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444期 初二Quiz time

Day 1

Shoot for the moon (P2)
Fill in the table below:

Chang’e-3 lunar probe
Launch time
On 1. __________.
Landing time In mid-December.




How to land on the moon

A 2. _______ sent the probe up into space.
With the power of 3. ________, the probe will fly close to the moon.Then it will land on the moon.
After landing on the moon, Yutu, China’s first 4._______,will start work.
About Yutu: * It is about 1.5 meters long and 5. ______ meters tall.
* It travels at 6. _______ meters an hour.
* It has 7. ________ as its “eyes”, and “arms” to pick up things.
* In 8. _________ months, Yutu will examine soil and rock on the moon, and take 3-D pictures.

Meanings of the studies
* China is expected to be the third country to soft-land on the moon after
9. ________ and the former Soviet Union.
* China will explore many 10. __________ on the moon.
* The moon is the starting point of China’s deep space exploration. The next stop will be Mars.

Day 2

America’s lesson in... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. What happened to the writer when she
wanted to go to her hotel?
A. She lost her way to the hotel.
B. She helped a lady find her hotel.
C. Her map went missing.
D. Some strangers stopped her.

2. The writer and the lady’s story shows
that _____.
A. Americans are friendly to foreigners
B. Americans are easy to get along with
C. Americans have a good sense of direction
D. Americans are often ready to help others

3. The underlined phrase “give sb a hand”
means _____.
A. care for sb
B. fight with sb
C. offer help to sb
D. make friends with sb

4. What does the writer want to tell us
with her teacher’s experience?
A. Don’t believe strangers in China.
B. Don’t buy food at a stall in the street.
C. Chinese people easily get hurt by others.
D. Chinese people usually don’t trust

5. From the passage, we learn that we
should _____.
A. learn from what Americans do
B. give more love and trust to strangers
C. not trust someone we don’t know
D. open our eyes and see things clearly

Day 3

Ugly duckling’s big... (P4)
Answer the following questions:
1. Why is the young bird laughed at by all the ducks?

2. What does the young bird do after being laughed at?

3. What does the young bird become at last?

4. What can we learn from the story?
(1) ___________________________________
(2) ___________________________________

5. 翻译文中最后一句话。
Today, we use the phrase “ugly duckling” as a metaphor (比喻) to describe something poor or bad that grows into something successful or beautiful.

Day 4

Bring your body clock... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What do people with delayed sleep
phase disorder have in common?
A. They usually go to bed late but get up on
B. They often fall asleep and wake up at the
same time.
C. They have difficulty falling asleep and
waking up.
D. They get used to sleeping earlier and
waking up on time.

2. Teenagers with a slower body clock
A. feel sleepy in class
B. feel excited all day long
C. don’t want to go to school
D. don’t have a 24-hour body clock

3. The following can help bring your body
clock back up to speed EXCEPT _____.
A. get sunlight as early as you can in the
B. get light as much as you can during the
C. relax yourself before going to sleep in the
D. avoid the Internet and television before

Day 5


who happen bad about well
wrong what old him cut

Jack went to a barber shop (理发店) and had his hair cut. When he came out, he was not happy _1_ the result. When his friend Bob saw him, he laughed and said: “What has _2_ to your hair, Jack?”
“I tried a new barber shop today, because I wasn’t quite satisfied (满意) with my _ 3_ one,” Jack said. “But this one seems even _4_ .”
“Yes, I think you’re right, Jack,” Bob agreed. “Now I’ll tell you _5_ to do when you go into a barber shop next time: look at all the barbers’ hair, find out _6_ hair looks worst, and then go straight to him.”
“Why shall I go to him?” Jack asked. “That would be foolish!”
“Oh, no, it wouldn’t,” answered Bob. “Who
_7 _ that man’s hair? Just think. He couldn’t cut it _ 8_ , could he? Another of the barbers cut it. So you know he can’t be the worst barber.”


【P2】 1. less gas 2. air pollution 3. one and a half hours 4. 200km 5. a special station
6. 28,000 7. buses 8. 28 9. some money
10. electric cars
【P3】 1. 11 wild elephants charged into the city from a nearby forest. 2. The elephants became violent and started to damage the stadium area. 3. Nirmala Toppo. 4. This was not your home. You should return where you belong.
5. Yes, she did. 6. She said she learned how to talk to elephants after a herd of them killed her mother. 7. They thought tribal people have lived with wild animals for so many years, they know how to deal with them.
【P5】 CDBC 【P6】 BCD
Cloze: 1-5 ABDCC 6-10 BDACB
日积月累:1-5 ADBCA 6-10 BDCCD

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