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456期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. One day little Lisa doesn’t want
to _____.
A. go to bed
B. go to school
C. do her homework

2. Lisa makes a call to her _____.
A. friend B. father C. teacher

3. Lisa pretends (假装) to be her
_____ on the phone.
A. mother B. teacher C. father

4. Lisa wants _____ day(s) off.
A. one B. two C. three

5. We can tell from the story that
Lisa is a(n) _____ girl.
A. clever B. honest C. naughty

Painting an orange coat ... (P3)
Finish the following tasks:
1. What did the writer do in a Mexican

2. 翻译文中划线句子。
We first covered the windows and floor with plastic cloth so that they wouldn’t become dirty.

3. What color did the volunteers paint the

4. What does the underlined word in
Paragraph 4 refer to?

5. Did the writer keep clean when painting
the wall?

6. How did the writer feel after finishing
the job?

Great natural beauty ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. The first paragraph tells readers the following about the Great Barrier Reef EXCEPT _____.
A. it is in America
B. it is the world’s largest reef system
C. it is over 2,600 kilometers long
D. people can see them from outer space

2. According to the article, which of the
following is NOT true?
A. Many animals live in the Great Barrier
B. The reef is being damaged every year.
C. The reef will disappear before 2030.
D. Greenhouse gases damage reefs around
the world.

3. What does the underlined word “fragile”
mean in Paragraph 5?
A. Cold. B. Easily broken.
C. Lively. D. Healthy.

4. Which factor in damaging the reef does the article talk about in detail?
A. Climate change.
B. Overfishing.
C. Tropical storms.
D. Water pollution.

Keep your F, I’ll keep my ... (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. From Paragraph 1, we learn that _____.
A. Monty’s family was poor
B. Monty’s father didn’t support him
C. Monty hoped to be a horse trainer
D. Monty changed his mind all the time

2. What was Monty’s attitude towards his
A. Careless. B. Serious.
C. Joking. C. Funny.

3. Monty’s teacher gave him a red “F”
because he thought _____.
A. Monty’s handwriting was too bad
B. Monty copied from another student
C. Monty’s dream was too hard for him to
D. Monty was not working hard enough to
realize his dream

4. What does the story want to tell us?
A. Don’t take away other’s dreams.
B. Follow a realistic dream.
C. Never give up your dream.
D. Anyone with a dream will succeed.


Bill, a 13-year-old boy, thought he had grown up to be a man. But his parents told him: “You won’t be a real man until you begin to 1 helping others.”
One morning, his parents gave him some money to 2 some milk. Outside a shop he saw a homeless old man who looked very 3 . Bill went to him and asked: “What’s wrong with you?”
The old man answered: “I’m hungry. I haven’t had any food for two days.”
Remembering his parents’ words, Bill said to the old man: “Let’s go to the 4 .”
When they got there, Bill asked the waiter to bring out bread and coffee to the old man. The old man finished the meal quickly. After the waiter 5 the plate and the cup, the old man said: “Sorry for giving you too much 6 . I’m fine now. I’ll 7 forget your kindness! You are a very good young man.”
Bill was 8 when he heard this. Just when he wanted to 9 the meal, the waiter came. To their surprise, Bill and the old man learned that their food was free 10 it was the birthday of the boss, and they were the first customers (顾客) that day.

1. A. think about B. depend on
C. give up D. go on
2. A. lend B. buy
C. drink D. borrow
3. A. afraid B. glad
C. sick D. angry
4. A. bank B. library
C. hospital D. restaurant
5. A. sent out B. got down
C. gave back D. took away
6. A. excuse B. advice
C. trouble D. difficulty
7. A. never B. always
C. usually D. sometimes
8. A. nervous B. happy
C. sorry D. shy
9. A. ask for B. pay for
C. think about D. find out
10. A. when B. until
C. unless D. because


【Listening Cafe】 ABAB
There are many people at the party. John is one of them.
A woman is standing next to a piano and singing. John turns to a man named Jack by his side.
“What a terrible voice!” John says. “Do you know her name?”
“Yes,” Jack answers. “I know her name. She is my wife.”
“Oh, I am so sorry,” John says. “Of course her voice is not bad, but the song is very bad. I want to know who wrote that bad song.”
“I did,” Jack says.
Cloze: 1-5 DACBC 6-10 BBAAC

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