruit and drink soda
D. brush you teeth at least twice a day

Day 4
Always read the full story (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. In the young couple’s eyes, the young
woman was _____.
A. lovely B. strange C. friendly D. honest

2. Why did the mother still smile after the
young couple “offended” her?
A. Because she knew the couple did it all out
of kindness.
B. Because she felt helpless and could do
nothing but smile.
C. Because she was really happy with her
daughter’s treatment.
D. Because she didn’t think there was
anything wrong with her daughter.

3. What can we learn from the passage?
A. We should treat blind people with pity and
in a kind way.
B. We should speak our mind or opinion in a
less straight way.
C. We have no idea about a person until we
really see the truth.
D. We have to look beyond the surface to
really understand a person.

Day 5
It was my first day in Grade 6. And the first lesson was__1__English. When I was doing nothing, Mr Gough, our new English teacher,
__2__into the classroom.
To my surprise, he held up a book, The Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe, and asked if anyone had read it. I put my hand up__3__Poe was my favorite writer. Mr Gough asked if I really understood __4__the author was trying to say in his book. My reply made him smile, and he asked me to__5__an essay on that subject.
After that, English classes became a new interest for me. Mr Gough thought that students had to__6__ a play to understand it.
“Don’t just read it,” he said.
As time passed, we developed a real friendship. He encouraged me to be a(n)__7__in the future. When I left school, he said to me:
“You have a gift (天赋) for writing, Tony, and one day you’ll come to realize how__8__it is. Make use of it if you want your life to be complete.”
Years have__9__. Now, every time I sit down to write__10__, I think of Mr Gough. He was more than just an English teacher, because he also taught me useful lessons in life.

1. A. boring B. useful
C. interesting D. exciting
2. A. walks B. walked
C. was walking D. is walking
3. A. unless B. though
C. until D. because
4. A. if B. when
C. what D. how
5. A. read B. copy
C. write D. learn
6. A. work out B. act out
C. put out D. come out
7. A. teacher B. actor
C. waiter D. writer
8. A. useful B. beautiful
C. careful D. thankful
9. A. gone B. come
C. passed D. changed
10. A. anything new B. something new
C. new anything D. new something

【P2】 1. No, he doesn’t.
2. Couples can have two children if at least one of them is an only child.
3. In the 1970s.
4. (1) The country now faces a labor shortage. (2) Young people feel stressed to support their elderly family members.
5. They can support each other and take turns to look after their mom and dad.
【P4】 BCB
短文填空: 1. comes 2. hold 3. necessary
4. parents’ 5. housework 6. well 7. nothing
8. how

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