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457期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. US kids start a talk with their new
classmates with _____.
A. delicious food B. nice words
C. body language

2. Which sentence may start a
pleasant talk?
A. I love your pencil box.
B. Your coat looks too small for you.
C. I don’t think your food is nice.

3. According to the passage, a _____ can also help you start a talk.
A. candy B. book C. smile

4. What is the passage about?
A. How to make friends.
B. How to start a talk.
C. How to learn English.

Student shows nature’s ... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is Kyle Moore often doing at his local park?
A. Playing soccer.
B. Enjoying video games.
C. Taking pictures of wild animals.
D. Drawing pictures of wild animals.

2. Of the competition, we learn that _____.
A. there were about 500 wildlife photos
B. the photos must be taken in the UK
C. the photographers must be teenagers
D. professional photographers can’t take part

3. According to the article, we learn the
following EXCEPT_____.
A. Moore’s winning photo was a squirrel
B. the photo was taken in winter
C. it was easy for Moore to take the photo
D. Moore took the photo in his local park

4. Moore likes to take pictures of wildlife
animals because he wants to _____.
A. be famous in magazines
B. win awards at international competitions
C. become a professional photographer
D. show the beauty of nature

April Fools’ Day: a day of ... (P4)
Answer the following questions:
1. When is April Fools’ Day?
2. What is the worst thing on April Fools’ Day?
3. 翻译文中划线的句子。
This meant that the better you dressed at school, the higher your marks would be.
4. Did the principal dress formally on April 1?
5. Why did the principal play the joke on her students?
6. Who got the upper hand that day, the teachers or the students?

Puzzled face asks for help (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What does the underlined word “it” in
Paragraph 3 refer to?
A. Frowning. B. The expression.
C. Something difficult. D. A sign of effort.

2. According to the recent study, people’s
expression of effort or frustration tells
others that _____.
A. they need help
B. they can do things themselves
C. they will give up
D. they want to be alone

3. Which of the following about the study
is TRUE?
A. Scientists gave the chimpanzees an easy
B. The chimpanzees smiled as they worked
out the puzzle.
C. The chimpanzees’ faces didn’t show
determination or effort.
D. The chimpanzees used other expressions
to ask for help.

4. According to Dr Albert Mehrabian, we
learn that _____.
A. body language is very important in human
B. people don’t like to use words to
C. human expressions are not a kind of body
D. words can’t help much in communication

Tom grows the nicest fruit and vegetables and the most beautiful flowers in the village. Plants 1 in Tom’s garden all through the year and they are much 2 than those in other gardens.
Tom cuts some flowers for his sitting room table, and eats some fruit and vegetables, but he 3 most of them at the market. His fruit, vegetables and flowers are so 4 and beautiful that they sell much more 5 at the market than those of other villagers.
How does Tom grow these beautiful things? Actually, Tom is very 6 . All he does is sit
7 his orange tree with his radio, and listen to the music all day.
Tom 8 things in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. After that he sits with his radio. Then 9 grows. It is the music that does the work. Tom knows that 10 makes the biggest vegetables and the most beautiful flowers. Plants love music, just like people do.
1. A. shape B. fit
C. happen D. grow
2. A. better B. worse
C. less D. later
3. A. buys B. sells
C. borrows D. lends
4. A. dear B. bad
C. big D. small
5. A. politely B. quickly
C. slowly D. carefully
6. A. angry B. busy
C. tired D. lazy
7. A. under B. in
C. on D. at
8. A. fills B. plants
C. throws D. makes
9. A. something B. anything
C. everything D. nothing
10. A. work B. rain
C. stories D. music



礼物表达了人与人之间真挚的情感和良好的祝愿。你曾经送出过的最有意义的礼物是什么?请以 The best gift I gave为题写一篇英文短文,叙述自己赠送出的最美好的礼物。
1. Who did you give it to?
2. Why did you give it to him or her?
3. What made it a great gift?
1. 切合题意,内容完整,表达清楚,可适当发挥; 2. 词数:100左右。


【Listening Cafe】 BCCAC
One day, little Lisa doesn’t want to go to school. She calls her teacher pretending to be her father. She says to the teacher: “Hello, is this the teacher speaking?”
“Yes,” says the teacher.
“My little Lisa has a cold,” Lisa explained. “She can’t go to school today. She needs a day off. She will go to school tomorrow.”
“OK, but who is this speaking?” the teacher asks.
“It’s my father, sir,” says Lisa.
【P3】1. She did volunteer work there.
2. 首先,我们用塑料布把窗户和地板蒙起来,这样,它们就不会被弄脏了。3. Orange.
4. The roller. 5. No, she didn’t. 6. Proud.
Cloze: 1-5 ABCDD 6-10 CABBD
6版日积月累:1-5 CDABE 6-10 EDBAC


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