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458期 初二Quiz time

Listening Cafe 听力测试
1. The speaker learned to play soccer
at the age of _____.
A. 4. B. 5. C. 6.

2. Who often plays soccer with the
A. His dad.
B. His friend.
C. His teacher.

3. When does the speaker usually play soccer?
A. On Sundays. B. On weekends.
C. On weekdays.

4. The speaker thinks playing soccer
is very _____.
A. exciting B. hard C. tiring

5. Which soccer team is the speaker’s favorite?
A. Brazil. B. Japan. C. South Korea.

Learning natural selection ... (P3)
Choose the best answer:
1. Where did the writer have her biology
A. In a classroom.
B. In a lab.
C. Outside.
D. On the playground.

2. What was Mr Kwak’s aim of the class?
A. How to play a game.
B. To learn natural selection.
C. To learn different kinds of birds.
D. How his class was different from others.

3. According to the article, we learn that
the writer’s group _____.
A. were given forks
B. were going hunting
C. had to use their tools to pick up beans
D. got good results for their work

4. The underlined word “survive” in the last paragraph means “_____”.
A. keep balance
B. find food
C. be successful
D. remain alive

5-second rule: what’s ... (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What is the “5-second rule” about?
A. People often shout at someone when they
drop food on the floor.
B. Food is safe when you pick it up off the
floor in less than five seconds.
C. It’s better to eat dropped food when it’s
been on the floor for over five seconds.
D. Food will go bad when dropped on the
floor in five seconds or less.

2. Hilton’s test wanted to find out _____.
A. if the “5-second rule” is true
B. the students’ favorite food
C. which food is easily dropped
D. if different types of floor have different

3. According to the test, we learn the
following EXCEPT _____.
A. the dropped food had more bacteria if it
sat on the floor for longer
B. the dropped food on carpet had the least
C. bacteria was impossible to transfer from
laminate or tiled surfaces
D. the wetter food was more likely to pick up

4. According to the article, the infection risk of the dropped food does NOT depend on _____.
A. how long the food sits on the floor
B. what the dropped food is
C. what the bacteria are
D. what the weather is like that day

Drinking the coffee of life (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. The professor offered his students coffee
with different kinds of cups to _____.
A. give his students many choices
B. teach his students how to enjoy coffee
C. show the students his collection of cups
D. tell his students the right attitude to life

2. According to the professor, the happiest
people are the ones who _____.
A. get the best type of coffee cups
B. make the best of what they have
C. have a large number of coffee cups
D. care about money and their job

3. What can we learn from the story?
A. Put down all the unnecessary things in
B. Pay attention to the quality of life and
enjoy it.
C. Don’t only take the best things in your
D. Don’t care for the cups when drinking

Good morning. The program today is about music. 1 The Muses are the goddesses of the arts. Music is only one of the arts. It is like the spoken language. Today’s program brings together music from different corners of the world. Who invented music? Who sang the first song? 2 But we know that music plays an important part in almost everyone’s life. Babies and young children love to hear people singing to them. 3 When children go to school, their world of music grows. In the middle grades students take music lessons. When they reach high school, they become interested in listening to pop music.
The records we have chosen for you today are American country music, Indian music, pop music and so on. Music has meaning for everyone. 4 In this program we shall study the language of music. We shall be trying to find out more about how music works. We shall try to find out how music says what people feel.
Now, here comes the music today, I shall explain why they are all good music.

1. _______________________
2. _______________________
3. _______________________
4. _______________________

A. It can make people happy or it can make
them sad.
B. We should often listen to music.
C. When they are a little older, they like to
sing the songs they have heard.
D. No one knows exactly the answers to
these questions.
E. The word “music” comes from the Greek
word “muse”.

【Listening Cafe】BACB
How do US kids start to talk with their new classmates? They always start with nice words.
For example, a US kid would say: “I love your pencil box. Where is it from?” A new classmate likes to hear this. A student says something about the pencil box. Then the talk starts.
US kids also start to talk about their breakfast, family members and so on. And a smile can help them start a talk, too.
Do you want to start a talk with others like US kids?
【P3】CACD 【P4】 1. April 1.
2. Falling for a joke and being the “fool” for the day. 3. 这意味着你在学校穿得越好,你的分数就会越高。4. No, she didn’t.
5. She wanted to remind the students that teachers have a sense of humor too. 6. The teachers. 【P5】BACA
Cloze:1-5 DABCB 6-10 DABCD


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