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451期 初二Quiz time

Family day out turns... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. What’s the weather like in February in
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

2. What activity did the writer and his
family do?
____________________________________ ____________________________________

3. What did the writer think of the view
around the bay?
____________________________________ ____________________________________

4. What happened to the writer as the
kayak moved in the mangroves area?

5. Did Stan come back to “save” the writer
when he couldn’t get off the thick branch?

6. Why did the writer still enjoy the day
even though he was unlucky?

Dragon Head Raising... (P4)
Fill in the table below:

About the Dragon Head Raising Day
When The 1. _______________ of the Chinese lunar calendar.
Symbolic meaning

The start of 2. ______________.



How to celebrate

* Today, people celebrate it with many customs about 3. ________.
* In ancient times, people put ashes in the 4. ______. This was to “lead the dragon into the house”.
* People eat special foods on that day. The foods are usually named after dragons.
* One custom is the cutting of hair. It was said that a haircut during the first lunar month may 5. _______ to the uncles of a family – mainly 6. ______ brothers.

Turn right for your good... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why do people like to show the left side of their faces for photos?
A. It’s much easier for us to make a pose.
B. It makes people look more natural on
C. The left side of our faces looks better.
D. The left side of our faces looks friendlier.

2. From Paragraph 3, we learn that _____.
A. the right side of the brain controls the
right side of our faces
B. the right side of the brain deals with our
C. the right side of our faces looks more
D. our brain decides whether we look good
or not

3. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. Artists usually draw themselves from the
B. There is also the left side phenomenon in
C. The front-facing camera on smartphones
doesn’t take good photos.
D. Bertamini tells people how to take better

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. Where to take good photos.
B. How the left side of the brain works.
C. How to draw yourself better.
D. Why we show off the left side of our faces
in photos.

My house of golden... (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1.Why did the girl wish to live in the house
on the hill?
A. Because it was a magic house.
B. Because it was filled with gold.
C. Because there was a small garden.
D. Because its windows looked golden.

2. According to Paragraphs 2-3, the girl
A. loved her small house
B. made up her mind to go to the golden
C. gave up the thought of going outside as
she grew up
D. felt disappointed because she couldn’t get
into the house

3. What amazed the girl was that _____.
A. no one lived in the golden house
B. there was no golden house
C. her home was another golden house
D. the golden house turned out to be a dirty

4. The passage wants to tell us that _____.
A. not all dreams will come true
B. girls often have great imaginations
C. our dreams are sometimes closer than we
D. nothing is impossible to a willing heart

Jim Green has been in China for more than two years. He has been to many interesting __1__ in Beijing, but he has not yet been to many other parts of China. Last week he went to Mount Emei in Sichuan with his __2__ .
Many people like to travel by __3__ , but the Greens think that traveling by train is the best. It is much __ 4__ and far more enjoyable than a rushed journey by air. They had a wonderful train ride to Chengdu __5__ they went on to Mount Emei by bus.
The train was quite nice and tidy, and there weren’t too many people in their sleeping car. The Greens could stand up and walk around. It was a long journey, __6__ none of them felt tired. They kept __7__ the beautiful scenery out of the window. They talked, laughed and played cards. People nearby talked with each other. A young man tried to speak English with Mr and Mrs Green. Jim thought the train was like a big moving party. He went to sleep quite __8__ . He enjoyed listening to the sound of the traveling train before falling asleep.
When Jim woke up the next morning, the train was already __9__ Chengdu. His train ride seemed really __10__ , but his memory (记忆) of the pleasant journey will last a long time.
1. A. schoolsB. places
C. villagesD. cities
2. A. friendsB. classmates
C. fatherD. family
3. A. planeB. bus
C. trainD. ship
4. A. cheaperB. dearer
C. dirtierD. quicker
5. A. beforeB. when
C. afterD. while
6. A. andB. so
C. alsoD. but
7. A. lookingB. drawing
C. watchingD. getting
8. A. earlyB. late
C. easilyD. hard
9. A. besideB. to
C. past D. near
10. A. quickB. slow
C. short D. long
【P2】1. moon rover 2. December 3. sleep
4. the sun 5. first 6. equipment
【P3】1. Her family is poor./She leads a hard life.
2. 12 years old.
3. It is about the bad situation at her home as well as a message of hope.
4. When a lyric came into her head, she wrote it down right then.
5. He was moved.
6. Because she wants to help people understand what is happening in the world in an easy way.
【P5】 CBA
【P6】 DCB
Cloze: 1-5 BADBC 6-10 ACADB
短文填空: 1. story/stories 2. enough
3. went 4. early 5. experience 6. without
7. cold 8. workers 9. sell 10. young

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