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460期 初二Quiz time

Day 1
Listening Cafe
1. How old is Nina?
A. Seven. B. Eight. C. Nine.

2. How is Nina’s study?
A. Very good. B. Just so so.
C. Very poor.

3. What is Nina’s bad habit?
A. She talks too much in class.
B. She doesn’t like doing homework.
C. She doesn’t like making friends.

4. Why does Nina’s dad want to know
the teacher’s idea?
A. Because he wants to show his love
to Nina.
B. Because he wants to write a note to
the teacher.
C. Because he wants to try it on
Nina’s mom.

5. We can tell from the story that
Nina’s mom _____.
A. likes talking
B. likes shopping
C. likes swimming

Sort trash, save waste (P2)
Fill in the table below:

Four types of trash
Recyclable materialsThey are things that 1. ___________, including paper, metal, glass and old clothes.

Hazardous waste
* It includes 2. ___________, batteries and fluorescent bulbs.
* If you simply throw them away, they may pollute 3. ___________.

4. _________
It is also called “household waste”. They are things people don’t want but 5. ___________ can eat.

6. __________
Any waste that’s not wet, recyclable or hazardous is of this type.

Day 3
How do you get math anxiety? (P5)
Choose the best answer:
1. What does the new research find out?
A. Your parents pass on their eye color,
height, and musical talent.
B. Your fear of mathematics comes partly
from your parents.
C. Why you’re not good at mathematics.
D. Your parents play an important role in
your studies.

2. Which of the following about the study
is NOT true?
A. More than 1,000 twins took part in the
B. The study lasted more than 10 years.
C. There were surveys about their levels of
math anxiety.
D. Identical twins had different levels of skill
in math.

3. According to the article, we learn that
A. math anxiety makes students hate
practicing math
B. math anxiety can cause physical injury
C. students with math anxiety are usually
not confident
D. genetic factors are the only cause of
math anxiety

4. What does the underlined word “rare” in the last paragraph mean?
A. Common.B. Uncertain.
C. Unusual.D. Interesting.

5. What does the article mainly talk about?
A. How to overcome math anxiety.
B. How to learn math well.
C. Why people have math anxiety.
D. Why genetic factors are important.

Day 4
Forget worries, pick happiness (P6)
Choose the best answer:
1. The writer’s wife became more upset
because ______.
A. they bought the car recently
B. they couldn’t find the car
C. she didn’t believe the police
D. many important things were in the car

2. The writer _____ when he found their
car was stolen.
A. was very sad and angry
B. thought he was so careless
C. thought it was no use feeling upset
D. pretended to be happy to cheer up his wife

3. Which of the following is TRUE
according to the article?
A. The writer had an accident on his way to
pick up his car.
B. The writer was calm after crashing into
another car.
C. The writer’s wife felt annoyed about their
wrecked car.
D. The writer and his wife encouraged each
other to face losses.

4. What’s the main point of the article?
A. Bad luck never comes alone, so be
B. Husband and wife should always comfort
each other.
C. Take a positive attitude when something
bad happens.
D. Never leave a car in the driveway during
the night.

Day 5
The bell rang loudly. Everybody packed their schoolbags and got ready to go home. When the
1 dismissed (解散) the children, they lined up in two rows and walked orderly to the school gate.
Usually David’s 2 would come and take him home from school but today she was not there. David waited for 15 minutes 3 he walked home.
When he reached home, he knocked on the door as he did not 4 his key. Surprisingly, no one answered the door. David 5 his mother was in the toilet so he waited patiently for his mother. After a few minutes there was 6 no response (回答). Just as he was about to go to the nearby coffee shop where his father worked to 7 the key, he heard the 8 voice of his neighbor, John.
David told him that no one was at home and John’s mother suggested that he 9 in their house until his mother came back. David and John played 10 until the evening when
David’s mother came back.
David 11 John and his family before he went back into his house. David’s mother told David that she had a backache and she had to see a doctor. 12 this experience, David learned an important lesson: “Neighbors are people who help each other.”
1. A. teacherB. nurseC. workerD. farmer
2. A. fatherB. neighborC. motherD. doctor
3. A. beforeB. afterC. whenD. while
4. A. throwB. bringC. handD. catch
5. A. hopedB. thought
C. said D. imagined
6. A. almost B. alreadyC. stillD. always
7. A. buyB. makeC. findD. get
8. A. friendlyB. angryC. lazyD. unhappy
9. A. sitB. dropC. comeD. stay
10. A. carefullyB. quickly
C. easilyD. happily
11. A. calledB. loved
C. thankedD. visited
12. A. AboutB. FromC. ToD. Of


【Listening Cafe】 BAAAC
Billy and his brother Davy are twins. They go to the same school and study in the same class.
One day, the teacher asks the class to write a composition (作文). The name of the composition is “My mother”. Davy is good at writing. He finishes it quickly. Billy doesn’t want to do the work, so he just copies (抄) Davy’s.
The next day, the teacher asks Billy: “Why is your composition the same as Davy’s?”
“We have the same papers because we have the same mother,” says Billy.
【P3】 DADC 【P5】 DBBA 【P6】 DAD

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