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454期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe
1. Who wrote the letter?
A. John.
B. Jack.
C. Miss Lee.

2. Which class is Jack in?
A. Class 2.
B. Class 3.
C. Class 10.

3. What does Miss Lee teach?
A. Chinese.
B. Math.
C. English.

4. Where are Susan and Sally from?
A. Britain.
B. China.
C. America.

Day 2
Crossing borders to ... (P3)
Answer the following questions:
1. Where did the writer do volunteer work?

2. What kind of problems did the writer face?
(1) ___________________________________
(2) ___________________________________

3. What was the most difficult thing for the writer?

4. What did the writer learn from taking care of babies?

5. Did the children there like the writer and her classmates?

Day 3

What’s wrong with the ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What did the scientists from the University of Iowa find?
A. The proverb is not true in our everyday lives.
B. We can remember things we hear very well.
C. We can remember things we see and touch better.
D. Our memory is quite different among different people.

2. From Paragraph 2, we can learn the following EXCEPT _____.
A. we store memories in different parts of the brain
B. where memories are stored depends on what the information is
C. it found out the brain can process sound information much better
D. the brain may process sound information differently from others

3. Which of the following about the experiment is TRUE?
A. There were 50 boy students and 50 girl students in the experiment.
B. Scientists gave the students three types of information to remember.
C. The students’ memory strengthened the longer the time delay.
D. The longer time delay was more effective for remembering visuals.

4. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. What influence the study can bring on our everyday lives.
B. Why the scientists did the experiment.
C. How to teach students well in class.
D. What the future would be like.

Day 4

Health grows from the mind (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. Why was the writer unfriendly to Laura in the beginning?
A. She was not good at making friends.
B. She was not in a good mood that day.
C. She had hoped to enjoy the trip alone.
D. She felt uncomfortable with Laura’s big

2. The writer changed her attitude (态度) because _____.
A. she learned Laura had an unhappy childhood
B. she found Laura was a wonderful person
C. she and Laura had a lot in common
D. Laura helped her a lot during the trip

3. The underlined words “extra baggage” refer to _____.
A. bad moods like worry and anger
B. things you bring during your trip
C. the cheerful character one should have
D. wise words and knowledge

4. What kind of person is Laura?
A. Talkative and careless.
B. Warm and thoughtful.
C. Knowledgeable and proud.
D. Shy and unfriendly.

April 27 is a special day in 1 . It’s called Take Our Daughters to Work Day. It was brought to Britain in 1994 from America. On that day thousands of girls take a day 2 school and go with one of their parents to their work place. By doing this, it can 3 girls more about the society (社会) where they live.
Now the girls can have a closer look at 4 their parents are doing. This may help them in the future to choose a 5 . Mary experienced a day of work at her mother’s office. This helped her 6 her mother’s work better. She said that this made her feel more confident (自信的) about her future.
Schools and many companies 7 the activity, too. Some schools 8 make the day a necessary part of school life.
Experts think that girls with more self-confidence are more likely to be 9 than girls with low confidence. 10 parents can set good examples to their children both at work and at home, then they will do better than others. Take Our Daughters to Work Day is surely a step in the right direction.
1. A. ChinaB. America
C. BritainD. Japan
2. A. offB. at
C. awayD. of
3. A. talkB. keep
C. teachD. make
4. A. whichB. what
C. thatD. whom
5. A. placeB. school
C. friendD. job
6. A. thankB. understand
C. praiseD. remember
7. A. holdB. refuse
C. chooseD. support
8. A. justB. never
C. evenD. ever
9. A. successfulB. polite
C. friendlyD. honest
10. A. BecauseB. If
C. WhileD. Though (参考答案见下期)

Listening Cafe: CACB
It is Thursday. In drawing class everyone is busy drawing pictures, but Tom is doing nothing. When the bell rings, Tom gives his picture to the teacher.
The teacher looks at it and gets angry: “Why did you give me a piece of paper with nothing on it?” asks the teacher.
“I’m sorry, sir,” says Tom. “I drew a dog and some bread on the paper.”
“Where’s the dog and where’s the bread?” asks the teacher.
“I drew the bread first. When I finished drawing the dog, he ate the bread. When I gave it to you, he ran away,” Tom answers.
Cloze: 1-5 ABCDD 6-10 CBADC
6版日积月累1-5 ABCBA 6-10 ACDAB

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