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453期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe
1. What day is it in the story?
A. Tuesday. B. Wednesday.
C. Thursday.

2. What class is Tom in?
A. Drawing. B. Math. C. Chinese.

3. What did Tom draw?
A. A dog.
B. Some bread.
C. Nothing.

4. From the story we know Tom is a(n) _____ boy.
A. kind B. lazy C. honest
Day 2
No eating on subways (P2)
Choose the best answer:
1. The article tells us about what problem
on the subway?
A. People sometimes have to stand for a long time.
B. It’s too crowded to move on the subway.
C. Many people often talk on the phone.
D. Some people are eating and drinking on the subway.

2. What does the underlined word
“banning” in Paragraph 3 mean?
A. 禁止B. 支持
C. 处理D. 默认

3. What do many people think of the rule?
A. It has nothing to do with them.
B. It’s good for public manners.
C. They are worried about being fined.
D. It won’t last for long.

4. From the article, we learn that _____.
A. children can still eat or drink on the subway
B. Beijing is planning to ban food and drink on the subway
C. Beijing is the second city in China to fine eaters on the subway
D. people in Hong Kong are not happy with the rule
Day 3
Grandmas play big part...(p5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What does the new study find out?
A. What you eat influences what you look like.
B. Healthy starchy foods make you feel energetic.
C. Drinking milk may make your bones strong.
D. Maternal grandmothers influence
grandchildren’s health.
2. From the experiment, we learn the following EXCEPT _____.
A. the team has studied more than 3,000 women for over 30
B. the team has studied the nutrition of grandmothers during three stages
C. the nutrition of mothers played the most important part when they were kids
D. the nutrition of grandmothers during pregnancy was especially important

3. From the article, we learn that _____.
A. heavier babies don’t get adult diseases
B. very heavy babies have a high risk of getting adult diseases
C. smaller babies are less healthier than heavier ones
D. the amount of food a mother eats decidesher baby’s weight

4. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. What maternal grandmothers ate influences their
B. How to avoid adult diseases.
C. How to keep healthy during pregnancy.
D. Why babies are heavy or small when they were born.
Day 4
Love is more than money (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why did the writer say there was little hope for his birthday wish?
A. Because the writer already had a bike.
B. Because the writer’s parents didn’t have enough money.
C. Because the writer knew his parents would buy an old one.
D. Because his parents had never bought gifts for his birthday.

2. The writer felt _____ when he saw his gift in the back yard.
A. nervousB. excited
C. disappointedD. calm

3. The writer rode the bike away without looking back because _____.
A. he began to be interested in the gift
B. he couldn’t wait to test his birthday gift
C. he didn’t want to hurt his parents’ feelings
D. he wanted to get away from his parents

4. What life lesson can we learn from the story?
A. Love means much more than money and gifts.
B. Don’t let yourself down by expecting too much.
C. Be kind to your family and the people around you.
D. No one is perfect but we can always do better.

One Sunday morning, Millie and Amy went to Sunshine Park. They love to chat there. As usual, they sat 1 a big tree. Suddenly, they heard a noise from the bushes (灌木丛) behind the tree. They turned around but could not see anything unusual. They were 2 .
“Is 3 there?” Millie asked. Nobody answered. They 4 very carefully and heard the strange noise again. The two girls were very afraid. They ran away quickly. On their way, they met Andy.
“What happened?” Andy asked. “There’s a ghost in the 5 . Please help us,” Millie said. “Really? Tell me more,” Andy said. Millie told Andy everything. Andy went to the park, 6 beside the tree and listened carefully. Then he heard 7 noise! He looked behind the tree and heard another whisper (低语). He was now sure the sound 8 from the bushes. He searched carefully.
“Oh! Here it is,” Andy said to himself. He
9 a little cat in the bushes. It was very weak. When it meowed, 10 made a sound like a whisper.
1. A. underB. on
C. behindD. in
2. A. excitedB. scared
C. amazedD. relaxed
3. A. nobodyB. everybody
C. anybodyD. somebody
4. A. sawB. looked
C. heardD. listened
5. A. churchB. school
C. gardenD. park
6. A. roseB. slept
C. stoodD. lay
7. A. aB. the
C. anD. other
8. A. cameB. learned
C. leftD. fell
9. A. smelledB. looked
C. searchedD. found
10. A. he B. she
C. itD. that (参考答案见下期)
【P3】It is not cold.
2.They went boating.
3. It was beautiful and peaceful.
4. He got hit in the head by lots of small things in the branch.
5. Yes, he did.
6. Because he was with his family.
1. second day of the second month
2. spring and farming 3. dragons 4. kitchen.
5. bring bad luck 6. mother's
Cloze: 1-5 BDAAA 6-10 DCBDD

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