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447期 初二Quiz time

Learning survival skills in the wild (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. Why did Maypearl Middle School set up
the outdoor course this term?
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

2. What can the new course offer the
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

3. How did the three groups help to make the dinner on Dec 20?
One group ___________________________;
the second group _____________________; and a third group helped the teacher to
to serve as the class’s dinner.

4. How did some students feel when
skinning and cooking the animal?
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

5. What surprised the teacher in the
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

Crossword’s 100th birthday (P4)
Choose the best answer:
1. According to Paragraphs 1-2, the
following is true about a crossword
EXCEPT _____.
A. it is a word game
B. you need to fill in the blanks with words
C. it gives you clues to do the task
D. it is only a fun game for kids

2. From Paragraph 3, we learn that _____.
A. New York World made the first crossword
B. someone changed word-cross to
C. people liked word-cross better
D. crosswords have only one form

3. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. How to celebrate the crossword’s
100th birthday.
B. How crosswords were born.
C. The history of crosswords.
D. Why people like crosswords.

Dogs can see our facial features (P5)
Choose the best anwer:
1. The new research found that a dog can
recognize a human’s _____.
A. facial features B. voice
C. age D. height

2. Which question did the study aim
to answer?
A. How do dogs separate images of familiar
faces and strangers’ faces?
B. How can we train dogs’ facial recognition
C. Can dogs recognize our faces after being
D. Do dogs look at familiar faces differently
to strangers’ faces?

3. The experiment showed that _____.
A. dogs viewed other dogs as their enemies
B. dogs preferred to see humans than
other dogs
C. dogs preferred familiar human faces to
strangers’ faces
D. dogs paid similar attention to humans
and other dogs

4. What’s the main idea of the article?
A. You should treat a pet dog well.
B. Dogs can recognize your face.
C. Training dogs is an easy job.
D. Dogs are man’s friends.

Feeding your friendly tiger (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. The boy turned to his _____ for help
after fighting with a classmate.
A. teacher
B. friend
C. grandfather
D. parents

2. Which of the following about the old
man is TRUE?
A. He was a quiet boy when he was young.
B. He lived with two tigers in his house.
C. He learned to get on well with others.
D. He liked to listen to others as a young boy.

3. What do the two tigers stand for?
A. Happy and sad memories in one’s mind.
B. The good side and bad side of human
C. Troubles and happiness in one’s heart.
D. Love and hatred for others.

4. What can we learn from the passage?
A. Always be kind to others.
B. Learn to control your temper.
C. Take care of the animals you feed.
D. Never fight with people you hate.

Dear Jenny,
How’s it going? Are you busy with your studies these days?
I’ve been back at school 1 nearly four weeks. I’m very glad to tell you that great 2 have taken place in our school this term. First of all, we’re asked to “clear our plates” when having our meals and say 3 to waste. Some of us used to order more than what we could eat. That was a big waste of food. Now we need to 4 the food we order. We should also stop wasting in some other areas. For example, we should turn off the lights when we 5 the classroom. And our school has opened up some fields for us to learn how to grow vegetables. Each class is given a small garden and our class has decided to grow some tomatoes and beans
( 豆类) in our 6 time. I think that it will be very interesting. Maybe I’ll be able to 7 you some beans we’ve grown next time! What’s more, we have only two classes in the afternoon
8 we have more time for after-school activities. I’m one of the traffic safety volunteers in our school. After school, we take turns to go out onto the streets near our school and ask people to 9 the traffic rules.
I think we have a different school life now!
Please write back soon and tell 10 more about your school.
Wang Wei
1. A. in B. for
C. on D. at
2. A. changes B. things
C. interests D. lessons
3. A. yes B. hello
C. no D. thanks
4. A. clean B. pay
C. cook D. finish
5. A. leave B. reach
C. open D. build
6. A. busy B. free
C. happy D. sad
7. A. plant B. buy
C. post D. lend
8. A. because B. when
C. before D. so
9. A. follow B. make
C. break D. think
10. A. him B. her
C. you D. me


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