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445期 初二Quiz time

Day 1

Your top role model (P2)
Fill in the table below:

Surveys on teenagers' role models




In Hong Kong

Voters: 1. ___________ aged between 6-18.
Results (role model list):
No 1: 2. _________, actor and singer
No 2: Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder
No 3: 3. “__________”
No 4: Steve Jobs, late Apple CEO
No 5: 4. “__________”
* All of the role models work hard in fields they love.
* About 5. _______ percent of children said they want to work hard to become like Andy Lau.


In New Zealand

Voters: young people aged between 13-18.
* Young people admire famous people with smart brains, 6. _______, determination and 7._______ .
* Fame is not the deciding factor when they choose a role model.
Both of the surveys found that 8. ________ are among the biggest influencers in teenagers' lives.

Day 2

Record-breaking run for... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What world record did Vinecki make on Nov 11?

2. How long did the world record take Vinecki to achieve?

3. What did Vinecki realize when watching her father deal with cancer?

4. What is Vinecki’s group Team Winter for?

5. Did Vinecki meet any difficulties during running?

6. What was the most important thing Vinecki learned from racing in Antarctica?

Day 3

Why do you look good... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. If you want to look better, the scientists
suggest _____.
A. getting a nice hairstyle
B. wearing fashionable clothes
D. staying among a group of people
D. being a cheerleader

2. Which of the following about the
experiments is TRUE?
A. Scientists did five experiments with over
130 people.
B. Women got higher attractiveness ratings
than men.
C. People in groups looked more attractive
than those alone.
D. The people in the photos tested in the
experiments are not good-looking.

3. How does the “cheerleader effect”
explain why pop boy bands and girl
groups seem attractive?
A. There are usually a great number in the
B. People usually don’t notice the flaws of
each face.
C. Most of them hardly have any flaws.
D. They are handsome boys and beautiful

4. From the last paragraph, we learn that
A. the cheerleader effect is a good excuse to
B. being happy may make people look
C. one cannot live without others
D. a good figure is not important for looking

Day 4

Know where to make an... (P6)
Finish the following tasks:
1. From paragraphs 2-3, we learn that the
old man was _____.
A. experienced B. talented
C. cold D. smart

2. He examined the engine very carefully,
from top to bottom.

3. Write down how the old man fixed the
a. First, he carefully ____________________.
b. Then, he ____________________ from his
bag of tools.
c. Next, he ____________________ on the
d. Finally, the ship was fixed.

4. The owners felt very _____ when they
received the old man’s bill.

5. Translate the last sentence of the story.
Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort in your life makes all the difference.

Day 5

When Mr Smith retired (退休), he bought a small _1_ in a village near the sea. He _2_ it and hoped to live a quiet life in this house.
But to his great surprise, many tourists came to see his house in the summer holidays, for it was the most _3_ building in the village. From morning to night there were _4 _ outside his house. They kept looking into the rooms _5_ the windows and many of them even went into Mr Smith’s garden. This was too much for Mr Smith. He decided to ask the visitors to _6_ . So he put a _7_ on the window. The notice said:
“If you want to satisfy (满足) your curiosity (好奇心), come in and look round. Price: $20”.
Mr Smith was sure that the visitors would
_8_ coming, but he was wrong. More and more visitors came and Mr Smith had to _9_ every day showing them around his house. “I came here to retire, not to work as a guide (导游),”he said _10_ . In the end, he sold the house and moved away.

1.A. garden B. shop
C. house D. school
2. A. liked B. hated
C. sold D. built
3. A. big B. interesting
C. small D. clean
4. A. children B. students
C. parents D. tourists
5. A. with B. across
C. through D. between
6. A. come B. leave
C. stay D. play
7. A. notice B. photo
C. newspaper D. picture
8. A. keep B. stop
C. continue D. forget
9. A. take B. cost
C. spend D. pay
10. A. nervously B. politely
C. seriously D. angrily


【P2】 1. Dec 2 2. rocket 3. the sun 4. moon rover 5. 1.1 6. 200 7. cameras 8. three
9. the US 10. natural resources
【P4】 1. Because he is ugly.
2. He begins a journey of self-discovery.
3. A beautiful swan.
4. (1) Inner beauty makes a person special.
(2) One should think of other people’s feelings.
5. 现在,我们常用“丑小鸭”来比喻获得成功或者变得美好的平凡小人物。
【P5】 CAB
选词填空: 1. about 2. happened 3. old 4. worse 5. what 6. whose 7. cut 8. himself

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